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ARABELLA She is running away from a past she believes will catch up with her soon. He is her foe and she should feel nothing for him. However, he made her lose all her senses, even her clothes, for him. Driven by revenge, Arabella set out to avenge the death of her father but got what she didn't bargain for. ALESSANDRO He is a drug dealer with the look of a Greek god. An aloof man that kills without remorse. He is the most wanted criminal in New York City. He is known as Alessandro De Luca. He is a man fighting his demons and needs a saviour before he drowns. Arabella is his redemption but they were foes. He is her sin and she is his. It is just a taste of sin that both of them needed, what can go wrong? A werewolf-mafia story.

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34 chapters
PROLOGUE"Bel, Arabella, listen to me," John mumbled as he embraced his teenage daughter.He let out a staggering breath and caressed her pale hair, before squatting down to her eye level. "No matter what happens tonight, do not come out of there.""What's going on, papà?" Arabella replied, hugging her father back at the same time.He barely called her full name and hearing it come out of his trembling mouth made her anxious."Arabella, my beautiful child." He groaned, caressing her face.Her bright blue eyes widened and tears poured out of them due to the urgency in his voice."Don't worry Bel, just promise me that no matter what happens, you will stay right there."She nodded and her sobbing got intense, she clung to him, "Papà, please."Her tiny body trembled as she held on. Even as he attempted to pry her hands away, she didn't budge.The dreadful feeling became intense and she didn't want to let go for fear of it being the last time they'd see each other."Promise me, Bel, please
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I know a lot of things we can do in my dreams
"Can I help you with that?"Arabella straightened as she heard the deep voice. She creased her brows and squinted.A man, about her age, strode towards her and he brought out a lighter from the pocket of the red cargo pant he donned and lit the cigarette sticking out from his lip.As he got nearer, she assessed his face.He was the most handsome man she had seen so far since she entered Cooan- a sprawling city known for its nightlife and mystery.Perhaps, she didn't go around to see enough men as she wasn't outgoing.But, she believed she had seen more than enough that trooped in the Peace Blossom Plaza to know he was overly handsome.He had toned muscles and the ones on his biceps flexed as he raised his hand to smoothen back his dark-brown hair in a slicked-back quiff.She wondered how long he often spent styling his beautiful hair or perhaps, he had a personal stylist to take care of it for him.The brown puffer vest he donned on the white T-shirt left little to the imagination.Ara
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Bring the bítcth to me alive
Arabella jerked awake.She shrieked, wheezed as well as clutched her throat with a hand as sweat dribbled down her face.With her free hand, she searched for the switch of the bedside lamp whilst knocking off something on the nightstand.Her eyes rounded as light flooded into the room and she huddled on her bed, rocking from back to forth.It was back.The nightmare was back again to haunt her.As much as she tried her best to forget everything that happened that night, it seemed almost impossible as it got even more intense.For the last two years, she thought it left her only for it to happen again today.She wondered about the crime her father committed each night after the nightmare. It was one question she always asked herself, but she never seemed to get the answers. Arabella grimaced and ran a hand through her dishevelled hair.She climbed down from the bed and stepped towards the window side as the sleep seems to have vanished from her eyes to be replaced by the fear, pain and
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Don't fight it...
Arabella's eyes shifted to the wall clock for the umpteenth time. It was midnight. She rubbed her bleary eyes and sighed. It was midnight and the reason for her coming awake at such an odd hour, she didn't know.But she was certain something was about to happen. She couldn't ignore the strange feeling building up in her.It wasn't the first time she'd had such a feeling. The same thing happened when her father was killed.Perhaps, if she had been older, she'd have advised her father and they'd have surely run away.But she doubted it was even possible back then because she was never allowed to take any decision, she was a little too young to do so."Alessandro," She mumbled.She shivered as the hair at the back of her neck prickled at the mention of his name.She didn't know how she knew, but she believed the strange feelings had everything to do with him."What if he found me again?" She whimpered.Arabella wrapped her arms around her body and rocked her body, back and forth whilst
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I'll never sleep with a man like you!
Arabella's hand went to her neck once more as she recalled how he had injected her twice with some substance.She darted out of bed and sped to the door. Her trembling hand gripped the metal doorknob, yanking it."Shit!" She kicked the door with the black ballet flat she donned and tugged her hair.She was in trouble. How had she gotten in a situation like this?She huffed whilst searching the room for a means of escape.She patted her chest as her heart constricted and the familiar feeling of panic attack surged through her.After a while of controlling the intense feeling in her, Arabella stepped towards the door again.She twisted the knob and luckily it gave way.A smile spread on her face as she opened the door but vanished as soon as it appeared when she noticed the person at the other end.She lurched and her hand clasped over her mouth. She let out an inaudible shriek and staggered backwards."Oh, sleeping beauty is finally awake! We should have a feast to celebrate it." A dev
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Who the fúkk picked something like this?
The loud chirping of birds awoke Arabella from her slumber. She caressed her temple and let out a deep breath as she slowly rose to sit on the cold tiled floor.She furrowed her brows whilst trying to recall the reason she was sleeping on the floor.Then she shook her head as memories from the night before flooded into her mind.It was because of Sandro. After he left her in a state of dilemma, he came again to taunt her and told her he owns her and everything in her.He had told her she was absurd for outrightly rejecting his offer. So, he had made her take back her words by nearly choking her to death.Arabella believed he only took pity on her when he realized she was out of breath.She doubted he pitied her as it seemed he enjoyed everything he was doing. Heck, she was sure he only stopped to watch her wheeze and grovel before him.It was humiliating, to say the least, but she had no choice as her body was too weak to protest.A knock sounded on the door, jarring her out of her th
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"The boss did."Alessandro Fúcking De Luca. Jesus, he was testing her patience."Did you say something?" Janice furrowed her brows."I didn't." Arabella gritted her teeth and stared back at the mirror."Since you are fine with it, how about we get going? It's almost time and the boss isn't fond of lateness. But you might be an exception as he seems to be fond of you.""If you only knew the situation I am in, you wouldn't think that…" Arabella mumbled."Uhn?" Janice questioned."Nothing. Let's get going."Arabella let out a deep breath and patted her stomach forming knots.'Help me, dear lord.' She mumbled as she stepped out of the room with Janice.************"See you later," Janice said as soon as they got to the door. "This is the boss's bedroom.""Please, Janice," Arabella gripped her hand as she was about to move. "Stay with me a bit. Don't leave me.""Oh!" Janice exclaimed as Arabella's arms wrapped around her."He's really harmless, don't be scared," Janice mumbled, whilst car
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Let go of me Bástárd!
"I'll never do that!" Arabella screeched.Even though a gun was pointing at her, showing her body in front of him was the last thing in her mind."I refuse to do whatever you say!"Sandro chuckled. He stood from where he sat and stepped towards her.He stood in front of her for a few seconds before swiftly shoving her to the nearest wall."What did you say?" He growled, clutching her neck."I-I'll never do that…"Arabella didn't get the chance to finish her words. She gasped as his hand smacked her hard on her face.She bit her tongue due to the force and wince at the metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Her eyes watered and she gazed up at him.His face was stoic and he sneered, "You'll fúcking do as I say all the time. No matter what my orders are. You are not to disobey me and freaking watch your mouth when you speak to me next time. Is that understood?"Arabella nodded and trembled."Good." Sandro gritted.He tugged her by her long hair and dragged her to the centre of the room o
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How can you be this cruel?!
Arabella winced as she came awake.She turned and let out a groan as pain flared up as soon as she moved.Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks before she snapped her eyes open.Realizing she was lying on her stomach as soon as her vision cleared, she creased her brows despite the pounding in her head and sat up on the bed."Shit!" She gasped softly. Using a pillow to brace herself, she leaned to the edge of the bed and shut her eyes.Then she opened them again. Her eyes wandered around the vast room which was done in white.She didn't need to think twice to know she was in the clinic as the smell of bleach and antiseptic wafted into her nostrils.She gagged and glared at the IV line that was connected to her vein as she recalled what happened.She wondered if he was a monster of some sort.Goodness, he had not shown remorse and had hit her until she passed out!He hadn't stopped and she was certain he enjoyed everything he did.That bástárd!"I see you're awake."Arabella lurched a
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I want you screaming out my name...
"Do well to keep that in mind," Sandro smirked.She watched as he moved to the door."Ciao," He turned and blew her a kiss before winking.Arabella let out a relieved sigh as soon as he left.She lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.Her neck still hurt from his firm grip on it and she wondered why he couldn't kill her at once.At least, it would save her from the unwarranted punishment that was meted out to her.It would save her a lot of anguish and she'd be able to join her father wherever he was.Again, her mind drifted to Blaze. He was a mafia. He was part of his gang.It was unbelievable. Thinking of it now made it look surreal. If she hadn't seen him here, she'd have assumed he was lying.But now, she didn't know what to think. She didn't know how to feel!The person she had been crushing on from her office window was a gangster. Goodness!She sat up straight and stared at the door as it opened."Hey!" Janice rushed in. She creased her brows as she stepped to the bedside."I
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