When A Bully Falls In Love

When A Bully Falls In Love

By:  Valerie Sax  Updated just now
Language: English
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"You cannot hate the stranger. You can only hate the person to whom you loved once. " Xander Baston, a heart throbbing playboy. He is heartless, ruthless and the biggest bully who never respects anyone. Aoife Marshall, a sweet innocent girl who recently joined the college to fulfill her dreams. He saw her and wanted her... What will happen when their worlds collide? The story of possession and dominance when he tried to be gentle with her, forgetting about his real nature. Is she going to forget her dreams for reject him. * Bully Love *College romance *Slow burn *love pain *Sexual fantasy

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47 chapters
Kill meLie meCurse meDo it one more againHold me. (Darkroom)The sound of the woofer coming from the Aventador was enough to tell others not to go near his territory, The engine pulsated the monoxide in the air, and the car shook with the action inhabitant inside. Those tinted Black glasses encapsulated the adventure, keeping others unaware, and the sound of moans became the whispers of cries; nobody intruded to look after.Why would anyone go into the lion’s cave? After all, he was enjoying his morning feast; he was the uncrowned king of this college.A bully, Once that tinted Black glass slides. The steam of warmth evaporated outside, and the satisfied eyes scanned the rear mirror- he sneered, hearing the exhausted breath of his partner in crime.The girl called his name in a suppressed voice.“X...X...., Xander,”His twirled lips changed, and an eyebrow arched. “It’s sir, not Xander.” The devilish smile said it all.She gasped as he clutched her jaw with a single grip.“Can
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‘Ragging time’As the new batch entered the college, it was time for seniors to dictate to juniors with rules and commandments. But before they marched towards this new herd of freshman batch, the dean came to greet them.“Good morning, everyone,” he took them on the college tour and finally showed them their class.“So here is your class, and beware of your seniors. They might come. But you need not worry. Our college has strong policies against bullies.” These were his words when he left the class.All the students looked at each other and introduced themselves. The first day seemed pretty refreshing, and the Professors were amiable.With the surety of getting protection from the bullies, some students were relaxed, but some were afraid as they knew the reality of what their DEAN said was a piece of fake news.They knew their DEANS, as well as the Chancellor, scared of Xander Baston.It’s better to surrender and best not to answer him back. Otherwise, he will make your life hell for
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With first-day wishes, the Dean dismissed the class with an ear-to-ear smile. It was a beautiful day except for an unexpected encounter with the rude seniors. The classmates were cool. The atmosphere looked suitable, but they didn’t know what awaited them at the next moment. As the Dean went out of the class, the seniors entered with a grimace on their faces. “Sit down, all of you,” Victor announced in a firm voice.“Good afternoon, everyone.”“I hope you all had a wonderful day, but now it’s time for the real college.”Everyone looked at each other with confused faces.“Let’s introduce yourself. Who wants to go first?” another senior said.They did what they instructed to them. One after another, they introduced themselves, giving seniors time to make fun of them. When the introduction ended, the seniors announced the rules. And the condition might develop if they don’t follow it.The whispers of consequences filled the room, and Xander entered the classroom. Everyone cocked towards
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The following day, Aoife found herself in front of the Dean’s office. Confused, she looked around before knocking on the door. The humiliation gifted by the seniors flashed in her mind. It was not only what they did in the class, but what level they stoop to mistreat her. Being a girl who lived independently, she couldn’t accept this in justice anymore. She decided she would see no one else suffer for the same reason: “Am I doing right or wrong?” She quietly whispered in her mind.At last, she gathered the courage to knock on the door.“Come in,” the voice came from the other side of the door.She entered and greeted the Dean with a smile.“Good morning, sir,” “Good morning. What brings you here? Miss....,” The Dean answered.“Aoife Marshall,” she added.“Sir, as you mentioned, your college has a strict policy against bullies,” her confident voice changed Dean’s expression.“Yes,”She took a step closer to his brown table.“I am here to complain against Xander, Victor, and Zareena,”
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~Xander~I was alone in my classroom, watching stupid posts while scrolling my phone screen. The day seemed fine, as all my mates were out and I was waiting for Matt. I heard a knock and didn’t bother to look at it. I mean, who will knock before entering the class?Once again, my annoying ears heard the same sound, and this time I jerked my neck to rebuke the person. Out of my expectation, I saw her. It was none other than the new birdie looking at me. I stuffed the phone in my front pocket and walked toward her. With a blush, she lowered her peer.“What are you doing here?” I said, while scanning her beauty. She tucked her strands, and my eyes caught her tattoo again.“Can I see you?” She answered.What is she doing here? Didn’t she know others would insult her more than ever for entering the senior’s classroom? And why was she talking to me like that?Her cheeks turned red, and the composed breathing hooked my attention. Her voice was seductive, and I couldn’t say no even if I wante
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~Aoife~ The morning was cold and foggy, just like my life going on these few days. I used to love this weather when mom made hot cocoa for me, and we watched movies together. And now she is gone; this weather makes me feel alone. I was awake, looking at her picture close to my bed. “Good morning, Mum,” I remembered she loved to kiss my forehead and never forget to mention, welcome the new day with fresh energy, but I didn’t want to get out of bed. Why would I? No motivation was left to make me stand out of my bed, nor was I eager to start my day. When I came here, I was ready to win the world. But in the last few days, everything changed. And all I wanted was to hide where these people couldn’t torture me anymore. I just wanted these days to be over. But what about the promises I made to my mother? I promised her to conquer everything, every fear in my life. I glanced at my tattoo, Love Never Fails. She used to call me the love of her life. She reminds me of her presence with
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~Aoife~Well, that didn’t go well. How could I expect good from the wrong person? How did I hope he would let me go quickly?They plotted against me, and now they started being physical. Zareena pushed me hard, and I got scratches on my hand and elbow. But I was wondering why Xander behaved differently. He even said sorry, even when he knew he was behind all this chaos.After my strange meeting with Xander, I came to my class, where Luka and Clara were waiting for me.“Is everything alright? What did he say?” Clara jumped on her toes.I pressed my lips. What should I say? I told them everything, and I could feel they struggled to believe what Xander did for
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~Xander~She left her innocent eyes on my soul. This moment reminds me of a story. Some folks who needed emotional rescue were trapped in icebergs that took many years to form. When you bring your gentle flame to their outer walls and melt a little, if they are brave enough, they will light their internal flame and allow the ice to melt. If they are afraid, they will add more layers of ice faster than you can melt it.Unknowingly, I felt the same. Aoife was an unknown flame that melted my heart, and I was not ready for the change.My playboy image wanted to bite every part of her delicate body, while my heart wanted to be with her. In this turmoil, when Zareena pushed her, it enraged my emotions.My angry look toward Zareena scared her off; she stomped outside.I didn’t understand the cause of my sudden anger. Is Aoife controlling me? Or does Zareena’s misbehavior towards Aoife affect me?All I knew was her teary eyes influenced me. With all this emotional roller coaster, I saw her l
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~AOIFE~It’s been a few days since I saw Xander in the library. The last encounter with him was more than enough for me. I decided on the same day to stay away from him. His presence gives me shivers. Bad or good, I don’t know. But he suffocates me. His piercing eyes made me feel something else. Even though I could not look at him, from the corner of my eyes, I could feel his eyes traveling through my body, observing every bit of my emotions. Well, what amazed me was he took my side in front of his chick. He was like a mystery to me I could not solve.I would definitely keep a distance from a man who doesn’t respect a woman. Shaking my head, I want to drop every crippling thought of Xander coming into my mind. I am not here to study his behavior. I am here to fulfill my dreams. It seems my apology to Xander worked; the last few days went well;
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~Xander~ It’s been a few days since I saw Aoife. I knew she tried her best to ignore me. Now and then, there were a few chances to see her in the library. But whenever I visited, she tried to make herself busy with other library chores. She made sure not to come in front of me. And I was damn sure Matt supported her. I knew my friend and how he respects women. But this time, I was feeling different. The more she ignored me, the more I visited the library. It’s like she was controlling me; it was against my nature to be owned by someone else. Tired of her hiddenness, I made myself busy with other stuff. But we had a strange encounter outside the pool area. Well, today, I was waiting outside for Matt. He came holding a bunch of books. “What? Are you going to finish the
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