Captivating Engineer's Heart

Captivating Engineer's Heart

By:  Venn Writes  Completed
Language: English
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At their university, Maria Brittany Sarmiento is known as a 'ghoster.' She was frightened of commitment, but when she met Johann Caleb Vergara, an Engineering student at the same university, all of her fears and hesitations about starting a new relationship vanished. Caleb, however, was a rude, snob with a cold personality, unlike the other boys she had ghosted. Despite his rude attitude, Brittany still has feelings for Caleb, so she pursues him until he reciprocates her love. When Caleb eventually fell in love with Brittany, however, it was also the moment for two people from their past to return to their lives. Will Brittany choose the present over the past? Will she continue to pursue the guy she wants to marry, even if her rival is Caleb's first love?

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30 Chapters
"Hey, Keziah! Just wait…" I shouted loudly to stop her from coming out of the classroom door. "I said, wait for me!"We had just finished class on a major subject and almost all of my classmates were leaving. Keziah, my friend, was leading the way. When we're talking about going home, she is the top one. She will quickly get her bag and leave the room. It seems like there was no friend to wait for.I grabbed my charger and my cell phone plugged into the extension on the side where I was seated. It's really good and I'm sitting here next to the outlet so I can charge secretly. I didn't waste any more time putting the charger in my bag. I ran out while holding my charger and cell phone.I caught Keziah outside the door while leaning against the wall. It's good and he's still kind enough to wait for me. I thought she went home already."What the—! Can you hide the charger you're holding? Our professor might notice you, and then you'll find out you're charging in the classroom," she said,
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Chapter 1
I was drowsy when I stepped out of my soft bed. If my cellphone hadn't just rang because I set an alarm in my 2-drawer dresser next to the bed, I wouldn't have woken up. I had to hear it three more times before I was fully awake.I was still drowsy after sleeping for 9 hours.I immediately went to my room's bathroom and showered. My uniform was ready, so I quickly dressed and examined myself in the full-length mirror in front of my bed. I also curled the tips of my naturally curly hair. I also use light make-up to enhance my natural beauty.I was holding onto my mobile phone before going. I read the flood of messages from the men with whom I flirted last week.Why are they still contacting me after I've already ghosted them?"Why should I feel guilty?" I asked after turning off my phone. "I know they'll ghost me too; I was just doing it early."Because our school uniform had no pockets, I put it in my backpack. The gray high waist pleated skirt is slightly above the knee and has a yel
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Chapter 2
"So, what is it? I know you're an expert in flirting, but don't you think it's too fast? You only met him yesterday, like hello? You should be on getting to know each other first before it will level up."Keziah doesn't stop asking me questions, but I still don't answer those. I just remained silent as I walked until we could get inside the classroom, she still followed me and didn’t stop."So? What should I do? I'll pretend that I'm hard to get? Oh come on, Kez, I can't find it in my vocabulary. Besides, I'm just being an advanced thinker. That's where we're going too." I reluctantly put my bag on the chair.She also sat down next to me. "Oh, that's what you're not sure about. What if he's already committed to someone?"I turned to her and shot her an evil look."Kez!" She pissed me off. I was nervous because what she said might come true. "Take it back, hey!"She just laughed at me.Isn't she going to take back what she said?"I hope Sir Taxation has a girlfriend, and I hope he gets
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Chapter 3
I excitedly picked up my cellphone on the bed and immediately opened the messages of Keziah and Reign. I was so nervous yesterday, it took me until night to float because of the excitement that Caleb gave after he got on board pretending to be my boyfriend just to escape the person I was hosting. That's why I couldn't talk to my two friends.I immediately opened the group chat of the three of us. They had messages last night and I didn't hesitate to backread. Aside from the fact that I'm lazy, I know that the two of them are talking about their crushes again.I don't know what's up to them. Out of the many listed on their crush list, none of them has passed on their standards to become their boyfriend. I'm planning to do a seminar for the two of them. Maybe it might help. You know, I wanted them to enter into a relationship so that they will stop teasing me with other boys.I started a new topic.Brittany Sarmiento:"Omg! Guess what?"I saw Keziah immediately typing it well right away
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Chapter 4
“Hi! Good Morning,” I greeted him as he entered the dining area.As usual, he still ignored me. He just passed me by and didn’t even close my eyes. He went straight to the kitchen to get Aunt Elisha the key to the new car that Dad had bought the other day. That's why Caleb is here on Saturday. He accompanied Dad to purchase the royal blue 2021 Jaguar XF that Caleb was going to use to pick me up. The car that Uncle Dante and I used was old, so Dad decided to buy a new one.Dad left early so I had breakfast alone. Aunt Elisha didn't want to join me because she wasn't hungry yet.I turned my back when I heard the kitchen door open. It spat out the cold and rugged Caleb. Their Maroon Engineering uniform is perfectly fitted for him. The cleanliness of her look that he was wearing. You wouldn't think he was a driver because of his good looks."Are you done?" he asked as he stopped in front of me and glanced at the food in front of me.I nodded. "Yes.""Then, let's go."Instead of following
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Chapter 5
"I thought you couldn't come with me?" I asked while he’s driving.I looked out the window. It’s already 9:20 PM and many more people are hanging out. The others we passed were just waiting for a ride because maybe they just got out of work.There is no traffic at this time so it is not boring. I just remained silent and busy seeing the street lights outside the window.We were in Rocca in about 20 minutes. I also called Keziah and she said that Reign and I had been there before. It's not obvious that the two of them really just want to hang out there and not because they want to help me to enjoy and forget about my failure in the quiz. They wanted to flirt with some students who came from another University.“It’s my duty as your personal driver. I can’t help but take you and pick you up,” he replied coldly.I smiled. “Really? That's it? No malice or other reason why you're here? Don't be shy to admit. You, Caleb! You're having a crush on me, too, right?”I looked out the window and
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Chapter 6
"So, come on, tell us what really happened last night?" Keziah couldn't bear to ask. She came to my seat immediately after class. She left her stuff in her armchair just to gossip with me.Last night she was teasing me in the chat but I didn't answer because I was too lazy to talk. I know I'll just repeat it the next day because Reign will also ask questions.That's why I decided to tell a story later when the three of us had lunch break."Awful! Leigh is really obsessed with you, isn't he?" Leigh was the Nursing student who molested me last night and the guy was also punched by Caleb. "That's crazy! You told him to stop you but he's still chasing like a mad dog," Keziah added.We are currently in the cafeteria and my two friends are constantly criticizing the man who molested me.If I only knew that that asshole guy had such a habit, I wish I hadn't entertained him in the first place. That's not the attitude he showed when I just talked to him. He is kind and a gentleman when we're i
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Chapter 7
“Message me if there’s a problem, okay?”I nodded to Dad in response. I only woke up because Dad meant to wake me up to say goodbye. They said they had a business trip and it would take three days, so Dad just told me some advice and reminders while he's on their trip. Well, he just making sure that I won't do any stupid things.He’s like this whenever he is out of town, never running out of reminders for me. Out of sheer concern, he wanted to take me on his business trips but that was not possible so he would just feed me instructions and reminders of what I should not do while he was away.“Dad, I won’t do anything that can harm me. So, just chill and focus on your business trip.” I gave an assurance to stop him from worrying. “Besides, Manang Elisha is there to take care of me. You don't have to worry."I know how to behave without Dad. I'm not like others who party at their house when their parents are on a business trip. Almost invited all my schoolmates and got drunk overnight.
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Chapter 8
Caleb and I were just getting in the car when someone called. He quickly answered it after reading who was on the screen. There was no hesitation on his face to answer the call immediately."Excuse me, I'll just answer this."I just nodded.At the same time as he opened the car door, he swiped up on the screen of his phone. It seemed that an important person called him because he came out quickly to answer that.I just waited inside and remembered what happened earlier. I was no longer annoyed with that saleslady because I was thrilled with the result. He mistaken me for Caleb's sister but Caleb introduced me as his wife. Wait, I should be thankful to that saleslady, right? Because of her, Caleb introduced me as his wife.My heart really screamed for so much happiness.He is increasingly giving motive. Maybe later, I’ll assume he likes me too. But it's also not impossible for him to just ride my haul.Ah, that's up to him! I don't care what will be the result of my flirting move to hi
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Chapter 9
It was also a week ago when I visited Caleb's house because his Dad had a fever. I didn't spend the night there because Caleb also drove me that night. Her Mom and Dad invited me to have dinner before we went home. The four of us were the only ones who ate the dinner because Casie, Caleb’s only sister, had a night class.I don't know but I feel like I'll have a hard time getting Casie's heart. When we first met, she didn't talk to me even with one word to say, she didn't even say a greeting. I just ignored that because I understand. Not everyone will agree immediately at the first meeting. Hopefully next time, I will be as close to her sister as their Mom. I was easily relieved by their Mother. I have nothing to say about the kindness of Aunt Agnes. She took care of me when I was in their house. She didn’t make me feel like I was different from their family. She added that I should often visit, which Uncle Dante immediately agreed to.Do I expect them to want me to become their daught
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