A Gift To The Alpha

A Gift To The Alpha

By:  ktish7  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rose’s whole life seems to be at the brink of destruction when she is chosen to be a Tribute for one of the most lethal and notorious packs in the world. She has lived her whole life as a warrior, but the life that lies ahead of her is of a pack slut. Having no choice in the matter when she steps inside the Katana pack, she realises that there is more to the reality than the rumours enfold. Alpha Zane, and his brother, Asher seem to be unusually attached to her. One is hot, and sweet but changes to a raging beast in a second when something displeases him. The other is cold, but intimidating and keeps her on her toes the moment she gets sight of him. Just when Rose had thought that her life was about to end…. was it a new beginning instead?

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18 chapters
Rose“We choose her.”The whispers filled the whole arena, and tension suddenly intensified. I was too shocked to even remove my eyes from Beta Asher’s- the beta of Katana Pack who was staring at me with his intense gaze, standing right in front of me.“I am sorry,” my mother came towards us with hurried steps until she was looking at the young man with black, swept back hair, and dark eyes, “Beta Asher, I think you have made a wrong choice.”Asher’s eyes slid to her with a questioning gaze without a word, to which she hurried off to explain, “Rose is not even eighteen yet. She… she is just a child. I don’t think she will be of any use to you.”My mom was always one of the strongest people I had ever known. She was the Luna of our pack, in her early forties. With her body clad in a tight pair of jeans and t shirt, her sure, quick strides, black hair in a long braid and stone cold face, anyone could see she betrayed her age. She never made a mistake, a wrong decision, or even feared an
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People had gathered behind Nate. Their gazes held the same look as his face. None of them wanted to be anywhere near my presence.“Get lost.” Nate’s gaze had hardened, “please stay with ‘your people’ from now on.’Closing my eyes shut tightly, I tried to ignore the overwhelming dread and fury that was trying to engulf me. I should be the one who gets upset for having my life ruined. I should be the one throwing a tantrum, crying to the heavens for a destroyed future.I huffed out loud, and stormed off in the direction of Alpha’s office room. Mom must be there now. I walked inside without knocking, Mom was standing next to the window, staring outside with a blank stare. Her arms folded over her chest.“Mom?” I called out, relieved that I had found her finally, “I have been looking for you.”She did not turn around, her attention remained on the vast forest spread outside the window, “What are you doing here?”Her voice was aloof, strange. She must be upset about me being chosen as wel
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I stared at him in bewilderment, unable to take another step in. My hands trembled, and I gripped the sides of my dress tightly in fists to control my reactions. He stared at me with indifference. I guess he had done it several times with many women. I felt like a fool, remembering how captivated I had felt when I had seen him the first time.He glanced at the golden chalice resting on the side table next to his couch before turning his gaze back to me and saying in a deep, masculine voice that was devoid of any emotions, “Come here, and begin.”There was something powerful about him. Unlike any man I had ever seen, Alpha Zane exuded power and confidence. I can imagine him killing people without a blink, I thought gravely, trying to act normal. But the more I try, the harder it is.And well, his words just snatched away the last bit of control over my sanity. How sex crazed was this man that as soon as I got off the car, he ordered me to come and have sex with him?“I- is this how yo
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I and Lily looked at each other and then back at the door. Who could it be? Are they back to take me for sex slave thing?Even though I was feeling anxious, I went ahead and opened the door only to find a girl standing outside. I took a huge breath in relief that I did not even know I was holding in.Her eyes scanned me from the tip of my toe to the top of my head with a scrutinising gaze, her lips curling in distaste with each passing second.“Are you the tribute that Asher has brought in?” she inquired, her expressions displeased. With her arms folded over her chest, and her foot tapping the ground impatiently, I could quickly guess that she was nowhere near fond of my arrival.Lily came to stand next to me. The smile had disappeared from her face and a nervous look had replaced it, “Sophia? What are you-”“Shut it.” she snapped without giving a glance to Lily. Her eyes stayed focused on me, “spit it out, for god’s sake.”“Yes.”“Oh god, another one?” she rolled her eyes, staring at
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Zane’s POV“Has she left?” I asked as the door to my room opened and Asher walked in, closing the door behind himself.He came forward to sit on the empty chair next to the office table, “Yeah. I told her to go back to rest.”He paused for a moment before lifting his eyes and staring at me, “Is that her? Did you confirm?”I did not know what to answer him. Contemplating if it would be a good idea to tell the truth or hide what I was feeling. “Yes. She must be.” My hand tightened on the armrest of the couch I was sitting on as I muttered, “I can feel it. I have never felt something like this for anyone else so I guess she is the one.”Asher rubbed his lips, deep in thoughts. His hand started playing with the paperholder that rested on the table, flying it up in the air and catching it again. I wanted to hear more about her but he had fallen silent. My agitation and frustration grew at his silence when I snapped,“Stop that!”Asher stopped at once but his gaze slid to me. A smirk playe
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My eyes shot to him immediately, burning. He was not laughing. My jaw clenched tight, but he continued, “I'm willing to sacrifice my mate bond for you. As long as I make her fall in love with me, I can cut off the mate bond between you both. And with her being my mate, Sophia won't bother her anymore."He had barely finished the words before he was against the wall with my hand wrapped around his throat, “I said shut it!” My eyes were flashing yellow, showing the way my wolf was just right on edge. The mere thought of Rose with anyone else was pulling me down in the depths of rage, “Don’t. Tempt. Me!”His face had started to turn red as he raised his hands up in the air, showing me his submission. My heart was pounding rapidly. I was breathing heavily, trying to calm my anger. My head was spinning from the adrenaline. I clenched my eyes shut, trying to calm down.“Sorry.” I muttered and took my hand off Asher’s neck.He coughed loudly while rubbing his neck to catch his breath.“Le
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“This is it.” Asher clasped his hands together and turned to me with a gentle smile, “the pack territory is widespread but around the pack house, I have already let you know of everything that is important. Now that the pack bond is formed and you know mostly everything, you are now an official pack member, Rose.”I nodded my head, still shook up about what Asher had said about the sex slaves and tributes. I definitely did not want to be a sex slave. But… school? I had left school long ago to protect my old pack. How was I going to cope up if I was given a choice? Would I even be given one? No one had mentioned it to me so far so I could not help but overthink everything.As soon as we had finished our tour, Lily had already run off to meet her ‘master’. She seemed pretty infatuated with whoever it was. I wondered if she was in love with him? Shaking my head out of all the thoughts that one sentence brought in about the consequences of a sex slave being in love with her master, I ret
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Zane’s POVMy whole body was still shaking in rage when I stormed out of there and returned to my room. My wolf was constantly on the rise, feeling the emotions of the girl that I wanted to keep myself away from. Her fears, her sadness whenever I pulled away from her so ruthlessly and left her cold to all the emotions that were overwhelming her had shook me from inside.My wolf wanted to be closer to her, but my mind knew that this is not what she needed. She had already suffered enough.My heart kept on pounding harder than ever, my mind repeating the way she had looked at me with hope when she rushed to me for her protection. To keep her safe. My soul ached with each passing second. I had never felt worse than this in years. I had never thought something would hurt me this much. And something this small?I slumped down on the couch near the window and closed my eyes. My head resting on the back of the couch while I tried to ignore the voices in my head and pain inside my chest. Forg
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I lifted up the red checked shirt in front of my face, staring at it with wide, confused gaze.“I… I don’t think this is going to… uh fit?” I muttered hesitantly.The school dress that had been left for me by an omega was literally half my size. The whole dress was extra small size. I had to join the school from today only so there was no chance in hell that I could even ask for a change for it as alterations will take time. And after being stuck here with all these wild wolves and warriors and the incident that happened to me with the pack warriors, I was no way in hell going to stay stuck in the pack house another day.“It must be done by Sophia- the bitch.” Lily stood beside me with her hands on her waist, already dressed up in the school uniform, “usual jealousy move. She is still not over the fact that Alpha brought a warrior like you to our pack as tribute and then protected you in front of everyone before banishing seven members of our pack instantly.”I threw the dress on bed
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“Man… sight of those panties really brightened up the day, didn’t it, Sam?” a boy laughed as I was walking through the corridor to my next class.“I think it’s going to be a daily sight now that our new packmate is here.” another boy mocked.I hung my head down and walked faster to the class. The comments hadn’t stopped since the post was made and now everything was becoming too shameful and upsetting for me to endure any longer. I knew Lily had seen the message but didn’t tell me. I guess she was afraid of making me upset.The giggles and laughter behind me increased even more as I got closer to the classroom, and in the end I literally could not hear degrading remarks about me any longer.Skipping past the door to the class, I stomped off ahead with fast steps. My heart was hurting so bad and my mind kept on repeating that damn image in my head again and again. How many people would have seen it by now? Hundreds? Five hundred? More? My fingers tightened in fists as I ran faster unti
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