Kiss And Love

Kiss And Love

By:  Yiyi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Just a month after Riana broke up with her boyfriend, she received a wedding invitation from him and her best friend again. At that moment, Riana's emotions completely collapsed. When she attended their engagement party, she wished him and her best friend a happy life. She then approached a middle-aged man and kissed him. Although she currently has alcohol in her body, she is still aware of her actions just now. When she was about to let go and apologize to the other person. He continued to pull her back and kissed her deeply, it was a passionate kiss. That kiss seemed to be what the man wished for. No one had ever made him feel that way before. That's why, after that kiss ended. He was sure of one thing, that he would make Riana his woman. If you want to see what happens next, read "Kiss And Love"

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43 chapters
Chapter 1: Engagement party
Stepping out of the taxi, Riana Johnson held her head high and entered the Nafel North Hotel. Her every step now radiates the aura of a successful woman. Not only that, Riana also wears an extremely attractive outfit. It was a black slit dress, studded with medium-sized gems that stood out.Even though it wasn't the first time she wore clothes like this, Riana's aura remained the same. Because of that, her beauty is also highly appreciated by everyone.She confidently strutted down the red carpet like a famous actress, which caught everyone's eyes and made them look at her with admiration.Now for Riana Johnson the engagement party she was attending was nothing more than a drama. Because what she didn't expect the most was that her best friend was engaged to her ex-boyfriend.How funny is that!Riana smiled softly as if she had been blind before, her best friend and her ex-boyfriend had already had intimate feelings before. Yet she did not look.While thinking for a long time, Riana s
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Chapter 2: Fateful meeting
After leaving the party, Riana was also not sober. Her cheeks flushed red, her eyes slowly becoming dull. She strode down the street corner with confiding eyes, accompanied by a lack of confidence.Because, the last words she said before leaving the party were just lies. She never had a new boyfriend…It's more like a party now, after the uproar. The guests present were still gossiping about what Riana had just done, seeing the guests preparing to leave one by one. Lilia took the microphone and said:“Sorry everyone, it was just that my friend was a bit drunk to say such things. I still remember very well when I was drunk, she was like that, don't misunderstand her. "After saying that, Lilia also quickly grabbed Ron's hand and whispered:“I quickly went to talk to her and asked her to clarify again, I can't let things go like this. If not, my parents will definitely kill me.”"But we're at fault…" said Ron.Lilia glared angrily at Ron, yes it was obvious that the two of them were at
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Chapter 3: Matthew William
Follows the weather forecast today was played on the TV that made Riana felt bored, so she decided to leave the house to walk with his little dog. It's been a long time, she has a sense of loneliness.But it is okay, so whatever it is better than the melon with the old lover. On the old street, she could see her memories and Ron Clark. It's funny, she should forget him right away. Riana has just strolled the recent of the day, she would never be suspicious he kissed a stranger man. Not only she left her business card into his hand, she should not do anything but should leave it at that time. It is not like her work. Because too focused thinking, Riana went to the big road always. This is the largest financial street in the country, also because of her luck and hardness so she bought a good house here. Looking at the houses and high companies, Riana can only be able to feel. In a nearby big company, a young office was just taking place, but he quickly walked quickly to the building. "
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Chapter 4: See her again?
With all his efforts, Matthew ran under Riana. But when he went to the intersection, he lost her girl. So when Matthew actually regrets, because he can not know him and she can see again. Matthew returned to his hotel and secretary to return home. And he goes to the room. The first thing he did after going to his room was going to the bathroom. Each smell of room in the room, and Matthew William helped his first hand. "Damn!" He just said and looked down at his bottom. It is not expected, a person refused women as he could happen as such a reaction. This is also the first time he feels, 'What language does the girl mean, what makes her special?' Matthew wondered, he remembered the past, at the time he was still a student. Because he always refused to contact her, so his mother led him to see him, and the results they received are physiological disorders. But he gave him, he was worried about him, he made him alone, showing the family held him to meet other doctors but still not effect
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Chapter 5: Riana Johnson
A few days later, everything was as it should be. Matthew William still couldn't really concentrate on his work, and he denied even looking at Riana's file.*Knock knock*There was a knock on the door, and soon the old secretary Raphael also entered. "It's time for lunch break, do you want me to order food for you?" Raphael said."Do not need." Matthew just refused.After that, he quickly handed over all his work to the other secretary. He then went up to the company balcony to smoke a cigarette, and then a familiar figure reappeared in Matthew's vision. He didn't know if he was mistaken or not, he just stared at the girl who was wearing a blue dress that was embroidered with flowers.Moments later, the girl remained in that position without changing. This time Matthew was certain that he was not dizzy, he quickly extinguished the cigarette in his hand and ran down to where she was standing. And then after a while, he also felt that his behavior was a bit strange now. Apparently he was
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Chapter 6: Company dining room
Everything is still going on as usual, because Matthew William always has important work, so he often forgets the meals of the day. Therefore, his secretary was very worried about his worsening health situation.In a meeting that took place most recently, because of irregular eating. Director Matthew couldn't stand it, he collapsed in front of everyone in the meeting. Secretary Raphael and everyone at that time were very worried about him, they took advantage of calling his private doctor to come and check the situation. But because the wound came from inside Matthew's body, he could only be taken to the hospital for an examination.The note stating his illness was also given to Raphael shortly after. "Sir, Director William is awake." One of the doctors at the hospital said:"Okay, thanks doctor." Raphael said mildly.*Knock knock*There was a knock on the door accompanied by the secretary's voice, almost half a day had passed. The previous meeting can also only be adjourned for consi
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Chapter 7: Birthday present
A few days later, because the amount of work has also decreased. Therefore, Matthew William is also very secure when temporarily putting everything aside to go on a business trip abroad. His health also gradually improved. Because since the day he shared a meal with Riana in the corporate dining room, he had visited that place more often.But perhaps, he has to find a new chef to prepare his own meals in the coming days. Of course, before he left, he couldn't forget to find someone to look after Rosy, because that little girl always did whatever she wanted.Maybe next time, he will find a private tutor for her. As for Riana, he also said goodbye to her before leaving, thus their relationship gradually became closer. But it also only develops in the direction of normal friends.However, for him, it was already a huge step forward.*Ding dong*There was a knock on the door, and Riana quickly grabbed the TV remote and turned down the sound of the movie she was watching. Then she quickly w
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Chapter 8: Birthday party
Not long after that, Matthew also returned from a business trip. Matthew William's birthday party soon took place. In the presence of many close partners and friends, he could not refuse anything. However, most of his attendees had great respect for him. Because he is very famous in the financial world, it's just that he rarely shows his face.Therefore, people who do not know him often think that he is an old uncle.But Matthew also doesn't care much about people's eyes, he only cares about the goals that he has been pursuing. Therefore, this birthday party for Matthew is also an opportunity to do business.The clock ticked, he just randomly chose for himself an informal outfit. After all, he and the attendees all knew each other, no need to overdo it.Matthew quickly left his room and went downstairs, today his birthday party was held by his family in a suburban place, so the space here is quite comfortable and spacious.He quickly entered the party under the watchful eyes of most o
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Chapter 9: Unexpected Incident
Not long after, the waiter brought a glass of wine to the other woman. She quickly accepted it happily, a very strange smile on her lips. No one would know what she was thinking either, but no one really cared. Because they were all enjoying Matthew's birthday party.As time goes by, the most sincere wishes are sent by words or by a certain gift that has been prepared, if it is a young age, perhaps Matthew will still have a worthy gift-opening display. mind. But he was no longer a child, despite the extreme words. Matthew still maintained his usual calm demeanor. He just couldn't express his desire clearly.That was one of the obstacles of the other disease, or in other words, his psyche could not be normal since the discovery of the other disease. He has become a very closed person, even his relatives.Each gift was taken away one by one, the expressions on the faces of some of the girls at the party were no longer as happy as they were at the beginning. They started talking about his
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Chapter 10: Hot Night (18+)
Her breathing was getting more and more out of control, which made Riana feel extremely uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do. Things seem to be getting weirder by the day, Riana Johnson's body just doesn't seem to go her way anymore.Her body was getting hotter and hotter, her face was no longer alert enough to do anything more. Riana leaned against the wall to walk. 'Isn't there a problem with the glass of wine the other girl gave me?' Thinking of this, Riana felt a bit stupid, she still didn't change at all. Apparently the other person had no good intentions, yet Riana wasn't wary of that girl.Riana's gaze was no longer able to see anything clearly, but she seemed to sense that she had hit something quite cool and soft, Riana tried to lean on it without knowing it. The thing she relied on wasn't an item or anything. It was Matthew.Luckily he found her again in the party crowd. And it's also fortunate that no one has seen Riana in this form, Riana increasingly lost con
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