After The Divorce, I Found Out Ex-Husband Was A Vampire

After The Divorce, I Found Out Ex-Husband Was A Vampire

By:  Linh Giai  Completed
Language: English
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Keelin, the only daughter of the Morales family is madly in love with Lars, a young Ceo of Osmund city, she uses her innocence to tie him into an unhappy marriage. Three years passed, unable to withstand Lars' inattentiveness, coldness, Keelin decided to give up. But unexpectedly, Keelin accidentally discovered Lars was a vampire when she came back to Ramos' mansion to retrieve the forgotten necklace. Lars looked at Keelin, eyes bloodshot red, fangs clearly visible: “Kee, this is the second time you've given yourself to me. The first time I've missed, but this time, you won't be able to escape.” Keelin's eyes widened, her body trembled, and her heart almost stopped. "Lars, don't come near me!" "Rest assured sweetie, I'll take it easy" Saying that, Lars' large body slowly approached Keelin, his shadow covering her entire body under the bright moonlight. ___ When a vampire shows fangs to you, it means you have become the termite he was aiming for. But, also in front of you, he hides his fangs, which means he has chosen you to be the most important person in his life

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106 Chapters
Chapter 1. After the divorce
By the time Keelin stepped out of the court, the sun had already reached its zenith.So the marriage that lasted for 3 years has ended.Keelin didn't know how to feel right now. She leaned over to look at the man behind her, Lars, he's still like that day, nothing had changed.Keelin loves Lars, loved for five years. From the first time they met in the yard of Nevy High School, she fell in love with that cold man. He's mature, more mature than anyone his age. He is extremely talented, although he is cold and difficult to approach, he is very popular with teachers and friends at school.Keelin for a single eye contact that determined a lifetime. She took the time to approach him, to get his attention, she didn't miss any chance to be with him. But during the two years of pursuit, the result she received was still zero, he showed no sign of being 'fallen down' at all.After many failed attempts, in an accident, Keelin achieved the desired resultOn the night of the graduation party, Kee
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Chapter 2. The forbidden room
Keelin walked down the hallway with the phone pressed to her ear."I just got there, I forgot my thing, so I come back to get it."Keelin glanced at each design around. Ramos Mansion, the largest mansion in Osmund city, the ancient and modern architecture is engraved on each wall, it is indeed not to be underestimated. Keelin had looked at it countless times, she greatly admires the people who built this mansion“Forget things or forget your heart? Keelin Morales aren't you still attached to that man". Eira growled questioningly.Eria knows all too well how much love Keelin has for Lars, otherwise, she wouldn't have brought her whole body to bind him. Keelin's love is crazy and obstinate.Keelin could only sigh, it was true that she was like that before. But after suffering a lot of traumas, she thought it through, which is also the reason why she chose to divorce.Lars’s calmness when signing the divorce papers at that time made Keelin feel that her decision was correct.“Forgetting
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Chapter 3. A deal
Lars looked down at the woman who had been his wife of three years. The hair obscured the red pupils, unable to see the emotions.Just as Lars was about to open his mouth, a gentle breeze blew in from the window, causing the delicate curtains to be lifted, opening the way for moonlight, the only source of light now.Under those white rays, a mysterious blue appeared right in front of Keelin's chest.Lars did not push her away, he got down on one knee, reaching for her neck.Noticing Lars' unusual behavior, Keelin jumped. She let go of his hand, and hurriedly stepped back, looking at the person in front of her with warning eyes.“Lars… you… what are you going to do to me? I tell you, even if I die, I wouldn't choose to die that way." Keelin said panicking. Her mind automatically recreated the footage of the other man being grabbed by Lars and sucked his blood to death.Keelin's face was white.She did not want to die, and she did not want to die like that.“Calm down.” Lars' voice turn
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Chapter 4. Back to where it started
Lars shook his head:“For the time being, leave her alone. Get ready, tomorrow we will start our business trip to the eastern city.”“Didn't you say next week?” Finn startled and asked“Do you have an opinion?”“No, I'll go get ready.” Finn did not dare say much. He looked up and peeked at Lars's face to make sure everything was fine before he left with peace of mind.Finn had just taken a step when Lars said again:“Let's clean up the 'garbage' in there first. Be careful next time.” Lars's gaze turned sharp. No one know when, he stepped out of the room, the light outside made the bloody clothes stand out even more.Finn trembled, and he lowered his head. This time Keelin to enter that room, he was the biggest culprit. Luckily, she was special to Lars, otherwise, if the person who entered was someone else, it would be difficult to imagine the outcome.If that had happened, there would have been not one but two corpses in that room at that time.Finn clutched the document, lowering his
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Chapter 5. My pass, and you
A long love affair that lasted for several years without any results, everyone thought that Keelin was the one who sacrificed the most, loved the most but few people knew, the first person to be touched was Lars, the man who stand in power and money.More than three hundred years ago, the noblest vampire, the first son of the vampire ruler of the east, Lars Ramos was born. Born to be the one above all, with noble blood in him, Lars despised everything, not letting anyone in his eyes. He only aims for money and power, not interested in anything else.An arrogant, conceited prince gradually grew up in the fear of everyone. Of course, it's not natural that people treat Lars like that. He is a vampire with extremely powerful and rare abilities. At his peak, he alone could push up to a hundred vampires, something that few even the king of the time, Stephen Ramos, couldn’t do.Until Lars' 131st birthday, a dark force suddenly appeared, attacking the eastern land. Because of disrespecting th
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Chapter 6. The mean maid
It was not that Keelin was intentionally drunk, but she was drunk by her friends.And Lars, the quiet student at that time looked at her so drunk that her face turned red, so he couldn't control himself.After that night, Lars immediately regretted it. He was afraid that she would hate him because of this accident and avoid him. But unexpectedly, the situation completely deviated from Lars's prediction, Keelin took advantage of this incident to force him to get married.'Forced' but Lars was overjoyed, for the first time in nearly three hundred years he felt that joy, a joy that spread from within. But in both joy and fear, Lars did not forget, that he was a vampire, but Keelin was just an ordinary human, two people incapable of coming together. He wanted to be comfortable in love with her, but he dared not approach her. Therefore, despite being married for three years, he still kept his cold attitude and never slept with her again.Seeing Keelin helpless and sad, Lars was heartbroken
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Chapter 7. Kick Isolde, Doris comeback
Isolde didn't think Keelin would take such a sudden move. She fell to the floor, rolled her eyes, and looked up at Keelin in shock, her eyes filled with anger and hatred. "You …" "You what?" Keelin smirked, she looked at Isolde fearlessly and said: “If a servant is not as fast as a dog, what is the need of a servant? I'd rather buy a dog to run, it's more effective than you, it's cheap and reasonable, and it's not like someone else uses the eyes of the enemy to look at the owner. Sassy" Keelin's steely voice and strong aura not only shocked Isolde, but also made Sera dumbfounded. She didn't know that Keelin also had this side, and for a moment a feeling of joy spread in her heart. It seems that the boss really has eyes for people, this girl is really not as weak as she seems. After a few seconds of surprise, Sera gave a reassuring smile and then stood to the side, leaving the decision to Keelin in full control. After receiving a slap from Keelin, seeing Sera's humorous smile an
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Chapter 8. Let's get married again.
Hearing the familiar voice, Keelin remained in the same position, not turning her head. Only Martin turned to look, he bowed his head:“Mr. Ramos, good morning. I'm the garden designer, Martin.”Lars glanced at Martin and then at Keelin, but all he saw was her straight back.Lars walked over to the tea table, still wearing his suit, apparently, he came looking for Keelin as soon as he got back from a business trip. But unlike the image he imagined in his head, Keelin was no longer happy, running to the gate to welcome him like before. Lars couldn't help but feel disappointed.Sensing Martin backing away and Lars pausing beside the table, Keelin flipped through the catalog pages and said coldly:"You are home? Welcome back”Although it was 'welcome', Lars couldn't hear any cheerfulness in those words, and suddenly felt angry."Aren't you here to welcome me?"At this time, Keelin looked up at Lars, no longer with a passionate gaze, no longer attached, nostalgic, but simply like long-tim
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Chapter 9. The truth
Seeing Keelin's disappointed look, Lars felt as if he had fallen into an abyss. He took a deep breath and spoke in a serious voice:"Kee, I didn't choose to pursue you because you knew my true identity at all."“Then why?” Keelin asked immediately, tears streaming down her cheeks."Calm down, Kee"Lars helped Keelin sit down on the sofa. Looking at her red eye sockets, his heart ached, he reached out his hand to wipe the tears that were falling from her eyes in a very gentle way.Seeing Lars care about her like that, Keelin really didn't feel familiar. These things she had dreamed of before, but she did not have them. Then why would he suddenly act like this without any purpose?Lars got Keelin a glass of water. Waiting for her to finish drinking, he timidly asked"Are you calm?"Keelin didn't answer, just nodded.Seeing that, Lars whispered in relief. He reached his hand toward her neck.Seeing this action of Lars, Keelin was startled, and moved her body slightly to the right, stretc
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Chapter 10. If she wants
Keelin stopped, she turned to face Lars and said seriously "Truth? Lars, so let me ask you one thing, why is it your destiny as a vampire to be an ordinary girl like me? You're immortal but I'm not, can that be considered a lifetime? It's my life, not yours." “Keelin, no, that…” Lars wants to explain but Keelin doesn’t let him do that "Enough. Let's stop here, Lars." Keelin said emphatically, "I'm human, so I'm going to live with human customs. Yes, I used to love you and married you, but that is the past. Now we're divorced, that's all, nothing matters anymore." With that, Keelin untied the necklace in front of Lars' panicked gaze. “If this necklace is already yours, I will return it to you. And, by the end of three years, we won't owe anyone anything. Okay?" “No way.” The necklace that Keelin had just taken off was immediately waved by Lars and returned to stay on Keelin's neck. "You want to deny the relationship with me, that will never happen. " Keelin looked at Lars, her e
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