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THE SEXUAL DESIRES " You like that " , just as l was grinding my core against Daniel's face , Alec's words made me turn my attention to him . As soon as I did look at him , my eyes i'mmediately widened . He was now fully naked . The abs and chest seemed fine but his cock looked like it was out of the porno, it was so huge and veiny . He surprisingly made his way to me while stroking himself . " You like what you see? " , He asked this time near me. With his dick now in my view , l didn't retort soon , he was honestly so huge with the tip of his cock also big . " Huh ! " , I gasped when he brought it nearer to my mouth .

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    Caught up cheating
    WARNING ! R18+ ( CONTAINS HOT MATURE CONTENTS ).ERINNA'S POV . " Huh ! Finally " , Already clad up in a laced short black dress with a slit up showing my right thigh , l heaved a sigh before l strutted out of the car then made my way to the cream painted apartment . Already knowing the owner of it , l didn't bother knocking on the door , l just pressed in the code and entered inside the house . With a plan in my head , after entering inside , l walked a bit slowly and carefully . However before I could walk any more further , l instantly stopped in mid motion when I heard different sounds coming from one of the rooms . " Who the hell is he .... " , . I immediately trailed off in mid sentence when I walked a bit closer and for heaven's sake what I witnessed made my mouth to instantly fall open and my eyes to pop out of her eyes . It was unbelievable but there it was a pair of smooth tanned legs wrapped up around Lucas' pale naked butt ." No ...... No ...... it can't be my Lucas " ,
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    Boring sex
    ERINNA'S POV . From the apartment with nothing left to do , l just headed to the near by silent club . With what l had just witnessed , l really wanted some thing strong to help me forget the image of Lucas who was my boyfriend and Lisa who was my best friend . Ignoring the pervs who were eye fucking me , l made my way straight to the bartender . " Get me one full glass of wine " , Without even greeting the bartender , l just ordered as l sat down on the high velvet leathered stool . " What type of wine ? , Miss " , The bartender asked in a humble voice . " The best strong wine you have " , l replied and after the bartender nodding his head in acknowledgment , he poured some kind of wine l couldn't recorganise in the glass ." Miss ...... " , Before he could complete his sentence , l reached out quickly and took the glass from him and still with no word said , l instantly gulped it down as if it was water . " Get me another one " , After taking it in one gulp , l ordered as l placed
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    Handsome stranger
    " I need more wine " , l mumbled to myself again before gulping the half glass of wine the bartender had just placed in front of me . " It's the umpteenth " , When l sent the glass back to the bartender , he mumbled with a hint of concern in his voice . " I know so get me more " , l slurred and with nothing to do , he shook his head before he sent the glass of wine to me .As before l got it quickly from him but then as l was gulping it down , a man l didn't know walked over and stood next but then his attention was not on me , he just wanted a glass of wine and didn't even throw a glance at me . However to my side while seated silent and already drunk , l began to smell his perfume . " Uhmmm , l like it " , l slurred to myself before I placed the glass of wine down and then turned my attention to him . " Ahh " , As soon as my eyes fall on him , my mouth instantly fall open . Okay l had just told myself that no more falling in love but I was a human being not a stone and currently wi
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    One night stand
    With that said , Aiden out of the blue reached out and crushed his lips over mine and thou l was not expecting it as soon as l felt his lips move on mine , l instantly responded . This wasn't the real me but since the wine was already on my head it made me hornier and l acted differently . With our tongues dancing in to each other's mouth , l felt his fingers run and slowly massage in between my thighs . Since l was already in the short black dress l had worn for Lucas , it gave him more access to my inner thighs . We went on with kissing ourselves shamelessly because with the music blaring in the entire club , most couples were dancing as they kissed their partners . " F**k me and make me feel the way a woman should be treated " , Already feeling better l half moaned half whispered when his lips trailed down on my neck . " You don't need to say anything else " , He groaned out and before l could utter out any word , he all of the sudden reached out and stood up then shockingly carri
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    Cum for me
    " Uhmmm am taking that as a yes " , when l failed to reply sooner , he reached out and murmured and at that l sighed inwardly happy that I was saved but still that didn't change anything because when he blew up a warm breath on my exposed pink p***y lips , a gasp instantly fall out of my mouth . This was all new to me and every thing he did made me ask myself whether it was a surreal or reality . " l like the smell of your p***y " , He mumbled and that made my p***y muscles to quiver in excitement . Shy and naive , l didn't know what word to reply to him . " Ahh ..... My goodness " , As soon as he sticked his tongue out and ran it over my p***y lips , l gasped before l bit my lower tongue . God I didn't know how to react . " You so fucking delicious " , He groaned out again and before l could think of what to reply to him , my mouth instantly fall open when he out of the blue pulled my thighs more closer the thing which brought my p***y at the edge of his face . With my eyes down at
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    Fuck me
    " uhmmm .... Sorry for that " , Seeing the color of his words , l instantly stuttered out an apology . " The soreness in between your legs will prove that " , He responded but then shockingly with a mischievous grin on his face . " What does that mean ? " , I didn't actually ask that out , l only wondered inwardly in my mind and when I lastly processed what he meant a blush instantly creeped on my face . Trembling wasn't needed . Just because I was only used to the selfish Lucas l didn't know that the man's eyes could turn with want and desire evident in them . Lucas had never looked at me in that way and with his eyes watching me with lust , l felt wanted , l was like an angel beneath him . " So beautiful " , Just as I was still in my thoughts , he mumbled in a low voice with a mischievous grin on his and seeing him like this made me to blush more . " Pink is my best color " , He continued in a low growl and realization hit me that he was talking about my pink cheeks . I didn't resp
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    Feel me
    " Yes .... " , Honestly feeling stretched out even when he thrusted a bit slowly probably making me get used to his size , it still didn't change anything . This was my second c**k to be buried in my pussy and every thrust made me feel like l was not on this earth . " oh ! God Rinna you tight , l can't hold myself anymore " , After a few couple of minutes he lastly groaned out and even before l could process what he meant his pace instantly increased and when he did increase , l also lost control of my body . Since he was so damn big and had a good length l writhed out , thrashed , cried out in both half pain and half pleasure . I could feel it with the way he rammed in to my p***y , oh ! God just one more thrust in to my p***y slick hole was going to be the final of me . I know this was quick but he was so skilled ." Oh ! God .... Ahh yes .... Aiden am gonna .... Am about to c*m " , l cried out more loudly as l tried my level best to meet up with his every thrust of him . " No , oh
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    Mid night sex
    " Oh ! S**t yes ..... Such a tight p***y , .. l can't take it anymore .... Oh ! Hell yeah " , it was his turn to groan out as he pumped up in to my core . Hearing him groan out , turned me on more and l began to bounce back and forth and circle my p***y over his veiny c**k . This went on for a pretty good time before l lastly felt myself cresting as waves of ecstasy craved my entire body again . " Oh ! God am on my edge " , Just as he emptied his hot seeds in my p***y , l also screamed out loudly before my milky juices also flowed down his huge monster veiny cock . Thou my o****m was taking over , l still didn't stop , l rode him hard , riding out of our highs and after a pretty good time , l lastly collapsed down on his chest both ruined and wasted .After calming down , he reached out and placed his hands around my back and cuddled me up while still on top of him . " This is the best sex l have ever had in my life " , After resting comfortably on his chest , l whispered out while r
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    Best sex
    " You so stubborn for he'll sake " , He half chuckled , half groaned out in a low voice . " And ready for you " , l shamelessly whispered back and to show him that l was already burning down with need , l spread my legs more wider , before lifting up my hips all in all wanting my cunt to meet his dick in half way . I was more ready , more wet and l was certain the bed sheets were all soaked to the bed . With the deep stone Desire in my voice and the way I moved my hips , he lastly groaned out and slammed in to my cunt in one strong thrust . . With his d**k buried deep in my p***y we all let out an erotic gasp in unison as if there was some kind of electric current that was passing through us linking us together . With his d**k covered by my dripping wet folds , he began to move , stretching me out with every thrust . l did moan out loudly every time he pound in to my core and thou he was currently huge filling me up to the brim , l still met his every thrust . I could feel him ruin
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    Am not a pill
    . I bounced up on his dick for a good time as he also thrusted in to me until when l lastly came all over his dick . I later turned and faced him and with my eyes on his handsome face , l felt him , l moved back and forth in love and desire . " You so good , my goodness " , Having it in my heart that after this l wasn't going to see him anymore , l shuddered before l fall on his chest .With my limbs almost boneless and with my insides mushy moist wetness , l tried my level best to calm down . God ! If wishes could come true , l would have wished to have him by my side every night . With my clit and pussy lips placed on his flaccid cock , l stayed silent on his chest , using the only chance l had . " So it's wasn't the alcohol " , just as l was listening to his heart beat , l heard him mumble . " Meaning " , l pushed my self up and looked at him . He was so handsome that it even hurt to look at him but It was just a one night stand and falling for him was unnecessary . " l mean that
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