Hello Again, Bestfriend

Hello Again, Bestfriend

By:  Letitia Rouxe  Ongoing
Language: English
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Euphrasia, A woman hoping that she will hear back from her bestfriend. 15 years passed still no sign but was shocked to see him in her house. Barely knowing he was coming home from America, she was shocked only to find she was going to marry someone for the sake of her father's company. There might be scenes containing saying foul words, sexual actions, murderous attempt and many. Viewer Discretion is advised (Read at your own risk) (credits to rightful owner of this photo)

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    11 chapters
    Chapter 1
    ~EUPHRASIA VYXANNA POV~I stare at the glass window of the coffee shop as I take a sip of my coffee. Having no one else around was comforting and relaxing. The lavender and honey scent that was roaming inside the shop makes me feel like I'm home. It makes me want to hang out a little longer.But I don't have time. I have to finish the templates for my clients. I take a bite of my french toast as I edit them. I waited for my friend Maddie as she said in the message earlier.It was just 6:00 AM in the morning. So I still have time before going to work. I also signed the papers that my boss wanted to be signed last night so I have nothing to worry about. I heard the coffee shop door being opened as I heard the bell ring. I didn't mind it and just kept editing. As if on cue, my phone vibrated to reveal a text message from my co-worker Frey. I just read what it said before focusing again at my work. It was already 6:30. Maddie wasn't answering my texts. Grabbing my left over coffee and t
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    Chapter 2
    ~(EUPHRASIA VYXANNA POV)~It was lunchtime.After the kiss, he hugged me so tight and promised to never let me go again. Well, I didn't believe it at first because he already did the first time he promised.I was at the cafeteria when my boss walked up to me and handed a letter. I looked up to him and saw his brown eyes staring back to my gray ones.I took the letter from him and he immediately left. I placed the letter inside my handbag and kept eating. I didn't mind the chatter and laughter that was surrounding me. I finished my food and went back up to my office.~☾︎~I was currently signing some other documents inside my office when I heard a knock on the door. I didn't mind it and just heard it being opened.I looked up to see him. Smiling widely while having two boxes of somewhat look like brownies. I gestured the couch for him to sit.I looked back at the work I was doing. A few more hours passed before I finished signing them. I put them all back in the folders before paying
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    Chapter 3
    ~FREY GABERIELL AVADONIA POV~She didn't lie. She just lives nextdoor. But the fact I didn't notice her everytime I go to work made me wonder. But the reality that she was an early bird hit me. Maybe that's why because I go to work late. I was just early that morning and I was surprised to see her in the elevator.I was shocked when the door opens and she held my hand on her way inside.I looked around the place. There was a touch of greenery to it even though she has a minimalistic type of furniture. Her place also gives a homey vibe. The smell of strawberries and raspberries surrounding the place makes me want to hang out and relax all day. I followed her as she went to the kitchen. She grabs something in her fridge and immediately turned on the stove to reheat it.I placed the boxes at the table and sat on one of the chairs. I just looked at her back. I knew she would change. She wasn't the sweet and caring girl I once knew five years ago.The way she talks was authorative and she
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    Chapter 4
    ~EUPHRASIA VYXANNA POV~I breathe heavily as I reach my orgasm. He licks and sucks my juices before I saw him swallowing it. He removed his boxer shorts which revealed his thick erect manhood ready to fight.I gulped when I saw how big it was. It was bigger the last time I saw it five years ago. I don't even think I can handle it.I looked at him and saw him giggling at my reaction before positioning himself between my thighs."Are you ready?" He asks me as he looks at me hungrily."I don't know... It looks bigger.." I mumble as I look at him."I know you can handle my asset Mahal.. We already did it last time." He stated as he kisses my lips. 'Yeah we already did.'" But that was five years ago.. I don't think-" I was cut off when he kissed me again."That's why we're doing it again mahal... If it hurts you, I'll be gentle okay?" He assured me.I nodded. He rubs his cock at my clit before entering inside me.I felt pain and pleasure at the same time. We both moaned when he started t
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    Chapter 5
    ~JAYCE RYLEE ALASTER POV~I've been messaging her to come and attend work but she's not responding. I badly needed that document to be signed so that the finance department will handle the rest. I emailed her multiple times, still not responding. Usually, she replies instantly. Not unless she has something that's been keeping her busy.I called her for the nth time. I was getting frustrated. I sighed as soon as she answered but my eyes narrowed as I heard a voice of a man."Hello who is this?" He asks in a low tone."This is Euphrasia Vyxanna's boss. May I speak to her?" I ask in an authorative tone. I was about to explode when he disagreed but was then replaced with an angelic voice. It seems to be snatched because the voice was familiar."Hello Mr.JR, I'm sorry for not answering. That was just my boyfriend. Is there anything I can do for you?" She asks me.'So she has a boyfriend..'I cleared my throat before answering her."Yes. I would like to ask if you signed the document that
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    Chapter 6
    ~FREY GABERIELL AVADONIA POV~I continously waited in the parking lot. The silence surrounding me was deafening and I am tempted to go at his office.We were just eating breakfast when he called and I don't know what they talked about. For all I want right now, is to have her in my arms and hang out through the day.I also called her several times, but it seems like she's not paying attention to her phone and kept dismissing it.I walked towards the elevator because the boredom is overtaking me. As soon as it opens, there I saw my angel, the love of my life.I smiled a little at her and let her hug me. She embraced me so tight that I cannot breathe. I lifted her up and twirled her around while her arms were wrapped around me.It felt though as it was the end of the world for us to not be with each other for a single millisecond.And I miss this feeling... the feeling I felt for her in the past was all going back. I loved her back then, and I will love her even more in the present and
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    Chapter 7
    ~FREY GABERIELL AVADONIA POV~"Mahal.. I want something..." I mumble in her ear as she sleeps.We were naked under the sheets. I embrace her from behind and kept kissing her shoulder and neck to wake her up.It was 4:30 in the afternoon. I want something sweet to eat and I want to eat with her.After many tries, I succeed in waking her up. She faces me and slowly opens her eyes. The gray orbs she has was so beautiful to see. I smiled a little at her before I kiss her forehead."Good afternoon..." I proclaim, loud enough for her to hear. I touch the tip of her nose and caressed her cheek.Her eyes were half open and she kisses me on the cheek before she got up.I watched her as she wore her sweater and her denim shorts. She turns her heels to face me.She rubbed her eyes and yawned before flopping her body on the bed again.I giggled as she wraps her arms on my waist and embraces me. She buried her face in my armpit and started to tickle me using her nose."Stop it Mahal. I swear if I
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    Chapter 8
    ~EUPHRASIA VYXANNA POV~It was monday.I was busy through out the morning. I ignored the fact that me and Frey were not in good terms right now. I kept myself busy not thinking about the woman who showed up on the front door. I cried silently that night, I didn't let him hear my sobs and just cried. I knew this would happen. He would never change. He was still the boy that I left five years ago.I cried myself to sleep. And ignored him the next day. He was sleeping on the living room and I let him. I got myself ready for work in the morning and I ignored him as he keeps talking to me, asking to let him explain. Like last time....I didn't decline the lunch he gave before I drove off for work. But I also have no plans of eating it.I was currently busy typing on my laptop when my phone buzzed. It popped a message that revealed it was from Maddie.Madds: Bhie, I'm at the front door of your office. Can you please unlock it for Chros' sake. I've been knocking for a million times now.I j
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    Chapter 9
    ~MADDISON FAE AVADONIA POV~"Gosh what's taking her so long?" I mumble, watching the time on my wristwatch.I have been waiting for about half an hour but it seems like she's not aware of the time. We were all waiting for her in the hall till I decided to go to her office.It's already past 7 and I'm getting bored. Chros and Eros already messaged me if we're going or what.As I arrived at the front of her office, I knocked a few times before letting myself in."Why the heck are you taking so long Euph?" I ask her as I focus my gaze on her, leaning on her desk.She looks up to me as tears dwell up in her eyes. I gripped the door handle tightly as I saw my brother walking out from what seems to be a private room.He looks up to me; dried tears were evident on his cheeks as he looks at me seriously."What are you doing her Maddison?" He asks me as he grabs his sling bag from the couch, fixing himself up.Ignoring my brother's question, I look at the both of them, confused on what's going
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    Chapter 10
    ~EROS FRASIER AVADONIA POV~We started to laugh when Chros gulped the wrong drink. He made this sourface before grabbing the lemon.I looked at my brother's girlfriend from time to time. I'm not gonna lie, she has the looks every man asked for but I'm not into her especially she's my brother's first love. 'Well if I were him, I shouldn't have wasted that love from five years ago.'My phone buzzed from my pocket. I took it out and saw the name Peyton on the caller ID.I answer it as I take a shot. "Hello? Where are you?" I ask her."I'm on my way. I'm with my date." She answered before I heard a giggle on the other end of the line."Just hurry up." I plainly stated before ending the call.The four of us continued to drink and laugh when we heard a knock on the door. I turn my gaze at the door before we saw it being opened.He enters inside and gave me a fist bump."Bro. Good timing that you're here." I stated before giving him a fist bump.He smirked before fixing his gaze on his girl
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