Faking Mrs. Chad

Faking Mrs. Chad

By:  Paula White  Ongoing
Language: English
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Turned out Tracy's love life was all a joke as her boyfriend leaves her after sleeping with her. She got pregnant out of wedlock and as a result of that she's disowned by her Family. Her daughter Amelia is born with a weak heart and needs surgery and the only way Tracy can get extra money is by working as the wet nurse of a widower billionaire doctor "William Chad." Just some weeks into working as his daughter's wet nurse, her baby's daddy is back to take custody of Amelia and the only way Tracy can win the case is if she's able to take care of Amelia, which she isn't because she's poor. William Chad offers to be her fake husband and in return she'll be the care giver of his children no strings attached. But what happens when Tracy falls for William while Faking to be Mrs Chad?

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8 Chapters
Plea to not get married
•Plea to not get married• ~Tracy's Point Of View~I've always known that this day would come in my life. The day I feared the most. Wished and prayed so hard that this day wouldn't come but it seemed my wishes and prayers fell to deaf ears. I huffed, blowing the strand of hair on my face brazing myself up and getting myself ready for what felt like hell.I was getting married to a man I only knew his name and had seen once.Strapped in a very exotic and expensive wedding dress, my brown hair was wrapped tightly in a bond and a few strands lingered around both sides of my face. If anyone could look beyond the expensive makeup I wore, they would see lots of pain and sadness and would notice that my honey brown eyes were filled with tears that threatened to pour but everytime it did, I would blink twice and sniff and realize an outrageous smile that only I could tell was fake.I could barely see through the long lashes on the lid of my eyes. Just as no one could
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The mistake of the night
~~Tracy's Point Of View~~Something pierced into my skin making me flinch, my eyes slowly opening, seeing the white ceiling of my room only gave me a fright, I wasn't in my husband's house and I was in my room. And I didn't have the wedding dress. Looking around, the first face I noticed was the face of my mother. She held my hand to her's and wasn't ready to let go. She had so much tension showing on her face.I fainted halfway through my wedding!My lips tour into a smile. A little reassuring smile.“What happened to her? Why did she faint?“ My mother asked while I noticed my father walking impatiently around. He kept groaning.“Did it have to be today? Today of all days Tracy you just had to fall ill” Yes his voice was lowered but I heard him clearly the muscularity in his voice was so much.He was angry that I was sick and it has caused the wedding to be postponed. I'm sure he knows I prayed for this.“I'm sorry dad.“ I gave a whisperer.“What happened to her?“ M
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No longer a Gonzalo
~~Tracy's Point Of View~~I wanted to beg more and sit on the cold floor and wait until he opens the door and forgives me. But who the hell am I kidding? I know my father. He never goes back on his word.Barefooted I walked out of the front porch and out of the mansion.I know that he has never loved me.I never got the love I wanted from him as a child. But I won't let my child face such a situation even when I know the father of my child ended things with me.I wish I could give all the love I never got to my child and I hope I'll be able to come back someday and make my family understand that they made a mistake.I'm wrong but love happens and people tend to be stupid in love.Maybe if I was wise enough and had gotten enough of love from them I wouldn't have yearned to be loved and wouldn't have fallen stupidly in love with someone that didn't deserve me.I didn't need anyone to tell me that I've never been wanted in the house.I see the way I'm looked at and taken
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Cold old memories
~Cold old memories~The bus was a little bit stuffy but it was also warm. I had been beaten by the rain but I had nothing to change into. I would have to bear the cold for tonight.I walked in fully and took a seat. I sat beside the window and I loved it. It would give me time to think while I watched the road.It would give me time to mentally prepare myself for the worst that would happen when I get to Manilla.Even when I tried to not think of the incident I couldn't.I blame myself everyday for falling in love with someone who wasn't worth it. Someone who didn't deserve me.I tried no to think of the incident that occurred between me and Nicholas before we broke up but I couldn't help it. He is now a part of my life as I carry a part of him in me.~Flashbacks~"C'mon Nicholas, let go I have to go back home soon" I chuckled trying to get myself out of his tight embrace. Dragging me back to bed effortlessly he brushed his lips against mine and I smiled."Thank you Tracy." The warm b
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Labour pains
Tracy's Point of view.It has been eight good months already and my baby and I were fine. At least we were still alive, I had my best friend with me all this while, she is my everything, my support, sister, friend, girlfriend, everything I need Kenzie was there to give.I've been working for the last months, I got a job as a chef in a hotel.. I wouldn't say my life has been going so well because if my baby's father was here, I wouldn't have to get worked up, my baby wouldn't be so weak that the doctor feared that she wouldn't make twenty hours after she's born, if I had enough rest and would stop working every single day of this eight months then my unborn child would be very healthy.Looking at the very dark sky I sighed. I wish I was wise enough. It was quite cold on the balcony, I sat alone staring at the full moon and listening to the breeze sing. I was extremely tired and this was the only time I had to rest as a pregnant woman. I hissed and began swinging my heavy legs slowly.O
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Cry for help
Tracy's point of view When I woke up the next morning, the pains I felt on every part of my body was so much I could barely move a muscle. Kenzie was sleeping right next to me, she had her head on the bed while I sat. "Kenzie." I called and I was surprised she woke up immediately. "Morning Tracy. How are you feeling?" "I'm in a whole lot of pain." "It's going to be fine. Soon" she muttered and I nodded "Where's my baby?" I asked, staring at her and she smiled. "The nurse will be here with her in some minutes time.." she wasn't done talking when a nurse walked in with my girl in her hand. "Tracy, here is your daughter, she's a fighter, we'd thought she wouldn't stay for so long but look at her she's so strong," the nurse said and it only encouraged me. I opened my arms and she placed my girl in my arms, she was my exact replica. She had the softest skin and was beautiful, her lips were very little just like mine and I wonder if I could deny her? I couldn't, just staring at
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Wet nurse.
William's POV“Nurse Lilly, how hard is this going to be ? Olivia needs a wet nurse, she needs breast milk, can't you get one. It's already been two days?“ I yelled over the phone.“Sir I'll find one, onces I get one I'll send her to your house tomorrow.“ She replied Hopefully this will work.“Okay, be fast Lilly” I grumbled before ending the call and placing my new born baby on the bed for her to sleep comfortably, I had just burped her.“Theo! Theo, aren't you ready yet?" This time I was yelling at my five years old son, who was already late to school.“I'm coming dad.“ He yelled, the stumping of his feet on the ground followed as he ran into his little sister's room.“Theo, what have I said about running in the house?“ I asked, staring at him.He pouted, giving me a smile.“I'm sorry dad.“ He mumbled.“Where is your bag?“ I asked.“In my room.““God! Theo, go get your bag, you're late for school." As I said that, he ran back into his room to get his bag.I tapped Olivia slowly on
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New job
*Not edited*I took a cab down to the address nurse Lilly had given to me, when I got there, I carefully came out of the car with Amelia in my arms.. getting to the gate, the gate keeper made me give him the password before letting me in.I would have screamed or would have been wowed if my father's house wasn't bigger than this. The compound was so big and quiet I'm sure they would be a pool at the back side.Walking into he house the sound, the voice of a child yelling filled my ears and it also made my baby flinch.“Hello. Is anybody here?“ The door was opened a bit and the house looked so quiet, I was expecting a maid to come the moment I said hello but no maid, came instead it was a man that looked so built, I was in the main room of the house and watched him climb down the stairs to come meet me.“Who are you?“ He asked and I muffled some words.“I'm Tracy, I was sent here by Nurse as your child's wet nurse.“ I replied immediately trying to act all professional.“Okay, that was
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