The Alpha's Mate and the Vampire King

The Alpha's Mate and the Vampire King

By:  Jazz ford  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alpha Magnus and Nina receive a surprise visit from the Midnight Coven.Yiselda, the coven leader reveals the dark secrets of their covenstead they refer to as Pandora's Box.Everyone is shocked to hear about the nightmarish creatures that the witches have kept sealed inside for hundreds of years.They welcome Nina into the coven and she is given a grand tour of Pandora's Box and sees the Grimghouls and Shadow Reapers for herself.But what happens when her world is turned upside down the moment she meets the very charming vampire king and what in the world of Mysteria is a Blood Flame?

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37 chapters
  Nina kisses my cheek and takes a seat at the desk beside me.  'Magnus, is there anything else I can do for you?'  'Could you please hand me the Shady Crest status report?' I say as I set aside a pile of paperwork that I had just finished signing on the desk.  Rolling up her sleeve, Nina waves her wand 'Lifto Levitatous', she says. The paper rises and swirls in a circular pattern, one page at a time, before settling in a neat stack in front of me.  'Nina, it was literally in front of you. You could have just reached for it, you know?'  'Well, where's the fun in that?' she gives a warm smile.  'Do you suppose you could conjure me up a mug of coffee, by any chance?' I grin.  'Magnus, you realise I'm not capable of doing that?'  'Honestly, I'm not sure what you are capable of yet. You read that spellbook each night and refuse to tell me what you've learnt.'  'Well, you have to admit that seeing me cast the spell rather than listening to me explain it is far more interesting.'  
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  'Who are you? How did you get into my territory without us noticing?'  The person in front lowers their hood.  'Yiselda?' I say.  'Alpha Magnus,' she murmurs before turning her focus on Nina. She acknowledges Nina with a smile and a nod. The four hooded people behind her all bow their heads to Nina.  Nina and I exchange a troubled look.  'What brings you here, Yiselda?' Nina inquires. A mouse sits upon Yiselda’s shoulder and begins to clean its whiskers.  'After all, Magnus, it's fantastic to see you were able to break the spell,' she replies, dismissing Nina's query.  'I did,' I admit. 'But I can't help but think that's not why you're here.'  'Alpha Magnus, I would like you to meet the Midnight Coven's members.  Introduce yourself to Fern, Ela Ria, and Lilac.’ As their names are called out, the women drop their hoods. They are all stunning women. Fern is a woman with brown hair and blue eyes. Ela has brown eyes and blonde hair. Ria has red hair, green eyes and numerous frec
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  'However, enough with Pandora's Box. We want to invite Nina and May to join our coven as sisters. Joining us also means that it will be our responsibility to protect and keep each other safe in times of peril,'   ‘But Nina and May are part of the Shadow Crest pack,’  ‘Because they are half-witch, half-wolf, they can be part of both. This would also unify us as one prominent coven or, as you call it, pack.’  'I appreciate it, Yiselda.' At tomorrow's meeting, May and I will discuss it. Let's get to know each other a little better in the meanwhile and roast some marshmallows?' Nina proposes.  We're all holding our sticks, placed above the fire with marshmallows. Then Yiselda works her magic and puts on a performance for us to enjoy. We watch a little bird who is still unable to fly like her siblings. However, the little bird does not give up and continues to attempt to fly every day. She eventually learns to fly and flies past her siblings.  We applaud Yiselda for the charming stor
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  Nina and I walk into town to meet up with Shadow Crest's local pack members. Although the majority of the group has accepted Nina's half-witch status, a few members remain concerned about her abilities.  Mrs Turnpot is squatting in her vegetable garden as we come to a halt at a small picket gate.  Nina pokes Mrs Turnpot over the fence and says, 'Hello, Mrs Turnpot.'  When Mrs Turnpot notices Nina, she glances up at us and falls back.  'Oh!' she trembles and retreats.  'Mrs Turnpot, what are you planting today?' Nina is overjoyed.  'C-Carrots,' she replies, 'but they haven't been growing.'  Nina takes a look around the garden. 'Perhaps I can assist? Revito Sprouto,' she says.  Mrs Turnpot's carrots are sprouting and growing right before our eyes.  'Thank you, Luna, thank you.   Mrs Turnpot says as she vigorously shakes Nina's hand.  'No problem, Mrs Turnpot, I'll see you later,' Nina smiles.  We resume walking.  'How long have you known that spell?' I enquire.  ‘A few nig
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  We see Zak and Pipsqueak stapling fliers to lampposts across town, telling Shadow Crest of our upcoming merger with the Midnight Coven pack.  The pack huddles together to read the posts. They are unsure what to make of it. Nina and I approach them in the hopes of reassuring them.  'Hello everyone,' Nina says, smiling. They all smile politely.  'I want to reassure everyone that joining forces with the Midnight coven is a beneficial move. Extra aid around town would be beneficial, as would magical protection if our community were ever in danger. Witches are not to be feared. Your loving Luna is one, along with her sister May and has never caused us any harm. They are on our side and want to live peacefully amongst us and help keep humans and us safe from any threats to our communities. You are all welcome to join us at midnight tonight if you wish to.’  Everyone nods and smiles at each other, and all appear to be more at ease.  ***  It's nearly midnight. Everyone in the packhouse
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  Nina and May break the circle by releasing everyone's hands. Nina is the first to make her way to the gateway. Smiling, she takes a deep breath and vanishes into Silverfay forest, the realm of familiars. May is so excited that she doesn't hesitate and rushes in after Nina.  Nina  I'm standing in the most enchanting gorgeous woodland I've ever seen. The trees are not just various colours of green but also pinks, purples, and blues. They generate a glow that gives the trees the appearance of being composed of diamonds. A silver mist floats in the air, glistening in the breeze.  May slams into the back of me out of nowhere.  'Sorry,' she chuckles as I stare her down. ‘Wow! This place is beautiful.' She says.  We begin exploring and come across a variety of animals. A sloth climbs a tree slowly as a bat hangs upside down on a branch. A possum pokes its head out of a tree hollow.  'Hello,' I say, waving at the animals. May gives me a strange look, then comes to a standstill and cast
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  I'm feeling more powerful than I've ever felt before. My veins are filled with a fresh wave of energy.  'This power,' I murmur, twisting my head to look over my shoulder at Reaper. 'Does this come from you?'  Reaper squawks before responding over our mind-link.  'Yes, now that we're bonded, I can give you as little or as much power as you need.'  'Do you mean that what I'm feeling now isn't the whole extent of your power?'  'You mean our power, and no, not at all. Let's just pray that you'll never have to utilise the full amount.'  'What would happen if we had to utilise it all at once?'  'I'd very likely die.'  I take a breather. 'Well, I'll make a mental note not to absorb it all,' I say.  'We'll see,' Reaper says.  The portal to Shadow Crest has opened.  'It's time for you to meet your new family, Reaper.' I flash a smirk.  'Yes, I can't wait,' he answers unenthused.  'Don't be that way, Reaper. You'll adore them, and there are more familiars among the five other witc
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  It started around 7 a.m. with a series of caws. Magnus puts a pillow over his face and his ears. Unlike Magnus, I take my pillow and fling it at Reaper. As the pillow knocks him off the foot of our bed, his Caw switches to a squawk.  'Good morning to you too, Master,' he hisses via the mind-link.  'You're a Raven, not a Rooster, Reaper!' I growl.  Magnus chuckles but stops as Reaper shoots him a death glare. I grab Magnus' pillow and toss it at Reaper, missing him by a centimetre.  'And stop staring at Magnus in that manner,' I say.  'Fine, I'm hungry for grubs anyway,' he adds before flying out the window.  I roll onto Magnus, and we kiss and snuggle for a few moments before getting ready for the day. We can hear Fern, Ela, Ria, and Lilac giggling as they go down the stairs. When I opened my door, Lilac slides down the railing backwards. 'Skedaddle Dash,' Ela exclaims and vanishes. Ria races down the stairs while Fern leaps over the balustrade and skips half the steps. Magnus
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  When we hear the thunderous thuds, Magnus answers the door, 'What brings us the pleasure of welcoming the Wolf Council?' Magnus chirps.  'Alpha Magnus, we've come to talk about some fairly serious worries that have everyone on edge.' Alpha Bennet says.  'Please come in and join us in the dining room for some refreshments,' Magnus adds as he opens the door wider. Magnus frowns at the scores of men following them as they enter. 'Perhaps you could all go to the ceremony hall, where there is more room, and I'll get you food and refreshments?' The Alphas signal them to proceed to the ceremonial hall. Magnus was about to close the door when Ryker and Astrid arrived.  'I'm pleased you're here, Mum and Dad,' Magnus says.  'We want to reassure the wolf council that they have nothing to be concerned about.' Ryker explains.  While the kitchen staff brings out beverages and nibbles, we take our seats at the table.  'So, what's this troubling news you've heard that has prompted you to come
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  'Ironically, I think it's in your best interests to know what we're doing to save this world from being destroyed, and maybe, by some miracle, you'll come to some type of mutual respect for us witches,' Fern says.  'It has been entrusted upon Yiselda for the previous two hundred years to take over Pandora's Box and stay there. It was known as the Midnight Covenstead for generations until the Vampire King sought revenge on the humans for the death of his blood flame. He summoned Shadow Reapers and Grimghouls and released them into the world. As a result, many werewolves were killed, and their territories were seized. It was only a matter of time before they infiltrated human settlements, and as you know, humans must never learn about the supernatural side of our world.  Many witches banded together and used their power. We were able to imprison the Vampire King and his minions inside the Midnight Covenstead, where spells were put to keep them locked up for good. Centuries had passed
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