Teacher's Girl

Teacher's Girl

By:  aflyingwhale  Completed
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After finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, a distraught Emma went to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger at a bar. Little did she know, the handsome devil turned out to be the new art teacher at her school. Will Emma survive the school year under the possessive watchful eyes of Mr. Hayes? And was their brief eventful encounter worth risking everything? Could love really grow in such a dark place? Find out, in The Teacher's Girl. *Warning: Contains Mature Content! Enter at your own risk*

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140 Chapters
1. Happy Birthday
EMMA’s POV:“Happy sweet eighteen, bitch! Welcome to the club!”I could hear Tiffany’s voice all the way from the living room. Within moments, the front door flew open and my two best friends came barging in.“Happy birthday Emma!” Carrie cheered loudly, she was holding a small red velvet cupcake with a single candle on top.“Make a wish!” Tiffany ordered and I complied.I closed my eyes and made my little wish.“Tonight will be my special night,” I said in my head.When I opened my eyes and blew the candle, my two best friends clapped and roared happily.“Aren’t you guys being a little loud? It’s only 10 AM in the morning,” I said as I covered one ear my hand. Thankfully my parents are both at work already, otherwise they’d say something too.“And aren’t you being a little too underdressed? It’s 10 AM! We gotta go, there’s much to do before tonight,” Tiffany replied.She had a point. She was referring to the fact that we’d be driving down to Oxford to visit my boyfriend Zach at Emory
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2. Falling Apart
EMMA’s POV:“No!” I yelped and pulled away in an instant.That was so close!Suddenly it dawned on me that I was about to kiss a random stranger in a bar. What the hell was I thinking? I should not be doing this! I needed to be with Zach!I knew that second glass of beer was a bad idea.Meanwhile, the guy looked at me, bewildered and confused. He was also still breathless from all the dancing. That look in his eyes, I couldn’t tell if he was angry or disappointed. Or both.“I’m sorry. I have to go,” I said and turned to my heels as fast as I could.“Hey—“ I could hear him calling after me several times, but I didn’t want to turn back.I spotted Tiff making out with Steve and I wasn’t gonna cock-block her, so I left her alone. Carrie was still with the sorority girls, so I pulled her to the side and quickly told her my plan.“Carrie, hey,”“Hey, Em, where you’ve been?”“I was dancing… but listen, I’m gonna go, okay? I’m gonna wait in Zach’s dorm room. He said he’ll be home soon,” I had
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3. Broken Barrier
EMMA’s POV:I instinctively nodded my head.He grinned brightly at my response. Without giving me a chance to change my mind, he pulled my hand forcefully and we were headed out the back door in no time.“Shit,” he muttered suddenly.“What's wrong?” I asked as we stepped into a dark alley.“I can’t wait anymore,” he said in between breaths.He narrowed his eyes at me like a hawk, stalking its prey. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t. I was still struggling to slow my breathing, catching my breath.He stalked closer to me and I was taking small steps back until I hit myself back against the wall. He took both my hands and placed them above my head, pinning me against the red brick. He looked down at me with those dark eyes and said, “I have to have you now,”I swallowed hard at his words. My head was spinning. I couldn’t tell left from right anymore. All I knew was that my body was heating up and there was this clenching feeling in my lower stomach, aching to be released.“Okay,” I brea
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4. Stranger Danger
EMMA’s POV:“I can’t believe Zach cheated on you!” Carrie gasped in anger.“I can’t believe you had sex with a random guy in the back of a bar,” Tiff followed.This morning, I woke up sleeping inside my car. I didn’t even remember driving it. I was parked at a Walmart parking lot, I didn’t even know there was a Walmart around.I checked my phone to find dozens of messages and missed calls from Tiff and Carrie. I called them up and we decided to meet at a diner nearby. Tiff had spent the night with that guy, Steve, and Carrie stayed over the sorority house.After we met up and I chugged an entire mug of coffee, I was finally able to tell my friends everything that happened last night. Or, the parts that I remembered at least.“Damn, girl,” Tiff paused for a moment before saying, “Hey, I’m sorry I wasn’t there last night. I didn’t know it was gonna go down like that,”“It’s okay. It’s not you guys’ fault,”“How do you feel now?” Carrie asked.“I don’t know. I’m still processing everythi
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5. Recently Played
EMMA’s POV:“I’m Mr. Hayes and this AP Studio Art. As many of you already know, you’ll be required to submit an art portfolio for the AP exam…”The Bar Guy—I mean, Mr. Hayes, was explaining things about the portfolio we needed to prepare at the end of the school year. Very important stuff. But I couldn’t seem to concentrate. Every time I looked at him, I saw glimpses of that night.How gorgeous he looked as he pinned me against the wall. I was arching my back and I exposed myself to him, shamelessly. How I wanted to feel that feeling again. I wanted to feel full like when his fingers were inside me. He was taking his sweet time, purposefully teasing and torturing me. He would let his tip enter me, but only a little bit, before pulling away. I was squirming in agony and hunger.“Please,” I begged.“Please, I want it now,” I pleaded to him.“You’re not there yet. It’s gonna hurt you,”“I don’t care, just do it,” Whoa!I shook my head quickly to get the image out of my head. My cheeks w
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6. Crash Landing
EMMA’s POV:The next day at school, I was avoiding Mr. Hayes at all costs. It was the right thing to do. I just needed to get him out of my system so I could function normally again. A Mr. Hayes detox, I called it.I was doing well since Mr. Hayes mostly stayed in his art studio and I didn’t have that class today. I chose to focus my energies on my friends and studies instead. Tiff, Carrie, Mark, and I were having lunch in the quad. It was still September, so the weather was warm and nice.Mark was telling us gossips he heard from the teachers’ lounge. Something about Ms. Diaz, our Spanish teacher, was being set up on a date with Mr. Hayes. I rolled my eyes as soon as I heard his name. The detox was gonna be harder than I thought.“Why would Mr. Hayes go out with Ms. Diaz?” Tiff asked as she took a bite of her sandwich.“Why not? She’s hot. He’s hot. They’re both single,” Carrie replied.Carrie had a point. Ms. Diaz had the body of Jennifer Lopez and the face of Penelope Cruz. She was
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7. Lucid Dreaming
EMMA’s POV:I woke up that morning to a weird sensation coming from under me.I pried my eyes open slightly and I saw that both my hands were stuck inside my underwear. Two of my fingers were still inside of me, the pathetic remains of last night.“Gah, I’m so stupid,” I rolled my eyes and slammed my head against the pillow.It was all just a dream. Of course, it was. What was I thinking? Did I actually believe that Mr. Hayes would find me in my room at night and fuck me senseless?Somehow I wished that he did.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *After pulling myself together for a quick shower and breakfast, I made my way to school. I was walking mindlessly towards my first period Chemistry class when I saw Ryan striding over to me.He smiled real wide as soon as our eyes met. He was wearing his usual red football jacket and I didn’t know why I hadn’t noticed this sooner, but he was low-key kind of cute.“Hey Emma,” he greet
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8. Party Favor
EMMA’s POV:“I don’t think I’m ready for a full-on date yet. I get all nervous just thinking about it,”I groaned into my pillow and threw my head back on the bed. Tiff and Carrie were sitting next to me. It was a typical Thursday night for us girls. We were binge-watching Sex and the City for the gazillionth time when I got a text from Ryan. He was asking if we could go out tomorrow night.“We can all go as a group? Maybe that’ll take your mind off things,” Carrie suggested.“Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” my body shot up in response.If we were all going out as friends, it might even be fun.“And I know just the thing. There’s a party tomorrow night at Madison Davis’ lake house. Everyone will be there. It’ll be perfect,” Tiff made a good point.“That’s a great idea, Tiff. And Em, if the date turns out to be sucky, you can always hang with us,” Carrie added.I nodded at their suggestions. Not wasting any more time, I replied to Ryan’s text, asking him about going to the party at M
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9. Wishful Thinking
IAN’s POV:“I had a really good time tonight,” Erica Diaz purred and batted her eyelashes at me.“Yeah, me too,” I replied shortly.It wasn’t a lie. I was driving her home after our dinner date, she picked this Italian place and the food was decent. Conversation with her was decent too, and she was easy on the eyes. She’s got a nice ass and a nice set of rack, and a pretty face to match.She kept mentioning how she’d been single for the past six months. Clearly, she was hungry for some. If this was me a month ago, I wouldn’t think twice about throwing her sexy ass on the bed and giving her what she wants.But after that night at the bar, that crazy whirlwind night, I couldn’t stop thinking about Emma. She was all I wanted. Anyone else was just… a distraction.I couldn’t forget the way she moved and the way she teased. How warm and wet she was when she was wrapped around me. God, just the thought of her was enough to get me all worked up again like some horny motherfucker.“This is me,
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10. Honest Truth
EMMA’s POV:“Emma?”Mr. Hayes’ voice kept ringing in my ears and I was rendered mute. My brain and body were too tired from the party that I thought I was sleepwalking.“Mr. Hayes…?” my small voice croaked as I squinted my eyes to get a better look at him.“What are you doing here?” Mr. Hayes’ tone was serious and demanding.“I’m… walking home,” I replied casually.He looked at me up and down, and somehow he looked pissed off… or worried?“Get in, I’ll give you a ride,” he said in a commanding voice.I was honestly glad that someone was willing to offer me a ride home. After telling Ryan that I needed some time alone, I went back to the party to look for my friends, but they weren’t anywhere to be found. After failing to reach them on their phones, I gave up and decided to walk home. I actually thought six miles was a walk-able distance.But then again, if I got into a car with Mr. Hayes, it would just be super awkward and terribly weird. So I quickly shook my head at him.“No thanks,
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