President Daddy, You Have Two Lovely Babies

President Daddy, You Have Two Lovely Babies

By:  Brice Reese  Ongoing
Language: English
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He was an unattainable, domineering president. He controlled a big company, and she is just a humble woman. When she gave birth to two children, was it a gift from heaven, or was it ill-fated?She buried everything in the past. Four years later, he was the highly anticipated president of Qiao Group. She returned with her daughter, but she hasn’t even gotten off the plane yet when they cross paths.“Mommy, that boy is watching us.” She followed the direction of her daughter’s finger and looked at a cute little boy.A cold man, he reminded her of someone.

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    187 chapters
    Chapter 1
      Vera Qin sat on a cold chair in the hospital waiting room. She had a miserable expression on her face. Her heart was filled with sorrow.   Her father had died on the spot. Her mother had multiple organ damage, and was fighting for her life. Although her younger sister was not seriously injured, she had been severely traumatized by the bloody scene, and had fallen into a catatonic depression.   It was determined that her father was at fault for the car accident. As the new head of their family, the responsibility of compensating the family of the victims fell on Vera.   This sudden blow was enough to collapse Vera‘s body and mind, but this was just the tip of the iceberg.   Her father’s company had gone bankrupt and owed huge foreign debts. The creditors had all found the hospital, and incessantly hounded Vera Qin after learning of her father’s death.   She had ran out of tears, and sat staring blankly into the distance. A nurse approached her.
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    Chapter 2
      Sean Qiao was silent as he tried to process the information. According to Shelley, this tragedy was an accident.   No. Even if it was an accident, even if George Qin had died, he could not forgive him. The feud between him and the Qin family will never be solved in this life.   Sean Qiao asked in a low voice, “How about the rest of his family? His wife and children?”   “George Qin’s wife is seriously injured and is still in danger. The doctor said that there is little hope that she would survive. The younger daughter was severely hurt. The eldest daughter wasn’t there.”   Looking at her brother, she added, “She flew in from abroad to deal with this matter.”   Shelley Qiao continued, “Uncle took advantage of your injury. He’s just made his move. Grandpa has given you an ultimatum, you’re supposed to marry and have children after you wake up. Only when you have a stable family background will you inherit the company.”   “I haven’t even died yet
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    Chapter 3
      For money, she can only pretend to be strong.   She shuddered when the man touched her.   The man also felt Vera’s awkwardness. He liked it.   She had been weakened by her ordeal, and the temperature was too low for her comfort. The cold, dark and silent room suited the man’s cold and merciless voice.   “You\'re not allowed to go anywhere, while you’re ovulating. I will come here whenever I want to.”   The man quickly put on his bathrobe and turned his back to Vera.   The man took two steps forward and stopped.   “I warn you to abide by the rules if you take the money. Otherwise, you’ll pay for the consequences.”   Vera was to be held captive in this strange and dark bedroom, it seemed. Her captor was this cold man.   At this moment, she finally breathed a sigh of relief, and her tears could not stop streaming down.   The man came again the next day, and once more, Vera performed her duty. The situation today was m
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    Chapter 4
      “You--”   Vera Qin just wanted to get angry, and immediately calmed down.   “My phone is broken and I can’t contact my family. I’m afraid they will call the police if they can’t find me, and you will be in trouble when that happens. I just need to contact them real quick...”   Vera\'s voice became smaller and smaller as he walked out.   Her plan had failed again. Anxiously, she tried to come up with another.   Half an hour later, Vera Qin was surprised to see the servant had brought her a new mobile phone.   “The boss ordered me to give you this mobile phone so you can contact your family.”   After the mobile phone was set up, the first thing Vera did was to contact the hospital and transfer RMB200,000 for medical expenses.   After that, she tried to contact the family of the deceased victim, but they refused to speak with her directly. She had to go through their lawyer.   Then she got the call from the victim who was st
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    Chapter 5
      Vera\'s eyes were red and swollen, and pain and heartache were all written on her face.   The servant left after confirming. After a few minutes, she came back. She had a look of contempt on her face, as if Vera was vermin in her eyes.   “The boss said, a hen who doesn’t lay eggs are useless. The contract is terminated and the advance payment is yours.”   A hen who doesn’t lay eggs?   Ten months later, the phrase “hen that doesn’t lay eggs” still echoed in her ears. Ironically, she was holding a month-old infant in her arms as she stood in front of the mountain top villa.   She could say that she was familiar with this mansion, but not the man who lived in it.   Looking at the baby in her arms, she hesitated before finally ringing the doorbell.   The same maid received her, the one with a perpetual mocking expression on her face.   Although the maid was surprised when she suddenly appeared holding a child, she immediately contac
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    Chapter 6
      “Speak quietly and don’t scare the crying child.”   She continued to speak. “I don’t know what your yelling just now was meant to convey to me. I don’t want to know. I’m here today to talk to you about the child. If you want to do a paternity test, I can take him immediately. There is no money, I will not let him starve.”   “Also, today is your only chance to get your son. If you don’t take him, my children and I will never come back to find you. I want nothing to do with you.”   After she finished speaking, she turned around to stroke the child, but the man forcefully pulled her to him. She was caught off guard. Vera didn’t have any time to react, and fell into the man’s arms, hitting his sturdy chest.   Frozen for a moment, she immediately recovered and stood upright.   The man’s anger was even stronger this time, but instead of shouting loudly, he squeezed hard on Vera\'s wrist. He squeezed it hard.   “Please let go of my hand. You’re hurt
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    Chapter 7
      Vera Qin badly needed the money, but she did not have the heart to raise the price then and there.   The man was silent, after a moment.   “If you don’t count the half-million of the deposit, I’ll give you another four million.”   “I don’t want the extra.”   Although four million could solve a big problem for her, Vera Qin decisively refused.   “Don’t interrupt me, you will want it when I’m finished.”   The man growled a warning and continued.   “Among them, 2.5 million is stipulated in the contract, 500,000 is your nutrition during pregnancy, and 500,000 is your child’s one-month support.”   The man stopped.   “The remaining half a million?”   Vera Qin didn’t have the patience to wait any longer.   “Sleep with me again.”   When the man’s voice fell, he had already begun to touch her.   He grabbed Vera‘s arm and forced her to lie on the sofa.   When Vera Qin tried to resist, the man had
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    Chapter 8
      Vera was stunned. His words echoed Morris Chu’s words. Both men had accused her of acting and lying.   To these men, she was a goldigger.   The man put on his clothes, angrily walked to Vera‘s side, and suddenly snatched the child from her.   “I’ll take the child away. Get out, now.”   “Wait, give me some more time with him.”   Vera Qin blocked the man’s way, watching the crying panicked child.   “Sorry baby, I’m sorry. You must live a happy life and grow up healthy.”   Tears rushed down her cheeks.   The man on one side frowned, his thin lips closed tightly.   Vera Qin quickly retrieved a kit from the bed and handed it to the man.   “Here are his medical records from when he was born. There is also a small gift I gave him.”   “Please raise him well, find him a good stepmother, and don’t let the stepmother mistreat him.”   “You think too much, he doesn’t have a stepmother, only a real mother.”
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    Chapter 9
      “Dad,” Thomas begged, “Mommy is sleeping. I might wake her up when I go back. Please let me play with the little girl for a while, then I\'ll go back when Mommy wakes up.”   He stepped back.   “Uncle, please let us play for a while.”   Luna’s voice was sweet and soft, and a normal person would find it hard to refuse her.   Sean was silent. The little girl was adorable, with puppy-dog eyes that anyone would find hard to say “no” to. Still he wanted to refuse.   Vera began to intercede for the boy. “Mister, let the children play here for a while.”   Sean couldn’t embarrass his child in public, so he had to compromise temporarily.   “Alright. I won’t stay with you. I’ll pick you up in a while.”   “Thank you, Dad.”   The boy was very excited, and ran over with a smile on his face. Sean looked indifferent as he turned and went back to his first class cabin.   The little girl cheerfully introduced herself. “Hello. My nam
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    Chapter 10
      She looked ultra-casual in simple jeans, trousers rolled up. Her canvas shoes were rather beat up. She still looked feminine in her white T-shirt and a loose-fitting coat, but it was very different from how she used to dress.   “After giving birth to Luna, I felt that it will be more comfortable to wear laid-back clothes like these. When I go to work, I wear business suits so I want to relax completely when I get home from work.”   Vera Qin didn’t feel that she had changed anything. But if she really had changed, maybe it was the suffering that she had gone through. It made her mature and more stable.   “By the way, are you staying for good?”   They spoke in low voices, so as not to wake the sleeping child.   “I don’t know yet. The company sent me over for one year. I’m just here to give them technical guidance. I don’t know how the management will decide after that.”   Vera lightly stroked her child’s head as she lay on her lap.   Bei
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