Unexpected CRASH Of My Life

Unexpected CRASH Of My Life

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Book 1st in First Generation Possessive Series (FGP series) ARJUN KASHYAP , 28 years Old , Co Owner of K & K CORPORATION , a multibillionaire company of India, A new emerging face among the herd of top Businessman of the World. A Beast in Character. No one can double crossed him. But his loose his heart to the beauty whom he loves to call JAAN .. PASHIKA SINHA, a 22 years old, A struggling girl who was fighting with the cruel Society of the world. "A new version of Beauty and the Beast.." For ARJUN it's Love at first sight For PASHIKA its Hate at first sight... This story is about Unconditional love and strong bond of friendship.. One crash can change someone's life. It's takes unexpected turns and?? ARJUN : You are Mine and I am Yours JAAN PASHIKA : I am no one to you so stay away from me. You BEAST. Two different people. Two different Life. Two different souls and their unconditional love with lots of ups and downs, full of unexpected twists and turns. A complete roller coaster ride of BEAUTY and the BEAST. This is my first story so please bear with me. English isn't my first language so I'm aware of my grammar mistakes.

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    90 chapters
    Prologue/ Glimpse of the Story:-
    ARJUN Kashyap :-I Love you Jaan !!You're Mrs . PASHIKA ARJUN KASHYAPI love you more than anything in the whole world not because you're my wife.. it's simply because you're my life , you're my Home and you're my blessings.PASHIKA Sinha :-I AM NOT YOUR WIFE !!I AM NO ONE TO YOU !!BECAUSE I SIMPLY HATE YOU !!I HATE YOU MR. ARJUN KASHYAP FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO ME...ARJUN :-You think that you can easily go away from me then you're wrong Mrs PASHIKA ARJUN KASHYAP........apni akhiri saansh tak tumhe kahin Jane nahi dunga . (I won't let you go anywhere till my last breath)I'll not leave you .. You're my Everything Jaan !!!You're mine to Love !!Mine to hate !!Mine to broke !!And mine to mend !!Never in my entire life I want anything like I want you You're My Jaan !!Arjun said while looking intensely into her deep brown eyes . He stood near to her . Her hot breathing were creating havoc in him . He pressed himself on to her body and she trembled because of his nearness"I
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    Introduction of The leads & Characters
    PASHIKA SINHA "A broken BEAUTY , with Brain and Braveness""If I'm not a strong woman then I am not a weakling either" .... ,, Pashika SinhaARJUN KASHYAP "A Ruthless Virgin BEAST""Yes ! I'm Possesive . I won't share you with anyone . You are Mine and I'm Yours" ..... ,, Arjun KashyapDAVIS GREY"Sexiest MONSTER in Human Disguise""I'm nothing but a Monster , Sunshine" .... ,, Davis Grey(Male lead of Book 2 'Sexiest MONSTER and His Possession' in First Generation Possessive Series) NEIL KHANNA"A Cold-hearted Handsome DEVIL Who don't believe in Forgive and Forget""I'm Good but not An Angel" ... ,, Neil Khanna(Male lead of Book 3 'Devil's CRUEL Love' in First Generation Possessive Series)DANIEL MILLER "A Smiling DEMON King""This world is very cruel Soul. Come to my Cage" .... ,, Daniel Xavier Miller(Male lead of Book 4 'Demon's CAGED Love' in First Generation Possessive Series)RUDRA SINGH RATHORE"A Soulless HADES and an angry Police Officer""A gentleman only has eyes fo
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    Chapter 1) BEAUTY And The BEAST
    Pashika POV :-Today's Sunday and it is really a beautiful Morning which is Full of Black clouds and thunderstorms are ready to made use It's looks like that it'll be raining anytime soon.Birds are flying freely and enjoying their freedom... Hmmmm my life !!A Sigh escape from my mouth ..yeah it's August 2 and Today's Friendship day . Everyone is celebrating friendship day but what about me ? It's not like that I don't have friends . It's not like that I don't have times for them . It's simply because I don't want them to involve in my dark Life..Oh ! Sorry I forgot to introduce myself .My name is PASHIKA SINHA . You can call me Shikoo .I am 22 years old and I am a Teacher . I work in an orphanage and teach English I am 5'5 Inches, fair, and beautiful girl and this beauty of mine is a curse to me . My beauty has caused me a lot of pain and I can never forget those painsBut my pains fade away whenever I am surrounded by children . I love kids and teaching them always give me p
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    Chapter 2) Unexpected CRASH Of My Life
    At K & K CORPORATION !NEIL KHANNA POV :-Saturday night wasn't good for me. I was drunk . I went there just to forget about her but nothing worked on my pain .I was thinking alot about everything or I can simply say that I was thinking about her .I sighs loudly..Each day is suffocating to me . Every night , I only think about her . I even don't want to say her name. She was mine.My Star !!My ruling star But It's hurts so much to think about her. She betrayed me and broke my heart in thousands of pieces like it was nothing .I HATE her for ruining me . For making my life hell But she awakened my Devil side which I always tried to surpassed it but not now not anymore . And I am not going to leave her alone.Because I am not a Saint . I am going to punish her for everything. Babe just wait and watch .Sweetheart I will come , definitely come to you. Make your life living hell just like mine.But i don't want Arjun to know about it . He did everything for me . For my pain . He took
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    Chapter 3) Fire Of Possessiveness
    PASHIKA POV :-Taxi driver is driving very rashly . I told him so many times to drive slowly and but he is getting on my nerves. Uff these male species. Dadu is sitting near me and playing candy crush in his phone . And I am smiling to see him like this . Care-free but sometimes Dadu irritates me alot and we always involves in the arguments . Obviously on the topic of my marriage . Yeah my marriage !!For me marriage is a choice and I choose to not to get that choice. I don't want to get married and leave my dadu alone . He is my everything . I know he loves me alot and I am his last responsibility but it doesn't matter to me . Why should I . . *Aaaaaahhh*My train of thoughts suddenly broke when my head hits with the backside of the seat ..I scream and held my head with my hands. My head is hurting too much . My visions are blurry but I have to be strong for my dadu .Where is he? Is he fine? I am crying loudly .Calling him but no response ."Dadu ! Dadu ! Where are you ?" .....
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    Chapter 4) Smitten BEAST
    Arjun's heart was beating so fast like it looked like it would explode anytime . His mouth went dry , his mind was blank.He didn't find a word to say just continued to staring at her .That waitress was staring at him too. Waiting for him to respond but Arjun's mind was only dancing on the tune of 'His Jaan' (His life)"Why the hell he is not saying anything" .... ,, Pashika thought as she started to feel irritating by his creepy behaviourArjun was gawking at her dumbfoundedly. Like he was not going to believe that his Jaan was standing in front of him in the waitress uniform ."What ? Waitress uniform?" .... ,, Arjun's mind said and he ran his eyes over Pashika and a ball of anger rose in his chest "Why the hell she's wearing this tight short skirt" ..... ,, Arjun asked to himselfArjun was now glaring at her. His eyes turned red due to anger. He was not going to leave her .Firstly she disappeared from the hospital without any information and now she was in the cafe as a waitre
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    Chapter 5) BEAUTY's HIDDEN PAIN
    NEIL ! .... ,, That hazel eyes man said and Pashika stood still at her placeWhat ? .... ,, She stammered confusedly Hi !! I am NEIL . NEIL KHANNA ... ,, He said and smile at her but Pashika was shocked and absent mindly she whispered 'Dadda'Neil simply smile at her and Pashika's mind stopped functioning due to this Suddenly Neil said "YOU'RE CUTE" like bubbles "What the ? Get out".. ,, Pashika spoke angrily and closed the door at his face Pashika hide herself under the blanket and asked Who was He ? NEIL KHANNA? Neil is my Dadda's name"Pashika thought and tears welled up in her eyes . She was weak because she was missing her parents . For her , there were no festivals . no holidays and no celebrations. She was in pain . Her parents are very sensitive matter for her and now that hazel eyes man was sharing the same name like her father 'NEIL' Pashika fell asleep and wlhen she woke up she felt like she was locked inside a freezer . Pashika was feeling very cold. Her body was fre
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    Chapter 6) BEAST's Obsession
    Pashika whimpered under Arjun's tight hold and started crying very badly. Neil facepalmed himself for Arjun's BEASTLY behaviour and said " Arjun ! Leave her hand" Arjun took a glance of Neil's Hazel eyes and loosen his grip on Pashika . She cried and Arjun saw hurt, pain, anger and hate in her eyes for him Neil tried to consoles Pashika but she pushed Neil's hand away and ran back to the cafe.. Arjun wanted to follow her but Neil stopped him and told "Jun ! Give her some time and space . She needs it" and Arjun agreed to Neil They both went back to the company but Arjun's mind was continuously playing the last scene of cafe back to back Neil read Arjun's expression and assured him that "Jun ! If your intentions are good then she would come back to you" Arjun cursed himself for acting like a maniac with Pashika . She was hurt because of him and this thought stabbed his chest severally At other side , Pashika hide herself in the storeroom and cried badly "How could he behave like
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    Chapter 7) Ten Days Of Ultimatum
    Pashika was really frustrated and scared of Arjun . specially his mesmerizing deep black eyes . His actions turned more obsessive after his obsessive confession which was more like a threat to PashikaArjun started to send messages to Pashika like 'Good morning Jaan', 'Good night Jaan', 'I like you baby' , 'I am missing you so much Jaan' . Pashika was really irritated and helpless to do anythingAnd Arjun's craziness didn't stop there . Now, Arjun started to following her around like a shadow , from cafe to her house, from her house to the cafe. Even in the market and the hospital tooPashika thought sometimes to talk to him but she left this matter because Arjun didn't take comes in her personal space that was a relief for herSomehow she felt relieved because of Arjun's beastly threats no other male tried to get close to her unnecessarily"Jaan !" . . . ,, Arjun called Pashika as She turned around and when their eyes locked to each other , Arjun tried to conveys his love through his
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    Chapter 8) Last Day Of Ultimatum
    PASHIKA felt threatened because of Arjun's 10 days Ultimatums. She was a broken soul and nobody would be able to mend her. After announcing his ten days announcement , Arjun used his Power to blocked all the news and pictures , related to him and Pashika from spreading to the internet or the news channel . He didn't want media to involve in his life and at other side , Arjun didn't stop himself from sending love messages and flowers to impressed Pashika Arjun didn't want to miss any chance to show his likeness and obsession towards her but Pashika was in mess . Her mind stopped working properly. Her grandfather's conditions was not good and she couldn't shift him back to the government hospital . Pashika's problems started to come one by one . Now , her landlord also made excuses to get close to her and threatened her to paid the rents and bills . Hospital's bills and loan's interests were increasing day by day. She was near to drowned in the ocean of the need of money. Pashika d
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