The Billionaire's wife

The Billionaire's wife

By:  XxBlueBlusherxX  Completed
Language: English
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They were never been in love. They were forced to marry each other. He hated her childish and impulsive ways. She hated his obnoxious and controlling behaviour. They were bound by a two year contract and she couldn't wait to escape. Will they ever fall in love with each other? Or would they choose to end their marriage before destroying each other? What if there is a reason for him to hold unto her? But what if she never wants to be with him after he abandoned her? Will they ever end up together?

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35 Chapters
PROLOGUE"Stop."But I didn't dare to. From the moment I hear him plead for me to stop, I continued further unto my plan. Besides, my position is rather comfortable and beneficial for my part. I won't trade anything as pleasant because of a word."Elle, NOT TODAY..."His words made me stop, staring at him for a moment. I can feel my lips quirking up into a smile."Elle. Not now..."I stared back at him, disliking the way his eyebrows were furrowed. Now I have to deal with the snappy old Gabe again. I get off his desk and strut around his chair, earning another groan from him."Elle--""Okay, Okay. I'm going out now." I stated in a nonchalant tone, shrugging my shoulders. But before I completely went out, I gave him something to remember.I lean down on his seat, a smile plastered on my face. I grabbed his cheek using both of my hands and kiss him. I pulled his lower lip with my teeth, hearing him groan, "El-""Elleana Cassidy!" Oops, almost full name. Oh, well. I still won't stop, Mr.
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Chapter 1
©S A F I ECHAPTER 1ELLE"So, Gabe, Elle...when are you going to give us something like her?"Mom carried my niece up on her arms as she gave us that look. My face felt like someone has set it on fire and I felt Gabriel's arms tensing around my waist as he cleared his throat.We are currently at a party thrown by my mother for our first anniversary. Yes, it's been a year since our wedding; a year since all of these started. This is the first party after the conflict that has happened. It was also the first one which Gabriel has agreed to go with me.I am startled when my dad suddenly piped in, "We're so old. We still wanted to play with our grandkids, see them know?" Dad muses as he snatched the baby from mom, "Oh, you little pumpkin. Don't you look a lot like your grandmother?" He laughed making my niece cry. I sigh, scratching my forehead as I pull away from Gabriel, surprising him."Dad, let me take her back to Cassandra. I'm sure little Cece here wanted to be with her
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Chapter 2
©S A F I EChapter 2ELLEI woke up in haste.I could feel the cold wind hit my back as I stretch out, feeling sore and tired as I turn, groaning. The sun is burning my eyelids and I raise my arm to shield my face from its glare. I'm closed to sleeping again only to hear the devil speak,"You're awake now..."I open my eyes and realize that the affectionate man I've slept with last night was again possessed by the devil. What happened last night made me blush both in embarrassment and anger.Why does he need to be so cold and heartless now when I feel great? he loves to ruin my precious moments.Without looking at him, I muttered in a small voice, "Yes, I am."I waited for another minute for him to just go and let me sleep but when I open my eyes, I still saw him there - sitting on the couch watching me like I was some dirt on his carpet."Why are you still here? Don't you have to go to your office?" I chance a glance at the clock at my bedside table and huff, "It's 9 in the morning,
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Chapter 3
©S A F I E CHAPTER 3 ELLE It wasn't a usual occurrence that I find myself lying on top of someone else's chest - much more when it was the devil himself, my husband. Surprised, I hide my face in his chest, overwhelmed by his heavenly scent. I breathe in and sigh, snuggling closer to him. The morning was a pretty shade of gold and pale blue. The sun was about to wake the people up, peeking through the drawn curtains, the breeze lightly entering from the open window. I shivered, snuggling closer to him making me bite down a giggle as his chest hair tickled me. My eyes widen as I realize that he is actually naked beneath me. Does it mean that something happened last night? I quickly check beneath the blankets and sigh in relief when he was wearing some boxer shorts, his happy little friend camping inside, my cheeks flushing. I averted my gaze and stared around the room as the sun shed light to our wedding picture. I look so happy that day because even if it was an arranged m
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Chapter 4
©S A F I E CHAPTER 4 ELLE*Flashback * "Gabriel," I whispered, a bit nervous about what his reaction might be. He opened his eyes and I can't help but smile as he wrinkles his nose, scratching his head. He blinks his eyes up at me, a question apparent on them. "Happy birthday." I smiled and push the birthday cake in front of him. "Elle-" his eyebrows scrunched up as his eyes searched my face. "Why are you--?" "I want to surprise you. You are my husband and I am ought to care for you. I want to make you happy. Rise from your bed and have a bite of this, I promise you won't regret it." I push a spoon on his hand and gave him a sheepish smile. He sat there, frozen on top of the bed, a spoon on his hand. I am almost tempted to take a picture of him for he looks a lot like a model but halted as I see his brows slowly meeting in the middle and he glared down at the cake, saying. "Is this the scene where the wife finally decided to kill her husband?" His words made me smile an
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Chapter 5
©S A F I E CHAPTER 5 ELLE I open one of my eyes, the dizziness overwhelming me that I have to slowly rise from the bed and stagger towards the bathroom, the room spinning around me. It was the break of the dawn; too early for me to wake during a weekend. I rested my hands on the walls as I struggled against it, trying to reach the toilet bowl before I barfed up. Not being able to withstand, I collapse on the floor and have managed to hold the toilet bowl tighter before my face hovers on it, inches away from the water as I empty my insides. I hug it closer to my chest, heaving at it without having anything to let go. I've been like this for the past week and was getting weaker by the days passing. Gabe never had the chance to notice this because he's been away for Italy for almost a month now. I do not know the exact date of his return. Maybe next week or tomorrow morning? Tonight? It was pointless to bug him about it because he wanted to surprise me. I rolled my eyes at that, pu
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Chapter 6
©S A F I E CHAPTER 6 ELLE I was bored like crazy. I lied down on the floor, my thoughts and emotions in a turmoil. I really miss him and the way my hormones raged on, doesn't help me at all. I pulled at my hair and turn so that I am facing the balcony, the view of the beautiful Sunday morning trying to cheer me up but failing. I push myself up so that I am sitting.I've been in my studio for quite an hour now since I woke up, eating my cheerios with Nutella as I stare at the empty canvas. I couldn't seem to find the inspiration to paint or focus or even be creative. All because I miss him. He is still not here. He has promised to be back last night but it was one of his funny schemes, a prank as I like to call it. he loves playing with my feelings and I don't understand the reason behind it. I thought he will be true to his words but he did not even care to explain to me. He's on the other side of the world doing God knows what; left me here floating and cold. He didn't eve
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Chapter 7
©S A F I E CHAPTER 7 ELLE I was here again - in such precious moment where I am staring at my husband's beautiful face. I do not want to blink my eyes of fear that everything will fade and I will find myself waking up from this dream. I fear to think that, if I turn my eyes from him, he will disappear and I will be left alone again.I stared at him, my eyes not leaving his slightly parted lips, smirking at that tiny sound he is exhausting. I nuzzled my head in the pillow and sigh, restraining myself from tracing his features because he might wake up again just like he did when I was lying on top of his chest. I am trying to imprint his face in my head and hoping that the tiny bean growing inside my womb would have the same godly face. He is really beautiful when he is sleeping. Casting another glance at him, I couldn't help but frown. This angelic face was the reason I am not creative for a moment because of my irritation and disappointment towards him. He deserves a prope
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Chapter 8
©S A F I ECHAPTER 8 ELLE "I could see you are happy now," Gabriel muttered, his face shining with sweat as he collapsed on the blanket we are currently using. He snatched the sandwich from my hand and bite unto it, closing his lazy eyes and sighing in content."Cow," I muttered under my breath, the back of my neck prickling in irritation as I angrily waved a hand at him, giving him the finger. He gave me a smug smile and I cross my arms over my chest, taking another sandwich from our picnic basket. It was late afternoon but the sun is still up in the sky, furiously glaring down at us. I look around and sigh, glad that I and Gabriel have managed to fool the paparazzi's by dressing up as normal couples, him adorning a red baseball cap while I wear a fedora hat. It is not much, but it wasn't what I usually wear when I am going out. Gabriel also used the old convertible he has inherited from his father's collection, completely throwing the paparazzi's off our trail.I lean back on t
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Chapter 9
©S A F I E CHAPTER 9 ELLE I've been 11 weeks far in my pregnancy. Morning sickness is still there and my husband having no clue about it. I am afraid that as the time drags on, it gets harder for me to confess to him.He always comes home late and it kind of ticks me off when I fall asleep before he arrives, but in the mornings he makes sure to join me at breakfast. It's been our routine now; I stay at home all day, doing paintings for my clients while he works off in the office, visiting the houses and villas we are set to renovate and sell, checking our restaurants and shops, and meeting with various people we are partners with. Gabriel shall arrive past ten at night, slip inside the comforter and cuddle me, comforting me with his warmth as I am dreaming. I know he's making so much effort to spend time with me but how I wish I could get the chance to spend a whole day with him, again. Yes; We get to see each other every day but all we say is, 'Good Night' and 'Good Morning'.
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