Boys Are Wolves

Boys Are Wolves

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Ben Generoso a.k.a. Alex Montecristo/ White Wolf is the brilliant mind behind "Boys Are Wolves", the first and only breakup support app on the planet. It gathers and analyzes content freely available on social media to help girls trapped in toxic relationships. Maricar “Karma” Robles is constantly gas-lighted and silently suffering with her frat-boy boyfriend. She books a gig on “Boys Are Wolves” and meets the handsome and mysterious Ben. But Karma’s breakup isn’t that simple. Her boyfriend and his frat brothers are secretly lycans. Can the powerless and human Ben stand against a whole pack of shifters to grant Karma the freedom she deserves? What will Karma do about her growing feelings for Ben?

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48 Chapters
Prologue: The Scent of Prey
“Are you feeling drained, resentful and nostalgic about the good ol’ days of your relationship? Do you feel you’re constantly being gas-lighted? Do you hate the person you’ve become? “If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck because I’m here to save you a boatload of tears. But before we get down to the nitty-gritty of the toxic relationship you’re in, let me give you a glimpse of what a typical day in my life is like. Ready?” The sound drifts from the speaker of a tablet, on which Jeremias Lazaro is watching the introduction video of an app called "Boys Are Wolves". The young man in the video, the creator of the app, has introduced himself as White Wolf. In the College of Social Sciences and Law, the dean’s office is spacious and organized yet retains the impression of a cozy den, what of the eclectic collection of religious and secular memorabilia: a harp, lamps of Bohemian crystal, ivory saints and miniature ones in viriñas (glass domes), large Satsuma porcel
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Chapter 1: Cave Canem (Beware the Dog)
{Capture the moment. Capture the moment.} Alex Montecristo has never appreciated Eminem’s lyrics in "8 Mile" more than he does now. He’s sitting on the leather-upholstered sofa of his customized van. Across him is a vanity mirror with light bulbs instead of a frame; Hollywood-style for professional lighting and zero makeup fails. The whole setup would make one think he might be gay, but only if they’re not well-acquainted with the Carmageddon traffic jams of Metro Manila. The traffic changes people. They realize life is measured neither in moments nor in minutes. It’s made up of all the precious time that flits by while they’re stuck in a gridlock. But Alex has to admit that, yes, the van’s also a product of his hyper-OC personality. In his hand is a glass of Dutch courage from the mini-bar. Next to him on the sofa, there’s an ash tray starting to fill with cigarette stubs, the open file of his latest client and some cue cards. The file heading reads “Maria Carmencita Robles AKA
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Chapter 2: Rattling Cages
With a great deal of reluctance and a scowl that says he wants to snap a neck, Robin sits across from Karma and Alex. The rest of the Cage Dawgz don’t sit down but hover over Alex’s shoulders like vultures. When Alex slings an arm around Karma (who’s as stiff and cold as a corpse), Robin grinds his teeth so hard a muscle in his jaw jumps and all his goons tense up. This is the nature of all men, Alex thinks. They neglect their partner for the longest time but when another guy touches her, they snarl like a dog robbed of a bone. “I hate to break it tuh you like dis, homie,” Alex continues speaking cockily, “but Karma ’n I are datin. ’Matter o’ fact, we been together fo two months now.” Under the table, he grasps Karma’s ice-cold hand to do two things: first, to steady her resolve and, second, to slip a SIM card onto her palm. Robin laughs loudly and the other Cage Dawgz echo. But it’s a fake laugh from the original source. “Whachoo talkin bout, ‘homes’,” he says in a voice oozing
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Chapter 3: Rap Battle
“So, you say you wanna date Karma… What can I say but just: Bye bye ’n don’t let tha door hit ya You musta been livin under a rock coz you never heard Karma’s a bitch. From under a rock to findin anotha rock to hit yo head wit. I just got one question fo ya … This yo final final answer? It’s no return no ’xchange round here. It don’ matter if damaged goods be what you’re after.” ' Hoots of laughter from the crowd. ' “Are you fo sure fo sure? You look asthmatic, fur-allergic – you got yo inhaler in yo purse? From wheez-wheez-wheezing outta tha crib Tuh crawl-crawl-crawlin down tuh da grave … dat you yaself dig…” ' Robin complements his performance with gestures. Giggles from the girls in the audience and an air horn sound effect from the DJ. Karma’s shaking. It’s only Alex’s hand on hers that’s holding her together. They did know something like this was going to happen, and she knew it longer. Breaking up with Robin was equivalent to social suicide. He’s varsity, a
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Chapter 4: The Underdog
“I gotta say, Robin, tha nickname A-Dwag suits you Coz when you said you were gonna be tha bigger man Man, you sucked at bein a man – you a wolf!” ' The randos wait with bated breath while the hip-hoppers have meh written on their faces. It’s probably because Alex sounds like he’s already conceding when, in battle rap, you’re not supposed to give anyone any quarter. ' “You’re great at fine whinin ’n denyin You’re nastier than Two-Face ’n Dr. Jerk-ill … when he’s hidin Hyde in!” ' The crowd reacts uncertainly; a sign that Alex’s writtens are flying over their heads. He needs to make some adjustments… ' “You said you were gonna show tha Gentleman You Turns out, you showed everybody tha Despicable You. If you’re Gru, then are these yo minions? These yellow-belly bananas with perfect fashion coordination?” ' He makes a sweeping gesture at Robin’s gang members, who are quick to flash him the finger and hurl insults. Scattered giggles in the audience. Every Cage Dawg is
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Chapter 5: The Magic Van
The Cage Dawgz leave with their tails tucked between their legs. Alex is the club’s new celebrity. Everybody wants to pat his back, shake his hand and take a selfie with him. Everybody offers to buy him beer and asks his name so they can follow him online. He tells them he’s not a pro rapper and doesn’t have any pages or official channels set up. He gives them a false name and account he has on ice exactly for situations like this, and he never once takes his shades off. Alex Montecristo aka Ben Montecristo aka White Wolf is basically a ghost online. The most consistent names he uses are Alex Montecristo and Edward Dantes. But even those are obviously made up; a paean to the "Count of Montecristo", its author and main character. After a while, Karma and he manage to slip away from all the attention. Alex pretends to be drunk out of his mind from all the free shots that have been passed to him. Karma assists him to the parking lot, her huge Fendi bag on her left shoulder and Alex on
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Chapter 6: Damage Control
As Alex counts one minute on his watch, he removes both their teabags with a teaspoon and discards them in a waste basket. He sits on one of the captain’s chairs in the front, which he has swiveled to face the sofa. “You were saying about breakups…” Karma prods as they let the tea cool down. “Basically, you’ve got two people who loved each other for years turning into each other’s worst nightmares overnight. But see, that’s what most people get wrong about the process. A breakup isn’t an election where you try and show everybody who’s the bigger asshole so you get sympathy votes. It’s not an outlet either for you to release all your pent-up dissatisfaction. “On the contrary, the more emotionally invested you become, the longer the process would be, and the more terrible. And not only for the couple but also their families, their friends. I’m guessing you’ve seen the fallout of many breakups on social media.” She nods. “And that’s where you come in.” “That’s where I come in. It’s i
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Chapter 7: The Watering Hole
The morning after, Alex is nursing a mild hangover with a steaming cup of red ginseng and some of the avocado and crackers he offered Karma last night. Speaking of Karma, she went home via Grab. “Who’s our next client, Kane?” Alex calls out to his disembodied virtual assistant. Kane gathers and analyzes content freely available on social media and creates millions of personality profiles to choose from. As Karma anticipated last night, the Boys Are Wolves app has automatically severed all ties between her and Alex. Once she made her rating, the app’s self-delete function activated, leaving the gig 100% invitation-only and virtually untraceable. Boys Are Wolves isn’t on Googol Play, Apple Store or any other distribution platform. It appears as a sponsored post after certain keywords are typed by a user, and then the user is led to an external website. Presently, Kane turns on the van’s TV and says: “We have 2 potential candidates… Option 1: Brianna Iris Torres Durante. Fashionista.
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Chapter 8: Wolf Trap
“Bro, that was intense,” Marc’s telling Alex in the locker room as they’re getting dressed after showers. Aside from a towel wrapped around his waist, Alex is naked except for a silver necklace that dangles a Black Nazarene medallion and tattoos on his back and arms. Alex makes sure to keep his privates properly covered with the towel. Guys walking around butt-naked in the locker room is another of Marc’s pet peeves. “Which part?” Alex asks him. “Cause that dude had so many climaxes.” At first, Marc looks at him as though he can’t believe what he has just said; then he bursts out laughing. “Yeah, that dude was having multiple orgasms,” Marc says. “Seriously though, you think he’ll be back? I’d hate to throw away my membership fee cause I just started here.” “He should be. I mean, all you did was tell him off. He’s a grown man. He can take it. And if things heat up again between you two, don’t worry. I’ve got your back.” “Thanks, bro,” Alex says and reaches over for another fis
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Chapter 9: Bros
“You’re THE Marcus de Sade?” Alex blurts out when they’re outside. They’ve spilled out onto the sidewalk and into the conflux of people, but it’s near noon so there are pockets of privacy. They’ve managed to slip into one of these pockets. “Yep, nice to meet you,” Marc says. “Whoa! Bro, you’re a legend yourself!” “Um, I wouldn’t really say that unless you’re a 30-plus-year-old mom or a virgin schoolgirl.” “I mean it, bro, you’re a legend in my circles too.” “And what circles is that, if I may ask?” Alex glances over his shoulder to check if there’s anyone within earshot. They’re both fast walkers so there isn’t. “I’m a PUA,” he says, using the well-known abbreviation for Pick-Up Artist. “Shut the front door!” Alex beams proudly at his new BFF. “Today’s chock-full of surprises,” he adds. “No kidding,” Marc says. “I always knew your kind existed even this deep in the Catholic bastion. I just never actually met one.” “Ha! Catholic bastion… I like that. How’s the Church treatin
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