The Rise of Luna and Alpha

The Rise of Luna and Alpha

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By:  LARFUOUSSE  Ongoing
Language: English
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I'm Bella, a white, lean, with green eyes, teenage girl, and on my 17th birthday it was my first shift as a wolf, and when I was in my wolf form, I found my mate, the Alpha. But my newly found mate got a shewolf pregnant and she was carrying my mate's pup. The pregnant female was always my mate's attention. He protected her,he cared for her hair,he gave her attention, because only she was carrying his pup, my future. My wolf wanted to rip her from limb by limb because she trapped my mate when she was in her heat and no male can resist a female heat. She trapped my mate because he is an alpha and she wanted to be a luna, so she would steal my position. She wants the power that my mate holds. She betrayed my mate, my title, my future, and my happiness, and I will not allow that to happen.

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3 chapters
Chapter 1:Broken
POV of BellaFrom the window of my bedroom, I observed my mate with a pregnant female .His eyes are filled with desire as he strokes the ginger-haired woman.Although I was his mate, he was preparing a tray of food for the female who was carrying his pup.The person I was meant to be with was falling in love with another she-wolf who had her future growing inside of her. The moon was so unfair; I couldn’t bear going to the pack any longer, especially after being made to witness something so heinous.I kept wondering what if as I viewed them from a distance. I’m upset and regretful that my partner is taking care of the she-wolf instead of me. For a while, I couldn’t even look at them. Instead of touching my ashy blonde hair, my mate strokes her ginger hair.I watched him try to make her feel at home through the sheer curtain of my bedroom window, and my heart tightened. The only thing that made me feel good was the looks the other members were giving her.The Alpha and Luna gave the c
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Chapter 2:Jealous
POV of BellaI was finally dragged from the shower by Jacob. Once I had rinsed my hair, I had given up on taking a shower. Just by shampooing my hair, I had already worked myself to the point of fatigue. Because of the malnutrition my body was experiencing, I was feeble.At that moment, I felt hands pulling me up. I thought it was Jacob, my mate’s brother, when I looked up and saw him with a tangle of dark hair and pale blue eyes.He is such a selfish mate to me that I can’t even think of his name.I was able to dress after I had dried off while Jacob was looking elsewhere, giving me some privacy despite the fact that he had seen me countless times. Wolf behaviour is not ashamed to it. In fact, we’re used to it, but when there are only the two of us and no other wolves, it’s different.I let him to bring me outside into the late-autumn mist, the icy air encircling me and occasionally caressing my skin with a breeze.Jacob made sure we avoided everyone by taking us through the woods ne
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Chapter 3:Mate's bond
POV of BellaI felt like I was pinned. I stared at the circular pattern in the ceiling,the feeling of hunger, drained and exhausted.I was looking forward to a new day, one where I could either hide in my room or face the public and describe what everyone had witnessed the previous day as Jacob and I held hands in the boat in plain view of the rest of the pack. Although it was completely innocent, other people probably wouldn’t agree.My heart was devastated by what happened yesterday. Without realizing it, the canoe had drifted right up to the Pack House and was now exactly in front of the rear yard, where everyone was looking at us.He was giving us and me such an intense look that it made me shudder.Thankfully, no one could see my face up close, red-rimmed, puffy eyes on display.Then Jacob managed to snap me out of it, forcing me to help paddle us back to the dock, trees obstructing our view of the other wolves once we got far enough down the bank.I think I’m just going to lie i
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