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Lyra Brown one day became Lyra Aurelia Da Vamp after being crushed by a bus or truck because of her carelessness. She didn't even know how she died. She woke up in another world as a vampire princess. Many trials are waiting for her to be upgraded from a half-blooded vampire princess to the greatest vampire queen. Can she overcome all the trials and reach her goal? She is the princess of Darkenia, the kingdom of vampires; while he is the grand-duke of Angelica, the kingdom of angels. While pretending to be lovers, she became the one who fell into the abyss of love. How about the other one? Who was the one to fall first in the game of playing lovebirds? After falling in love with an angel, would history repeat itself again? While there are past feuds between the vampire race and the angel race, what would be the ending for the two lovebirds? Or lovers can solve every misunderstanding and unite all races to fight the devil king? Sneck-Peak: Lyra: My angel, my life, my entire world, you’re the one that I want, the one that I need. Let me be with you, always, my love, my everything. You are only mine while you are alive, and you would be only mine when you were dead. Do you still want to be with me, my dearest? Leo: Even if you didn’t say it, we both can be only ours. There would be no one, even death can separate us. I am always yours and you are always mine, my lovely Lyra.

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15 chapters
New world, New me
Hello, guys, I am Lyra Brown. I was a normal high school student but one day something happened that changed my life completely. I am going to tell my story about my past and present here and maybe you all can guess my future too... "What the fish?!"I exclaimed when I opened my eyes into a dark place but can see everything very clearly...I can see a bat sign in front of me but I am in a closed space. I tried to touch the bat sign and the closed space changed. The upper part opened. I tried to stand up but struggled and somehow seat down wherever I was. I can see I am in a round elegant room decorated with red and black. It looks somehow ominous as a big bat sign same as before on the ceiling of that round room. The room is almost empty only one side of the room has a door, I tried to stand up again, and this time I can. Beside the door, there was a table that I didn't notice before. On the table, there is something I can see with my night vision but before that, my mind started to won
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Meeting with my new family
Lyra's POV, When I open the door, I saw two ethereal beings with exact black hair like mine, you can ask how I know when I don't have a mirror, well, because my hair is quite long it touched my ankle, it's so shiny and glossy that I wanna pet my hair again and again. So where were we? Oh, I remember two ethereal being one man and one woman who were with red eyes staring at me intently like me. Those eyes are like ruby, I like them. "Hello, little one." the woman said with a longing tone. "Hello, Granny!"I replied in a sarcastic tone although it sounded cuter. "You are really her daughter; she never disappointed me with wordplay. You seem inherited this quality of hers but little one how was your trip to another world?"That pretty granny said mischievously. "Well, what are you saying about? Can you please tell me everything elaborately?"I asked cautiously. "No, little child, we cannot tell you anything about that, but now it is time to introduce ourselves. I am your aunt and he is your
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Rusty Mirror
As I started moving towards the source, my head turned fuzzy. I seem to see parts of memory that don't belong to me…A lady with long black hair like mine, with 2 women, and the other 3 men trying to fight some strange beasts that I have never seen. They are protecting each other's backs and growing stronger together…The scene changed to the black-haired woman drinking wine and having a party with her friends…Then again, a golden-haired woman appeared out of nowhere and accused the black-haired woman killed her friends, and she threw a mirror toward the woman…These aren't my memory… I gotta wake up before this memory consumes me fully… I started to try my best to find an exit… and saw a black-haired woman smiling at me… the illusion broke and I saw that exact black-haired woman with ruby eyes like my dad and aunt looking at me mischievously."Hey, it's your memory why you are showing this to me?" I asked."You are me, I am you, and we are the same being now… My specialty is predict
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Pretty New Me
When I was looking in the mirror, I could see a very pale child of 10 years with long black hair touching the floor. My hair is very silky and very soft to touch. My lips are red as blood and they are so plump that anyone would want to take a bite of them. But why would anyone bite my lips? I guess my adult mind is messing with my pure angelic mind and body? But the main attraction of my face is my Heterochromia. My one eye is red as ruby and shining like a jewel; and my other eye is dark as the night sky, without any star or moon. It is like a mini black hole that can suck away anyone's breath and hypnotize them. I have a pretty nose too, but my teeth are a bit abnormal. But normal as my current race. I have 4 pretty fangs like canines, but they aren't as big as I saw in the movie series in my previous life. Now when I try to smile, I feel like I look like a bit of a villain and intimidating, but who cares? I will be pretty like that Lyra of the book when I grow up. But I think Lyra
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Castle Tour
When I wake up again, the sky is pitch black, or maybe, it seems due to the rose's magic. After I woke up, I called Rose, and she again came out of nowhere."How you can come out of nowhere, Rose? I saw aunty Eco and my dad has done the same." I asked with anticipation."My little princess Lyra, this is called teleportation. You can also do it when you are a talent level 4 vampire or over.""Rose, what is my level now?", I asked, while playing with my silky hair." Pardon me, I have no idea, little princess Lyra... Your dad would take you to check your power this evening at our sacred altar. You will know in detail which elements you have an affinity with and your talent level."She said while performing a cleaning spell on me."Ok, I understand, Rose," I replied while looking around my room with sparkly eyes.Unlike when I woke up, this room has a large canopy bed, a dressing room full of different types of dresses, a reading table, and a comfy chair. Also, one side of the room has a
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Meeting with dad again
When I woke up again, I saw a girl gradually grow up in a world like Earth. She was a girl with a shiny and bubbly personality. Everyone loved her. She had a loving family, but one day a black vortex come out of nowhere and suck her in and then she was thrown into another world where she know nothing. People there worship her as a saint but later they came to know their saint has an affinity for dark magic power so they wanted to kill her and summon another saint with the power of light to seal the devil king. She run away from her own race and came into vampire territory unknowingly but when other vampires didn't want to accept a human, the prince of Darkania came and accept her on two conditions. Condition no 1 was she had to change her race and Condition no 2 was she had to join him in sealing devil king. She accepted the second condition but as for the first one she wanted to keep her human consciousness so she proposed the idea of marrying one of the vampires. Years passed, and s
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After taking the Black rose jeweled necklace, Bao came out on her own and started to dance in the mid-air. When my dad saw Bao, He bowed."Greetings, The greatest queen of Vampires!", My dad said respectfully."No need, I am not that fool anymore…Only half of my soul is in this mirror and the other half is in that black rose Jewel, can I have this?"Bao asked gently."But within this Jewel, my mom's last part of the soul is in, how can I give it to you bao? " I said while crying."Don't worry, child. You are extremely lucky that your mom left this Jewel for you, with this Jewel my soul would be completed and the curse on vampires would be lifted, We won't be creatures that are neither dead nor alive anymore."She said while pondering on something." But what about my mom?"I asked.Bao is silent and so is my father too. Both of them can understand my dilemma…"I can restore your mom's soul if a bit of her soul is in there, But it would take a long time and you have to be powerful enough
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After learning everything, I came to understand how powerful the vampire race is and how badly I need to protect my heart from dark thoughts. The dark magic is powerful but it is easy to lose control and do a massacre so I decided not to fall in love and help my ancestor as helping her also helps our full race and my mom's soul can be nourished.So I said confidently and bowed my head towards my life mirror aka the greatest vampire queen Luna Ariana Da Vamp, "I have already decided, the greatest queen of vampires, I would give you the black rose gem as it would benefit all of our clansmen. We can approach light again. Also, you said you would help to restore my mom's soul. So, it's a good deal""But dear, you can treat me as your friend, Bao, like before. I will continue to guide you to become stronger. The faster you grow up, the faster your mom can be resurrected. The necklace would be the same as now just the mirror would fuse with the gem, now I can even come outside for a short p
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The Bonding Session with Dad
I woke up in a bed but this time it is not a new bed but the old canopy one and someone was holding my hands… "You woke up? It is great! I thought I would lose you like your mom. Don't do so much risky work like this anymore. You still have your dad…I could have found out some way then you didn't have to suffer this much, I am sorry, my dear child.", My dad said while having a shaky voice. He pats my head lightly while looking at me very affectionately. I can feel his love for me and I think he is missing someone whom he reminiscences while seeing me…I can guess but not sure if I should bring it up or not. Better I use this rare moment and make a good memory and get a lot of love from my dearest dad. But I still want to know about my mom, I would rather play by ear. "Dad.. ", I tried to call my dad affectionately but I can not say anymore and my voice sounds hoarse. I have the desire to drink something that can quench my
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Saint of life!
We finished our garden tour and the little tea party without talking about anything more. While I would go back to my room, I asked my dad with both confidence and a confused tone,” Really, no one can change their destiny? What would happen if we tried to change others’ destinies? Nothing can be constant, right? We should be the ones who make our destinies. Our karma would decide everything. Who cares about the result, if I can try my best?”My dad stared at me with her red gemmed eyes, which were shining like a red ruby. His eyebrows raised slightly and he raised the corner of his mouth and started to talk with me in a soft voice that sounds like a song to me." My dear daughter; My Lyra. I am proud of you!”He also asked,” Do you want to know what would happen if you interfered with others’ destiny?”I nodded in response.“Okay. If you insist, I will tell you. You may have some vision as your mother was a saint and all saints can see the future to a certain extent. But everyone has t
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