Bound To A Billionaire

Bound To A Billionaire

By:  shewholoveswriting  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cassandra Acosta adores her parents and would do anything to please them, even if it means compromising her freedom. However, when her mother declared that she would marry a stranger for the sake of business, she did what every obstinate daughter would have done—she ran away. Nevertheless, while she spun lie after lie about her identity in order to secure her freedom, she had no idea that finding love under a fake name would be so complicated. It would be much more complicated if she discovered that Ezekiel Smith, the billionaire whom she fell in love with after leaving her family, was the same man her parents had wanted her to marry. It wasn't until something happened that challenged their love to each other. Things don't always go according to plan, and lies don't last long. A mistake can never be rectified by committing another one. What lengths will she go to in order to fight for the person she loves?

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3 Chapters
"Mom, what is going on here?" The deep tone of Zeke's voice could be heard clearly throughout the entire living room of the Smith estate.My heart continues to hurt so deeply that the tears that I've been shedding continue to run freely down my face. His voice was like a rainbow that gave me hope that everything will be okay after all of this chaos."God, Ezekiel! It's hard for me to imagine that you would let a thief to stay in such a luxurious home as yours." Mrs. Desiree Smith uttered those words in an appalled tone. Her almond-shaped eyes, filled with rage, bore into me."Z-Zeke, no! Pleas–""Oh, you poor servant, be quiet! You really need to be grateful that my son even let you stay here, but what did you do? You stole my jewelries!" Mrs. Desiree cut me off in the middle of my sentence."Madam, please.... I have no idea how your things ended out there.""Oh, Cara, you need to keep your mouth shut! What else are you trying to say? That each piece of jewelry has its own feet and wa
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Chapter 1: Marriage
Find your purpose. Regardless of how big or tiny. Find something you'd like to wake up to every day with the conviction that you'll be able to accomplish it. Something that feels like an extension of who you are as a person. You would be working toward something considerably more worthwhile in your life if you had a goal to work towards.Unlike dreams, your purpose is not something you have to chase, it is not a race. Purposes are not competition. Let your purpose transform your perspective of yourself and the world around you.After reading the essay, I savored each word and grinned a little. It's invigorating to discover just how important your life's purpose is."Ms. Cassandra, your friend is looking for you."I turned to see where the voice was coming from. It came from our maid, who was beaming from ear to ear. I'm quite sure she's referring to Adrian. Adrian possesses a magnetic charisma that causes the ladies to flush and smile in response to his presence."Who?" I asked, despi
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Chapter 2: Agree
"Concerning your marriage, Cassandra."When she finished speaking, there was complete and utter silence in the room. It seemed to me that my ears had picked up the wrong sentence. It's possible that I misunderstood what she have said. "P-Pardon, Mom?" I asked my mother when I finally mustered the confidence to speak.Marriage?! Why would I get married when I don't even have a boyfriend or a potential suitor?She took a few slow breaths before looking at mewith an apologetic expression on her face.Tell me you're joking, Mom. Tell me. I kept my hopes to myself.But, based on what I know of my mother, she would never joke about something like that. When it comes to certain situations, she tends to take things seriously than she does to joke about them. "Cassandra... Let's just discuss later, sweetheart.With your dad." It was her response."Mom, I'm still waiting for you to tell me it's a joke. Do not make light of that really serious matter." I attempted to calm myself down by laugh
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