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Some call her RED, others call her the Angel of death. Whichever one she was called she lived up to it, she was invincible, smart, swift, and merciless and she had a meek twin, who serves in an orphanage. She was mistress to one of the most formidable Spanish gangsters, who was also ruthless. They were perfect for each other, given their hardness of heart. Luck was on their side until one fateful day, RED died in the middle of an operation, and for the fear of getting killed, her partners pleaded with her twin sister to pose as her. But their lives were two opposite ones and the other twin wasn't used to the life of her sister and the man she was living with. What happens when an Angel meets a Demon?

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PROLOGUE It was a bright and lively Saturday morning in Serville, Spain. People were going about their business and travelers were checking into the hotel. Hotel Estrella is one of the biggest hotels in the city. It had fifty-eight floors and was well secured. It was a hotel where the rich and influential, the one percent of the one percent go for meetings or to lodge. A van sat by the parking lot of the hotel, four people were inside the van, two men and two women. One of the women was clad in a black dress, her auburn hair tied neatly in a bun, her lips smeared with red lipstick, she wore large square-shaped shades, that hid her eyes. The other woman was clad in a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, and black jean pants, her hair was short, her lips had red lipstick but not as pronounced as the other woman in a black dress, her eyes were accentuated with mascara, she was pretty. She was with a laptop and was typing into it, her face serious, her eyes searching for something. The
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BEFORE THE ACCIDENT RED a.k.a Angel of Death was the most dangerous woman in Spain, she resided in Seville, where she was born and was bonded to the Escorpion a.k.a Gun and Bullets' family. She is heartless and dangerous, she shows no mercy. The only languages she understands is kill and blood. Other mafia families have tried to buy her away, but she was very loyal to the Escorpion family, not only because it was the most formidable group, but because she was entangled in a love web with the leader of the family, the youngest mafia don in the country, the formidable Miguel Dominguez. Miguel grew up in a hostile environment where war between rival families was brutal and one had to be alert always. His father was the Don of the then second most feared mafia family and Miguel was raised to be a leader and a ruthless mafia. He was just eighteen years old when a rival family, Dragon, the then fiercest mafia family killed his father. When he was twenty-one years old, he avenged his father
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Red sat in the car with Miguel as they watched the hotel entrance. It was Red's first operation and she was not nervous. A lot of the other women get nervous when they are given their first task. Sofia's mother Adella had chickened out on her first duty. She had come back to the car and they had lost that client, but Red was confident. Miguel glanced over at her. "Are you ready?" he asked. She flashed him that lovely smile of hers and nodded her head. "I was born ready. Give me a heads-up." "He is an Irish businessman and he is here to seal a contract with his partners from Spain. The briefcase, that's not where the money is. It's in the suitcase. He put it there to deceive people like us. Mind you, he is not an easy man, ex-military, he still has the skills. Just be careful, I trust you. He won't be in his room when you get there, use that opportunity to adjust and wait for him. "Yes, I will be successful." It was a pretty dangerous job and although M
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A DAY BEFORE THE ACCIDENT Miguel removed his tie and sat on the bed to remove his shoes when Red came out of the bath with see-through red nightwear. She lingered by the door for a while, letting Miguel run his eyes over her greedily She smiled lopsidedly at him. "Didn't hear you come in," she said. He smiled. "Hey, sexy." She walked up to him. She and her team had pulled off a billion-dollar heist successively and he was well pleased. She stood in front of him, put her hands on his chin, and tilted his head up. He stared her right in the eyes. "You have nothing to worry about when it comes to Red," she said in a sultry voice, the sexy smile still on her face. "I trust you," He said, a smile dancing on his lips. "This calls for celebration." "Of course." She bent and kissed his lips. "But that would be after you have congratulated me, specially." She started to untie her nightwear while he started to remove his shirt. She let the dress f
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Meter amabilis, ora pro nobis! pray for thy children who call upon thee; Ave sanctissima, Ave purissima, sinless and beautiful Star of the sea... The voices of the nuns and children echoed in the church. Their voices sweetly rang throughout the environs as they sang with their eyes focused on the statue of Mary on the altar. Mariana felt her phone buzz in her pocket, but she ignored it. The Ave Maria hymn was her favorite hymn and this was a time of meditation and she was not going to let anything distract her from singing to the mother of peace. But her phone kept buzzing and it was distracting her no matter how hard she wanted to ignore it. She was not a nun so she was behind with the children. She quickly took the phone out of her pocket to put it off until after the mid-day rosary prayer was over. She usually put her phone off but she didn't know why she had forgotten to put it off
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Mariana got to the ward that she was asked to come to and she went in without thinking. The man and the woman were sitting there on a couch and a doctor was there too, but what caught her attention was the mass on the hospital bed. It was a human covered. A human whose face has been covered. She didn't just want to conclude anything first, even as the sudden reality hit her. "Where is my sister? Where is Maya?" she asked looking from the man to the woman and the doctor. The woman was shedding tears already and tears has already welled up in her own eyes but she held herself until she was sure why she was crying. The doctor gestured to the body on the bed and Mariana slowly walked up to the bed and opened the cover. She screamed when she saw Maya lying there, wounded, unmoving, still, dead. Then she felt the ground slipping away from her and the room suddenly started spinning, she felt light-headed and if not for the doctor's intervention, she would have fallen to her de
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"I am not going anywhere. Something is very fishy," Mariana said as she ate with Prisca. Prisca was a wide-eyed blonde who was as crazy as she looked. She was Mariana's best friend at the orphanage and they have been working there since they were teenagers, Prisca had no parents too, both her parents died when she was eighteen and was able to make decisions for herself. Since she was Catholic and Mother Peace was friends with her mother, she took her in and gave her a job too. Mariana and Prisca had bonded immediately and had become best friends. Although Prisca was a little on the wild side, she and Mariana remained friends. They were done tucking the babies to bed for that night and were seated in their room, having dinner together. They shared the same room in the nun quarters. It was a simple small room with two bunk beds beside each other. Sometimes, when Maya visited her sister, she always had a look of disdain on her face and she would always look around the room l
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Mariana had never thought her life would go any differently from the peaceful quiet life she had lived through the years, but after the near-death incident, she had become scared and knew it was not going to end there. Alicia the woman that has claimed to be Maya's best friend told her that those people were going to look for her and in the cause, they might harm other people around her. She had promised to tell her everything if she goes to Maya's funeral with them. Mariana had gone home that night and had thought about it. She realized Alicia was right. She wasn't ready to put anyone at risk because of her sister. Maya was her twin and it would only be reasonable to bear the consequences of her crime. She had told Mother Peace everything and told her that she had decided to leave. The clergywoman prayed for her and asked God for his divine blessings upon her life. Although Prisca had told her to go, she was in tears when Mariana told her she was leaving soon. Mariana was going
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Mariana was mostly surprised that Maya's husband didn't come to visit her again. He came only once and Mariana had been too scared to open her eyes and look at him because she felt he would find out she was not the one. The doctor who had worked with Alicia and Arturo had wrapped a barge around her head and had hung her arm. Although she found it quite the opposite of the picture the trio had painted about Maya's husband, she was relieved that he never showed up in the hospital again until she was getting discharged. She was only so excited to see Sofia. Alicia took her to the shop where she got Maya's tattoo and they went back to the mansion. Mariana was stunned by the size of the house. It was a villa with different buildings, but at the center stood a magnificent mansion, gleaming with fresh white paint and four chimneys that seemed to touch the clouds. Arturo opened the car door for her once the car pulled up in front of the house. Alicia helped her out. She stood staring at the
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Mariana almost lost her way in the labyrinth of the house, but Miguel followed her behind. "This way," his deep voice said behind her when she stood there contemplating where to go from. He grabbed her hand without giving her the time to think about what to say or how to reject his offer. "You just have to recover quickly, you have a lot of things to do." When they got to the dining table, Sofia was already seated there, while Isla dished out food for her. Alicia stood aside watching Sofia. The bright-eyed girl looked up and smiled wide when she saw her father. She stood up, pushed her seat back, and ran to her father, who had already opened his arm wide, waiting for her embrace. "Daddy!" Miguel scooped her into his arms. Mariana watched them with admiration in her eyes. The girl was so lovely and she couldn't wait to get her own hug. But when the man set the baby girl down, she did not even glance Mariana's way as much. Mariana chuckled, a little confus
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