Pregnant And Broken: Alpha's Rejected Slave Mate

Pregnant And Broken: Alpha's Rejected Slave Mate

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On a rusty iron lies a man. Alpha Xavier, the most notorious of the werewolves. He was asleep under the effects of the drug, unaware that I had shackled his hands and feet to the frame. I drew the curtain to isolate the and... Slowly removed my clothes. Today was the thirty-fifth day I had been forced to be a Slave in Sin Pack, and I had thirty-five years of my sentence remaining. I had to do this in order to get out of here as soon as possible. "Who?" He was perceptive. He woke up as soon as I threw the bra to the floor. "Who are you? Who the are you?" I didn't say a word and let him struggle with his arms and legs. His eyes were covered by his tie and he couldn't see me. "Is that you, Leila?" He couldn't see me, but he unexpectedly called out my name anyway. "Leila, is that you? Get off me!" I didn't say anything, I didn't have time to waste. All the Guards in Sin Pack were looking for him. But no one would have thought that a lowly Slave like me would dare to kidnap their fiercest Alpha. Kidnap for the sake of rape. I climbed on top of him, picked up his hard , and sat down hard without any hesitation. I felt the inside of my body being torn apart. Blood flowed down my thighs. I was no longer a . I crumpled onto him from the pain, tears falling onto his chest. "Alpha Xavier, please... Let me carry your child." There was no in my eyes, only the desire for revenge.

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62 chapters
Chapter 1 Slave
On a rusty iron bed lies a naked man.Alpha Xavier, the most notorious of the werewolves.He was asleep under the influence of drugs, unaware that I had cuffed his hands and feet to the bed frame.I drew the curtain to isolate the bed and... Slowly removed my clothes.Today was the thirty-fifth day I had been forced to be a Slave in Sin Pack, and I had thirty-five years of my sentence remaining. I had to do this in order to get out of here as soon as possible."Who?"He was perceptive. He woke up as soon as I threw the bra to the floor."Who are you? Who the hell are you?"I didn't say a word and let him struggle with his arms and legs. His eyes were covered by his tie and he couldn't see me."Is that you, Leila?"He couldn't see me but unexpectedly called out my name anyway."Leila, is that you? Get off me!"I didn't say anything; I didn't have time to waste.All the Guards in Sin Pack were looking for him. But no one would have thought that a lowly Slave like me would dare to kidnap
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Chapter 2 Undress
My ears were ringing in my ears. Xavier glanced at me with his dark blue eyes, then looked up and ordered everyone. "Everyone, turn around and strip naked for an inspection!" My lips trembled and my body shivered. I thought I could avoid it, but I didn't think I'd have to have this part after all. I couldn't take it off, absolutely not. There were at least 50 men in this room, and I couldn't expose my body in public. Otherwise... The consequences are unimaginable. But the situation seems to have gotten out of hand. No one dared to challenge the Alpha's majesty, and everyone obediently stripped naked and clasped their hands over their heads. Except for me. Feeling Guard's fierce gaze on me again, I reached out and wrapped my arms around the Alpha's boots. In a voice that only he and I could hear, in a language that only he and I could understand, I said, "Please check me out alone where no one is, please." His eyes were merciless, and a vague look of disgust was coming thro
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Chapter 3 Alpha's daughter
Xavier was still speaking the language of the Blue Moon Pack, and it was the vocabulary used to give orders. I put my legs together tightly, tried to ignore the sizing eyes behind me, and jumped in place a few times. Perhaps my movements were too stiff and cautious, even though I hadn't dropped anything suspicious, Xavier was still suspicious. The sound of leather boots on the ground was getting closer and closer to me. "Stand up." My thighs subconsciously folded for a moment, and then I slowly rose to my feet. The boots stopped a step behind me. "Bend over." I was stunned, then squatted again. A hand suddenly reached out, again with the touch of leather, and pinched the back of my neck, stopping me with a cat-like movement of lifting. "Not crouch, bend over." My chest rose and fell progressively faster. Shoulder blades twitched uneasily in the flesh. If a naked me bent over, wouldn't he be able to see my most private body parts? I couldn't do it. Before coming to Sin Pa
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Chapter 4 Riot
I don't know how much time had passed.My paralyzed arms and legs finally regained a trace of sensation, my airway no longer forced to work on its own, and I could even distract myself from feeling the metal clasp on my face a little cold.Hmm? Metal clasp?I opened my eyes and the thick fabric of my uniform in front of me blocked my breathing, and underneath was a thumping heart that slammed into the corner of my forehead like a small fist.I was confused for a few seconds, then came back to my senses and gave a quick struggle.I couldn't break free.Xavier' s arms were as strong as steel bars, and I pushed with all my strength, but they didn't budge.But my movements were felt by Xavier, and he released his grip on me so I could finally breathe properly.Xavier asked tentatively, "Hyperventilation syndrome? " after a moment of silence.I remembered that my boyfriend had told me that Xavier' s mother was a hospital director."It doesn't seem to help to have a mother who is a doctor,
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Chapter 5 Doctor Rowen
All of these Guarsd were armed with steel shields and lances, wearing helmets and bulletproof vests, as if they were invincible, and there was no possibility for the rioting slaves to overcome. Basically, the appearance of Alpha has announced the failure of the riot. There are already many people meekly holding their heads and shrinking back, but there are still resisters who say, "Kill them! If we don't kill them, we'll be locked up as slaves for the rest of our lives, what' s the difference between that and death? " "Yes! You've only been locked up for a few years and you've become cowards? Let' s kill them! " "Kill! " I subconsciously went to look at Xavier, who stood as tall as a mountain peak. For some reason, my intuition made me feel that he must be the one who could control the whole scene. "Take the mandatory option. " "Yes, Alpha. " With a command, numerous Guards put on their masks handily and then neatly threw tear gas canisters towards the dense riot out. The hig
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Chapter 6 Alpha Xavier
"Williams you're here, looks like the riotous Slave gang in Sin Pack settled. " Black boots stepped through the door and a familiar face that I never wanted to see again appeared in the infirmary. It was him! It' s Alpha Xavier! So when Doctor Rowen said "Williams will apply your medicine", he meant Xavier brought me in and applied my medicine... Where did he change my medication? Did he change my clothes too? Doctor Rowen smelled blood before he even saw the person, "Yeah? Are you hurt? " "I'm fine, but there' s a Guard who' s been seriously injured, so come check it out. " Xavier did not glance at me at all when he spoke, his face still as frozen without any expression, after he walked in, a few people behind him carried in a stretcher. The stretcher is the Guard was stabbed through the steel pipe. Doctor Rowen can not see, can only ask, "so heavy blood, this must be how much blood, quickly describe the location of the injury. " Xavier said, "The murder weapon is a rusty-t
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Chapter 7 kidnapping
I began to continue the experiment with the elimination method, next to Xavier looked at me with increasing impatience, and I waited for his impatience. At this juncture of not knowing whether to live or die next, I certainly won't waste time testing whether a glass of solution is pure glucose or not, my real target is the phone on the desk. If only Xavier would go away, I could use the phone to contact my family. I'd only made two calls since my phone had been confiscated upon arrival at Sin Pack, and one of them hadn't gotten through yet. "Have you checked enough yet? " Xavier walked straight to the medicine cabinet, fished out two unopened bags of glucose powder, and tossed them right at me. "You can't trust me to brew it, just brew yourself a cup. " I pushed the powdered sugar aside and stared unblinkingly at the test tube in front of me, deliberately ignoring him, "Are you afraid that I will detect that you poisoned me and that I will turn you in? " I don't look at Xavier'
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Chapter 8 Gang
  My kidnapper was the leader of the rogue, who kidnapped me to get back at my father. In order to scare my father, they tried to cut off my little finger and send it to him.  I fell into a coma from panic and woke up again on the back of a man who was carrying me on his back to escape.  The man who was carrying me kept running and running, his whole body swaying terribly, but I found a glimmer of peace on his swaying shoulders and drifted off to sleep smelling blood and sweat.  When I woke up again, I was in my own bed, and I was told that my rescuer was a man named Lyle.  Lyle was still a rogue, having dropped out of junior high school, but he didn't join a rogue gang. Because he didn't want to be in the company of a gang that did nothing wrong.  Who would have thought that he would be so brave as to dare to rescue me from the underground warehouse where I was hidden by himself.  His act made him offend hundreds of rogue gang members.  After I was rescued back to the packhous
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Chapter 9 Bullets
    From Guard's attitude, I vaguely understood what it was that Xavier wanted to say.  The solitary room is a scarce resource in Sin Pack, and I alone occupy one of them, which will surely become the focus of everyone's attention and cause many people's hostility.  But I also deeply understood that I had to have this solitary room. Otherwise, my secret would soon be exposed, and I would not end up any better then.  I put my only hope in the court hearing in a few days. Lyle said he would come and I would have peace of mind with him by my side.  I'm sure I'll get out soon, so for now I can put off the secret for a while longer.  "Here it is, this is it."  I raised my eyes and a room appeared in front of me that didn't look much different from the others, with the same rudimentary facilities, the same hollowed out door, and the same lack of secrets.  "Mr. Guard, you... Really did not go to the wrong place?"  Guard straightened
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Chapter 10 Fight
I followed the group forward, with unease rising in my heart.The tattooed feet were moving in front of the group, and this time I didn't dare to look up even though I was curious, for fear of upsetting the Big Man next to him again.Did we all go into the washroom together? The Big Man who mistakenly thought I was provoking him also went in, so what if I bump into him later?A few of the people following me saw my ostrich-like wilted head and laughed out loud."It seems that this chicken does not know the rules of Sin Pack, you have to control your eyes and mouth and hands and feet in Sin Pack, if you do not control, you may lose.""Let's bet on how long this chicken will live, right?"I lowered my eyes, eyelashes twitching restlessly, not even daring to look back to see who was discussing me.I finally moved into the washroom with the group. Without Guard's control, the inside of the washroom was a different world from the outside.As soon as everyone came in, they were like wild do
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