Steamiest Erotic Short Stories

Steamiest Erotic Short Stories

By:  Lori  Updated just now
Language: English
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This book contains Thigh tingling Steamies Erotic Short Stories you have ever read. This is a compilation Of every erotic genre, mouth watering, Lustful and Intense Spicy Stories, capable of taking you to the land of Sin.

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63 chapters
The Shower
I love that I have casino points where I can stay in some pretty nice rooms and the shower in our room is very spacious. It has a bench seat at one end and as you move towards the shower handles, we are surrounded by shower heads in the walls with a detachable shower head in the center. When we turn on the water, it feels like we are in a car wash except the water is gentle and warm. It is amazing to have all this water around us as we stand in the middle holding each other, kissing each other and just letting the water cascade all over us. The kissing and the water was starting to have an effect on my growing cock and she reach down between us and start stroking me while our tongues continue to dance with each other. Anna then reach over and take the body wash off the shelf and begin soaping me up. My big cock was now standing straight at attention as she continued to clean up my throbbing dick."I just want to make sure you are nice and clean after all that sex last night." She sai
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The Shower/ Horny Maid.
She grunt and blurt out; "Oh FUCK!...God damn that thing is so fucking fat! I love your cock! OMG baby….Ugh Ugh…God yes…Oh Shit, I can totally feel that thick beast inside of me…OH Fuck that feels so amazing! Please fuck me…please fuck my pussy till I cum! Oh God yes!! Yes!!!"I start off with long slow strokes, my chest up against her back with my hands foundling her huge breasts.It is such a hot scene and I am wondering if I somehow fell into a different universe as this weekend could not be really happening. The feeling is so amazing as I continue to fuck her from behind, slowly building up a more aggressive pace. She continue to grunt and express profanities as I push my cock deep inside her, All of a sudden her hand starts moving around, reaching over her shoulder for something. I stop for a second and ask what she was looking for."The shower head…get me the removeable shower head and turn it on Levi!" She scream.I do as I am told and hand it to her. She push it down between
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Horny Maid/ Forbidden Pleasure 1
"Yes" she moaned, closing her eyes as i ran my fingers around her wetness, trying to get my fingers to touch more of her, she grabbed my hand and began rubbing against it, I stopped her, knelt Infront of her, parted her legs wider, and work my tongue into her pussy.I held sherry in place, she scream out in pleasure as I licked and suck her clean, drinking in her sweet juice, I licked my lips as I watched her trying to calm her breath, my cock was painfully hard, it needed to be inside sherry, I pulled my pant, releasing it, it stood out in front of me, huge, proud and dripping with precum."Show me your breasts" I commanded, as I stroke my cock, I could feel how hot and ready it was.She unbuttoned her shirt and her huge breasts came into view, they were ripe and my mouth water, I wanted to have a taste of it, her hard nipples becon on me and I responded, taking sherry's breast into my mouth, I sucked ams licked on the nipples, while pinching and playing with the other, I took pleasu
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Forbidden Pleasure 11
Then— at that very moment when you're consumed with your own salty flavor, I'd thrust my penis inside of you. Oh, your eyes? I can imagine them rolling inside.White magical crystal orbs.That slurrrp sound it'd make when I penetrate you? That's a sign of a good fuck. We wouldn't need vaseline or any lubricant, because you'd be wetter than a navy seal veteran.Then comes the pounding.Thrusting deeper, harder and faster, and at the same time—making you moan through my lips, because my mouth would be aligned against yours. I'd be your conduit.My teeth wrestling with your lower lips, you're mine.We'd fuck.Cum.Orgasm.And try it again.And at the end, when I rest my head on your chest, I'd tell you, with all honesty in my life, “you've the best nipples I have seen.”“Jimmy?”“Are you sure you’re okay, little man?”That was when I noticed my erection. Sara must have saw it, too. Because she smiled awkwardly. I was so embarrassed I ran out of her room. Chemistry can wait. I am dealing
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Forbidden Pleasure 111
“Sa-sa-”The words couldn’t escape my mouth. Her hands— like a boa constrictor was already on my cock.Firm and hard.Constricting the lifeform out of me.She stroked my cock to and fro, up and down. The motion in which she moved her hands was meticulously calculated. I was caught. Trapped. I could feel the pulse in my cock pulsate. She didn’t stop there, she stroked it even harder. My thoughts escaped through my lips as moans, I was moaning silently, telling her to speed up the process.She did.“Take off your clothes, Jimmy.”As I followed her orders like a corporal to a lieutenant, so did she. She took off her nighties revealing nothing but a voluptuous flimsy red bra that I could easily crush with my hands and red panties that had no place staying on that perfect symmetrical body.I drooled at the sight of her body. If I could astro project out of my body, my astro form would have mistaken me for a kid caught in a grand illusion, or someone caught in a trance, a hypnosis.Sara see
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Forbidden Pleasure 1V/ Total Submission
“Your turn.”My turn? I was disoriented at that time. What was she talking about? I wanted to tell her I didn’t understand, until she fell on the bed and spread her two legs wide.Holy Molly!Her pussy was glorious and fleshy.A pink fold of flesh that beckoned to me from a yonder not too far from grasp nor reach. This glorious view, it was altering my perception. This? This? My thoughts stuttered. Is that even possible? Could your mental self stutter? This pearly gates is shredding my reality.My limp cock sprang to attention again. I slowly lowered myself to bed, the woods creaking in protest, but who cares? They might end up breaking anyway. My fingers like a snake infiltrated her pussy. So tender and soft. It felt like dipping your fingers into soaked bread. So wet and slimy, damn!It called for my touch, it begged for my touch.With my fingers deeper, they began to throb and Sara began to moan.In.Out.In.Out.In.Out.In.Out.Like a sequence.Her pussy wetter than a lagoon be
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Total Submission 11
With my thick hips, large breasts, and the occasional glimmer of a stretch mark, in the mirror my body did not look that bad, I was lying down, so maybe gravity was taking over to make me look good, my brown hair was spread out on the white pillow.I didn’t know if i could be this open with Mike, He would not let me hide. The house is large enough. We can hide.Pressing a hand to my face, i tried to calm down my rioting thoughts, wishing something would happen to save me.The memory of his hand spanking my ass filled my mind, opening my eyes, I spread my legs and tilted my hips to see the lips of my pussy open up. I stood on my knees and dropped the drapes to create a little more privacy for myself.Settling on the bed, i watched as I caressed my hand down my body, I slowly touched my nipples, tugging on the hard brown buds until they were erect and pushing up.I glided my hand down my stomach, feeling the muscles in my stomach tighten at the contact.pressing a finger to my clit, tou
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Total Submission 111
Mike's POV:I was pissed off with her lack of self-esteem. Didn’t she know how beautiful she was?“What?” she asked me, unbelief showed on her face, was she thinking I was joking? How could she be so insecure with this perfect body of hers, that made my cock swell so much making it unbearable for me even though I appear to be calm and collected.If only Antenna knew her beautiful big breasts, her well shaved pussy, which I knew would be drenched and throbbing were making me mad with desire, she would not have the audacity to be be insecured about her body.The body I desperately want to possess again and again, I longed to fuck her hard, fast, deep and slow, whatever way she wants it, I want to see her creamy wetness on my cock, I want to feel her pussy wall clenched against my cock as I pound into her.“Get on your knees. Don’t make me repeat myself. We are going to deal with this the only way you know how.” I told her, watching her struggle with my demand. There was no way i intende
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Total Submission/ Abominable Pleasure
I moaned, drinking her down, loving the taste. She rubbed her pussy all over my face.When i was finished, I climbed up the bed smiling down at her, not bothering to wipe the juices from my chin.“Get in bed and remember my rules tomorrow.”“What about you?” she asked.I slapped her ass as she started to shuffle into bed. “I’ll deal with myself. Stubborn little subs don’t get to touch my cock.” I walked toward the open connecting door. Before closing it, i turned back to look at her. “Remember, antenna, I was the first man to bring you to orgasm. I can do that every night without effort. Your pussy is so fucking tasty.”Closing the door behind me,, I walked toward the bathroom, staring at my reflection, i saw the color change of my eyes, Climbing into the shower, i turned the freezing cold water on waiting for the temperature to take care of my problem.The water cascaded over my body doing little to relieve the ache her body had caused. Wrapping my fingers around my cock, i growled.
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Abominable Pleasure 11
To my horror I realised that the only thing it could be was my dad's rooster. I must have accidently rubbed on him when I moved back causing his rooster to stir. I stayed as still as possibly my face flushing with embarrassment. Why was this happening, I was his daughter, surely he couldn't be getting turned on!As the bus continued, with each bump and turn of a corner the rubbing pressure on the underside of my thigh increased and I could feel my dad trying to move backwards into the seat. I didn't know what to do so I remained as still as possible and pretended I hadn't noticed anything was wrong but I was alarmingly aware of the fact that my short dress wasn't covering my pussy underneath me as it had rode up a little when I sat down.There was only the sheer lace fabric of my thong and the thin material of my dad's shorts between me and his hard rooster which was still rubbing an inch to the left of my pussy lips every time the bus moved.Suddenly the bus lurched to one side as it
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