ChangNing's Imperial Army

ChangNing's Imperial Army

By:  Zhi Bai  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world full of several hundreds of empires, large and small, when it came to military force on land, the Ning Empire was said to be unequalled. With strong elite troops from all four borders and depositories sweeping across the land in all directions, they were able to stick their flag in the ground, claiming any land they desired. However, inevitably, there were some people who were dissatisfied with their lack of military prowess when it came to the coastal border regions. Hence, a young man stepped forth, brandishing his weapons and led the troops to the seas. Shen Leng: If the day comes that I have to fight hard for my people, I am more than willing.

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141 Chapters
Volume 1 - Strength in numbers Prologue
The Ning Empire had always held Daoism in high regard, ever since it was established hundreds of years ago. Daoism promoted benevolence and magnanimity. However, not a single emperor of the Ning Empire throughout hundreds of years was truly benevolent or magnanimous. For example, when the current emperor, Li Chengtang, deployed 120,000 elite troops on the southern border to sweep across the Nanyue Empire, he said……”Do you know why the Great Ning Empire is called the Great Ning Empire? That is because as long as the Great Ning Empire is around, everybody would be free from worry.” The reason behind wiping out the Nanyue Empire was because a few of their goats crossed the border and nibbled on three cabbages in one of the vegetable farms on Great Ning Empire’s side of the border. Wasn’t it absurd?Whether it was absurd or not, the emperor of the Nanyue Empire knew best. However, there was no medicine for regret.Three
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Chapter 1 - If I Were Strong and Powerful
A strong and courageous man would be revered by hundreds; a hero would revered by thousands. As for the one and only Great Ning Empire...naturally, it was revered by the entire world. It was not known when it began, but religious activities to pray for blessings started springing up in the Ning Empire’s neighboring countries. The earliest sightings of it could be traced back to its next-door neighbor, the Nanyue Empire - every year, on the ninth day of September, the day where the founding emperor of the Great Ning Empire ascended the throne, the Zhaoli Empire’s emperor would personally lead the civil and military officials to pray for Great Ning’s blessings. Thereafter, he would secretly throw in one more line in his prayers...that Great Ning would not mobilize their army or wage a war on them. To put it simply, every year, he would pray for their safety against war... One might find it ridiculous. However, the reason why the Zhaoli Empire
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Chapter 2 - I Want to Laugh
Shen Leng held the small hunting knife in his mouth and charged into the icy cold river. It was fortunate that he was fit, otherwise if he were to jump in like that with no preparation, he would most likely have had a cramp and end up drowning in the deep river. A young man, who was unaware of his ferocity. He was impetuous because he was ignorant. He was fearless because he was impetuous. He caught up with the cargo ship and since he was fully drenched, his risk of catching fire had lowered. He followed along the back of the ship and climbed onto it. This was indeed Mr. Shen’s cargo ship. Leng’er had loaded the goods multiple times over the past few years, hence it was only normal for him to be familiar with it. However, the ship was empty. There were no goods or people. Leng’er was relieved. Since there were no people, it meant that he was still alive. He was aware of the sea bandits’ methods of doing things. If nobody was ki
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Chapter 3 - First-In-Command
Shen Leng felt that he was obligated to save Meng Changan. However, he could not help but think about how he had been trained in the Academy of Classical Learning in Changan city and hence, he should be strong enough. If that was the case, why was he caught?“You brat!”One of the bandits knocked on Meng Changan’s head, “You are so vicious at such a young age - a few of my brothers got killed off by you. Even though that means more money to be split amongst the rest of us, you are extremely loathsome. If not for you...” “Shut up!”Another person glared at him and said, “Let’s lock him up here first and talk later.”The few bandits jostled Meng Changan before turning around and leaving. Meng Changan fell to the ground. Since he was tied up tightly, even if he wanted to stand up, he could not do so. Shen Leng jumped out from behind the goods and used all his strength to cut the ropes binding Meng Changan w
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Chapter 4 - I Underestimated You
When Shen Leng and Meng Changan saw Mr. Meng walking in, they were both dumbfounded. They instinctively looked at each other, seeing extreme fear in each other’s eyes. “First...first-in-command?” Meng Changan looked at his father and yelled at the top of his lungs, before punching and kicking him, “What are you trying to do! What have you done!”Mr. Meng lifted both hands, one holding a birdcage and the other holding a teapot. He let his son hit his round and bulging stomach for a while, without saying anything. He lowered his head and looked at his son; his eyes were filled with love. After Meng Changan got tired of hitting him, Mr. Meng instructed his men, “Take young master away and let him get some rest...”Meng Changan took a few steps back, “Don’t you try to take me away. You owe me an explanation.”“An explanation?”Mr. Meng looked at his son and stayed silent for a few moments befor
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Chapter 5 - Just A Name
The Mengs had a huge yard. After all, Mr. Meng was considered a wealthy man in Yulin town. However, no matter how big their yard was, they did not dare to build a house that was too tall. If the government officials said that he had disobeyed regulations, he could go bankrupt and his family could be homeless, even though he might be the sea bandit, Bai Litu, that nobody was aware of. When Meng Changan found Shen Leng in his dilapidated room, he was squatting in a corner in a daze. He looked traumatized, - as though he had lost half his soul.“Come on!”Meng Changan raised his voice, and then sighed, “Are you really planning on taking Shen as your last name?”His father just died, but his obstinate nature forbade him to cry. No matter how terrible he felt, he refused to cry.“Ya.”Shen Leng’s reply was simple and direct. He sounded more stubborn and decisive than Meng Changan. “What are you g
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Chapter 6 - A Finger and A Piece of Meat
As they were crossing the Nanping River, Mr. Shen suddenly recalled something and couldn’t help but laugh. Shen Cha Yan was looking at Shen Leng clumsily doing the horse stance. When she heard his laughter, she looked at him and asked, “What are you thinking of?”“All three of us are Shens.”When Mr. Shen said this, he felt extremely pleased, to the point it was unfathomable to others. Mr. Shen looked at Cha Yan, “Don’t we look like a family of three?”“Heh.”Mr. Shen was an elegant and cultured man. When he was in Yunxiao city, wearing his Daoist robe, there were several married women who were charmed by him. Even though he had taken off his Daoist robe and donned a normal robe instead, he looked more unconstrained, and less inflexible. He looked more sophisticated now, compared to his younger days. Cha Yan was a beauty. At the young age of twelve, she was already an outstanding beauty. Sh
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Chapter 7 - I’ve Grilled A Fish Before
Initially, Shen Leng assumed that they were going to somewhere very, very far away. But after Mr. Shen walked him into a small yard, he thought about it carefully and realized that it would only take a day’s journey to get to Yulin town from where they were. “Go chop some wood!”Shen Cha Yan was very familiar with this place. The moment she walked into this place, she shouted those four words at Shen Leng. Thereafter, she went to open the windows in every single room. This place was not that far from the riverbank, hence it was rather humid. Shen Leng was very exhausted, but he did not say anything. After looking through the yard, all he could find was a very blunt ax. He could not find a whetstone; if he wanted to use this ax to chop some wood, he would not be able to gather sufficient wood even by tomorrow morning. Mr. Shen walked up to Shen Leng, “Where’s the scabbard?”Shen Leng took out the scabbard of the smal
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Chapter 8 - He Doesn’t Have Any Other Future!
Over the past couple of days, Shen Leng followed a fixed routine - he cooked, trained, cooked again, and then trained again before he slept... Every single day, mornings were the most painful time of the day for Shen Leng. That was because his mornings belonged to Shen Cha Yan - she was like a whip-brandishing little demon, who was merciless. But for some reason, Shen Leng was not afraid of her; not even a little bit. Every morning after he got out of bed, he would wash up and prepare breakfast. After taking a fifteen-minute rest, he would then begin training. First, he would stay in horse stance for an hour. Thereafter, he would do weighted jump squats. Shen Cha Yan said that this was to develop explosive strength and power. On the battlefield, explosive power and strength were extremely important. On the other hand, his afternoons belonged to Mr. Shen. They were very quiet - Mr. Shen made him read books, study the map, analyz
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Chapter 9 - Restrict and Despair
Before daybreak, Shen Leng had already gotten out of bed. He drew some water from the well and washed up, before going to the morning market in the nearby village to buy some vegetables and meat. Ever since the day he joined them, he had taken on the responsibility of managing their finances. Both Mr. Shen and Shen Cha Yan were extremely pleased with this arrangement. After all, one of them was too lazy to manage finances, and the other one had not a single clue when it came to managing finances. After he went back to the Daoist temple, he started cooking. He fried some eggs and shredded meat, and cooked some noodles. Very soon, the aromatic smell of food came wafting through the air from the kitchen. Mr. Shen stretched and went out of the door. Following his daily routine, he watered the pine tree that was right outside the kitchen. This pine tree was something that he cherished most in this place. After all, he personally planted it at that time. Read more Protection Status