Forbidden Temptation

Forbidden Temptation

By:  SarwahCreed  Completed
Language: English
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A game of spin the bottle wasn’t supposed to change my life.
I wanted to get out of our small town, and the only way to do that was to get good grades. 
I didn't want to get distracted by anyone or anything, but I couldn't seem to ignore Liam. 
He was sexy, moody, and about to become my stepbrother. 
Exactly the kind of trouble I should have avoided.
But I let my hair down for a party in the woods; a couple of girls and guys playing spin the bottle and truth or dare.
Silly games shouldn't change your life but sometimes fate steps in. 
It's nearly graduation and I'm closing my eyes, thinking that I can't deal with having one surprise today, but two.

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    I hated her so much. Chanel had dragged me to one of those parties that the popular girls and boys went to on the last Friday of every month. It was some kind of crazy ritual that every kid in school dreamed about being invited to. Not me. I had a dream, and it was to get an education and get out of town. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with the town of Small Borne, but there’s more to life than one place and I want to experience it. And that’s why my body, mind, and soul were focused on college. Not like Chanel; she only had her body, mind and soul focused on Dwayne, the all-star quarterback that was going places. Just like me. “Adele, can you walk faster? We’re late!” Chanel half-whispered and half-screeched at me. “I would if I didn’t have this stupid skirt on, and make-up that’s a second skin on my face.” Okay, so it was a bit of an exaggeration. The make-up wasn’t stopping me from seeing, but I was only keeping her company and I didn’t want to be anywhere n
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    The night never ends...
    The night seemed to go on and on, and not only was I slightly dizzy from drinking too much, but also I was cold from sitting in my panties in the damn woods. It was my idea; I was the one that started playing this stupid game. No one had forced a gun to my head. The crazy part was that Chanel felt bad so she had stripped to her underwear too, before it was even her turn. Neither of the guys protested about it. I did, a bit, but once again I felt like the stick in the mud at even suggesting that she should keep her clothes on, when everyone was happy for her to be naked. I must admit that the guys had thought of everything and weren’t the reckless assholes that I had thought they were. They had made some hotdogs so we wouldn’t be completely drunk, and the mood changed as they didn’t seem so sleazy as Liam lifted up his arms and took off his shirt. “About time it’s not just us that are half-naked!” I sighed. At least they were stripping as I shoved the last piece of hotdog in my mo
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    I was a virgin and we were in the woods. I couldn’t believe that I had openly invited him to take me right then and there. I had envisaged, like most girls did, that it would be at the Prom or on a date night that a couple would seal their love for each other. Then again, there was no love between Liam and me. Only lust. It had to be that. “Touch me,” he blurted. God, it must have been written on my face. From the moment he took off his shirt, that’s all I had wanted to do. Touch him. Does that make me some kind of freak?I didn’t care as I started to drag my fingers through every groove and channel of his torso. It was as if there wasn’t any meat on him, only muscle. His abs, they were so damn big. There was something that was so damn potent, yet dangerous, about it. As if he could take me at any moment and I didn’t have the strength to fight him off. But I could tell by the fact that he wanted me to feel him, that he wanted me to do it of my own free will. I loved the way that h
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    Ready to go
    We were dressed and Liam was holding me in his arms. I felt safe and warm as we sat on the mat. I knew that something had changed within me after we put on our clothes. He didn’t feel like the boy that I wanted to avoid anymore. The opposite; he felt like the boy that I couldn’t see myself without. “Liam, are things going to be different now?”“Do you want them to be?”I hated when someone answered a question with a question. He laughed and then kissed me on the cheek, “I was kidding; sure they’ll be different.”I was just about to say something when both Dwayne and Chanel came out of wherever they’d disappeared to and it was clear—as Chanel’s skirt seemed to be a thing of the past—that they’d been up to exactly the same thing we had been. I laughed as I saw Chanel trying to get the leaves out of her hair. I stood up and decided that I would help her, “Have fun did we?”She hugged me and said, “More importantly did you have fun?”I kissed her on the cheek and squeezed her so tight.
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    Games need to stop
    “We need to stop doing this,” I purred as he started to study me with lust. It was written all over his face. My mom was out with his dad and they wouldn’t be back ’till late. Real late, and we were using that time to get to know each other. All over again. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. It just feels wrong.”“And that makes you want me even more.”His eyes were undressing me as we stared at each other. Our eyes continued to be locked as we both headed up the stairs and toward my room. “Besides, coming in through the front door is so much easier than climbing the tree. Sorry about the photo. Did I break it?”I quickly changed the subject, remembering the other night when he climbed into my room and nearly broke the photo. The last one that was taken before he was taken away from me. A hit and run they’d called it. They never caught the person, but I knew that one day they’d find out who did it. Until that day, I kept his photo near my bedside just a reminder that I’d never forget a
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    “We’re going to be out of here soon,” Chanel smiled as she spun round one more time. “You guys look beautiful,” Mom said as she took a photo. The thirtieth one she’d taken since she came up the stairs. “I can’t believe my baby girl’s going to be leaving home. Then you’ll graduate. Have kids and get married,” she stared to move her peroxide hair from her eyes as she cried. Mom had spent a bit too much on her looks ever since she started dating Henry. I wanted to tell her that she was perfect, just being a natural brunette like me. Now, she spent nearly all her time either with him or getting beautiful for him. She would say that she did it for herself, but I knew the truth. Mom was feeling lonely. Up until now, it had been her and me. Now I was leaving home. She must have realized that she’d been working all this time for her daughter. The one that managed to get into an Ivy-League college based on her grades, with a scholarship. She didn’t have to pay a penny; that was the thing tha
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    “Smile!” Laurie, Adele’s mom, said as we were about to get into the limo. My hands were around Adele’s waist. I was fucking smiling. I wasn’t sure what Adele was doing; all the make-up in the world couldn’t hide the distressed look in those dark eyes. She looked the most beautiful woman in the world and yet the most miserable one all at the same time.How was that even possible?We’d spoken the previous night and she was excited about it. She’d said that she hoped I’d like her dress. I even joked and told her that she could be wearing a paper bag and she’ll still be the prettiest girl there. Fuck!That was before I saw her coming down the stairs. I was fucking speechless. I’m not the Prom type of guy. I think that the whole thing is a fucking show. One that I could do without out going to, but she wanted to go. And I thought that for once in my life I would go out on a limb and do something for someone else. Instead of always doing what I want to do.Now, I could see that I was fucki
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    “Liam, I’m sorry. I was just feeling a bit down about it all coming an end.”I kissed her on the lips as we moved into the main hall. “Shit, I thought that someone had died, Adele. You kind of scared me. I’m glad that you had a bit of champagne. It seems to have lightened you up a bit.”She nodded, but maybe the champagne hadn’t completely done the trick, because her eyes started to fill with tears again. “Adele, talk to me. What’s up with you?”Then Chanel came up behind us and said, “If you guys walk any slower, by the time we get inside the Prom’s over!”She swept up Adele’s hand and then walked in front of us. Chanel’s the kind of girl that I love to hate at the best of times. Sometimes she just has too much energy; I think that she’s on a high most of the time. “Did you give her anything?” I asked Dwayne as he walked up to me, with his eyes firmly fixed on Chanel’s ass. He patted me on the back, “Just some loving.”“Fuck when?”He laughed, “You need to give that to Adele too.
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    My dick could only stay under control for so long. I decided that we had to go. It was at around the time Chanel and Dwayne were announced the king and queen of the Prom and Dwayne took out his seven-page speech, and everyone stood and listened to him as if he was the president.It was all about how great he was and how great high school was. As everyone agreed, I decided that they must have gone to a different high school. As far as I was concerned, the best part of it was leaving. There was nothing that was going to get in my way. I studied; that was the main reason that I was on my bike most of the time so that I could escape to somewhere quiet and open a book. No one knew this about me. They thought that I was some moody guy that loved hanging out with Dwayne and playing ball. I wasn’t naturally talented like Dwayne and I needed reassurance to make sure that my stay here was temporary. I had a scholarship to go to Princeton. Only Dwayne knew about it. The rest of the school could
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    Sexy time
    If we hadn’t had sex in the closet, I would have taken her in the limo. We both needed to freshen up and as she ran around the hotel suite like a little kid, I knew exactly how we were going to do that. Everything had taken too long. From checking in, to getting up to the suite. There was only one thing on my mind. Adele!It was as if I was a fucking addict. Then again maybe I do have addictive tendencies. Everyone says that I’m obsessed with my bike. Maybe my obsession has moved from my bike to Adele. I grabbed her arm as she was too busy talking about the hotel room and the fact that it cost a fortune. I pressed her body against mine and said, “It did, but you’re worth every penny.”Her head dropped to the side, exposing the curve of her neck and all I could do was kiss it. I ducked my head against her skin and she let out a sigh. “I thought that we would talk first.”I pulled away, “We do that all the time.”She pushed me away, “No we don’t.”I swayed my head from left-to-right. “
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