Watch Out, Billionaire Daddy

Watch Out, Billionaire Daddy

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"It's just for a few hours. Please, help me out." Lilian said. Her voice pleading, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears but she didn't break down in front of a random stranger. "Why would I?" Shane said coldly. Helping a stranger wasn't one of his virtues. "I will pay the price." Lilian said desperately. "Please, do me the favour." Shane stared at the girl standing in front of him. She really didn't seem to know him otherwise she wouldn't have mentioned about paying him. And looking at her, what possibly could she pay him! As if reading his mind, Lilian spoke up, "I will do whatever you ask me to do after this." Shane gave her an impassive expression before he asked, "Do I have your words on this?" "It's a deal." Lilian said not thinking much about what she was binding herself to. She never had a clear sky and was already at the dead end anyway. So, what worse possibly be awaiting her! Little did she know how Shane would be taking her up on that offer!

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62 Chapters
Shane Lockwood, the billionaire heir with a handsome face and graceful physique becomes the most eligible bachelor in New York.Though he was not full of himself, he had commitment issues. He had seen the shattering of relationships very closely and it made his belief way thin when it comes to commitment.And so may whatever happen, two things he was going to handle to the core. His business and his maintaining a bachelor's life.But his grandma got meddling with his idea of remaining single.She got trying to play the role of a matchmaker by blackmailing Shane.Enters a girl about whom his grandma was sure would be the perfect match for Shane. But for Shane, being with that girl was a big No. He could do anything to everything just not to be with her.~~Lilian Marshall is a beautiful girl in her early twenties. She is a fun-loving, cheerful and talkative girl.To get away from her horrible life, she ran away from her home to another town at the early age of twelve.Finding no place t
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1 || Red Rose
Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie.All we have is what's in betweenhello and goodbye....A simple quote that was just a quote to Lilian until now. She had learnt the truth behind it in a bitter way possible.After getting drunk and walking by the road thoughtlessly for God knows how long when it was almost midnight, Lilian ended up in front of a Night Club.RED ROSEThe block letters were shining all brightly. Lilian kept staring at it for a good long time.Wiping her watery eyes, she made her way to the entrance. The guards were supposed to stop her right there but strangely, they didn't.She stood there looking all around like she was thinking.. What am I even doing here?She was about to take a step to the exit but the words, she heard earlier from her boyfriend made her stop.Not boyfriend exactly. To be specific her ex-boyfriend. As he had already dumped her some time before.Thinking of something, she again looked all around but now searching for someone. Everyone got some
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2 || Boyfriend
"Why will you do that?"Lilian couldn't help asking. A little ago he left saying all those and now he was back and all ready for this."I love drama and challenging things." Shane replied immediately. He wasn't lying exactly. After all, his place always remained either dramatic or challenging in one way or other. He had to have gotten used to it.Lilian gave him a confused look.Is he even serious? Or acting like a boyfriend or loving someone is really so easy?Well, you only asked him for that, remember? Her thought got answered by her mind before Shane could speak up, "You didn't answer me though. Why did you need a boyfriend for a few hours in the first place?"Lilian knew she asked him for that but she wasn’t really expecting him to agree and now when he was agreeing, she got confused what to do. Do I really want to wreck Simon's wedding? She thought to herself.Shane raised his eyebrows.What's with this girl? She was asking first now it looks like I am pushing her for it.He was
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3 || Sleepless Night
After getting done with his shower, Shane sat on the rocking chair, getting a black coffee. His phone was still ringing only to get him irritated.Why was she so persistently shameless?How many times did he have to make it clear that he was not interested in her? Well, who could blame her when his dearest grandma was the one behind all it!Only if his grandma wasn't there involved, he would have showed her her place graciously.He got out of his trance when the doorbell rang. He answered the door only to find Mathew standing at the door with a file in hand.Without taking the file, Shane got inside and sat on the couch in the living room and started sipping his coffee.Closing the door gently behind him, Mathew followed Shane and stood in front of him, confused about what to do.Shane uttered in a cold tone, "What are you waiting for?" after glancing at the file in his hand.Getting his indication, Mathew filled him in with the information about both of the wedding parties, he collect
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4 || An illusion
When Shane woke up, it was already a bright sunny morning. As he didn't need to attend his office today, he sat up lazily before getting out of the warmth of the comforter.Getting freshen up and after taking a long shower, he made his way to the kitchen. As always, he found the fridge was filled with his favourite items.Taking his breakfast, he got ready. Finding nothing else to do and being a workaholic, he didn’t like the idea of idling a day. So, he made his way to his office which was an unpleasant surprise for the office staff as he was supposed to leave for his hometown today.Seeing him, someone from the office staff thought of sending an alert to others and wrote in the group chat of official staff.Code Blue: Dragon is out here today also..Notifications hit the office staff hard and they got all busy with nothing but work only. Getting fired or facing the wrath of the Dragon whose name was Shane Lockwood was the last thing they wanted to greet.Seeing everyone engrossed in
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5 || Pawned Everything
Hey Lovely readers,Hope you guys are doing well. If I am not asking much can you check out my two books of Replaced Bride series? It's just a sample here and I want to restore the book. And for this I need your support. Hope you guys will help me. Now read this chapter and do share your thoughts.... ~~~~~~ Simon was holding his breath when Lilian stood in front of him. Pulling an all casual expression, she voiced out, "What's with your look? Aren't you happy marrying the love of your life?"Lilian gave Evana a smiling look and then again turned to Simon.Shane got there and stood beside Lilian. For some reason, Simon looked somewhat familiar but he wasn't sure where he saw him. "You?"Gulping hard, Simon spoke up, "Sir, I am Simon Caldwell, a project manager of your company.""Oh, I see."That's why he looked familiar.Shane turned to Lilian smilingly, "Baby, you know him?"Evana was getting confused by the pleading look Simon was giving Lilian.Lilian stared at Evana for a mome
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6 || The Deal
Shane was lost in his thoughts as he walked to his car whereas Lilian stood there confused and turned behind only to find Simon walking toward her with long strides. Why is he here now? "Lilian, I am sorry. But please.." You don't need to hear the excuses or what he has to say for himself. His actions already spoke the truth in volumes.Lilian got reminded by her mind coldly. "I'm sorry, I guess you didn't get the memo. You have officially been removed from my life. We just became strangers who knew each other once. So, you can stop stalking me any time now." Without letting him complete, Lilian spoke up all casually. Simon tried to say something again but didn't get the chance. "If I could show you how awful you made me feel, you would never be able to look me in the eye again. Better you go inside. Your wife must be waiting for you." With that, Lilian walked away. Sorry! Lilian scoffed.A sorry wasn't going to make up for a bit of what he did to me. She holding all it in was
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7 || Caught off Guards
When a waiter reached them, Shane and Lilian got settled on their seats again and Shane gave an order for food, something Lilian wasn't familiar with but she didn't say anything though. When the waiter left, Shane turned to Lilian. Thinking of something, he spoke up, "As you already know, I am Shane. Shane Lockwood, CEO of Lockwood Corporations." "Family business?" Lilian cut in but the next moment, she regretted it as Shane's expression got changed into an unpleasant one. "Well, it's true that it's my family business. But I didn't inherit the company because of this only. I had earned this title after many years of hard work. Getting the company just like that was not one of the things I was spoiled with. And my father still holds the highest position as the Chairman of Lockwood Corporations." Shane explained much to his irritation. He had always wanted to do something on his own. But because of his father's health condition and with an intention to put an end to the family disput
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8 || Black Card
Shane was totally unprepared for this. What should I do now? Shane got asking himself. Being an orphan wasn't her fault. His grandma was never going to make a fuss with it, he was sure about it but his not knowing it..Well, it's your turn now, Lilian.Lilian thought to herself and came to make up, "Shane, I am sorry. I know you don't like it whenever I say this. You have told me many times not to think and even talk like this but we can't lie about it, right? Granny, I mean Ma'am needs to know the truth."Shane stared at Lilian's face confusedly as it took him some time and finally when he realized her thought, he tried to reciprocate that way.He also added his words to put some more cents' worth to this drama, "Yes, Lilian. How many times do I need to tell you not to feel or say like this? You aren't alone. I am with you. You can just think of my family as yours." as he thought he didn't make any mistake asking help from this girl after all. She really knew how to sell her lies.Fr
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9 || The Search
When Lilian was out of his sight, Shane stood there still for a few moments and then walked to Karen's room. He really didn't think Lilian would have to stay somewhere else other than his place. "You really had to do this granny?" Shane stood at the entrance of her room. Karen was sitting on the couch and talking to someone over the phone. Seeing him, she cut off the line saying, "I am calling you back after some time." "Who? Lahaina?" Shane entered the room and stood in front of her. "Anyways, what's the problem with Lilian living here? It's not like we were going to share the same room" Karen got her eyes widened at Shane's words and stood up, "That's out of the question, Shane. And why are you worrying like this? I am sure you must have left your black card with Lilian. Didn't you?" Shane fished out the black card from his wallet and threw it on the coffee table in front of the couch, "Here is my black card. Yes, I agree, I offered it to her but she declined it that moment, gra
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