The Mafia Bodyguard

The Mafia Bodyguard

By:  Racheal Oyebadejo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lorenzo, a ruthless and loyal Caporegime of the italian Mafia Family is sent on his last mission to destroy the Leone Family. After being promised the Mafia Boss title and an adoption into the DeVille Family following his success, He infiltrates the Leone Family, gains their trust and becomes the bodyguard of Bria Leone; the only daughter of the family. Soon, he falls in love with Bria and is put in a dilemma when he receives an order to kill his lover and her Father. His devotion to the family and life is however threatened and he is forced to choose between love and mafia duties. Would he betray the mafia for love? Or would he betray his lover for the mafia?

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was nighttime in Catania, Sicily, but it didn't look it. The rain had barely ceased and the endless chatters of passers-by seemed to harmonise with the loud music playing from the street bars. The streetlights brightened the rowdy footpath as three tall men wearing black shirts and hats that rhymed with the darkness walked hastily. "Ehi! Sei Cieco! (Hey! Are you blind?)" A man who looked in his early thirties shouted as he hit his shoulder against the chest of one of the three men. Luca, the third man in question slowly slipped his finger into his pocket. "He's drunk! Lets go" the leader, who was in the centre of the three cautioned and Luca bowed his head, resuming his steps. The men paused, they seemed to have gotten to their destination. Their dark figures were cast on the wet ground and the tickles of rain drops splashed against the small puddles of water on the soil. Lorenzo de niro, popularly called Enzo- the Mafian gang leader stood in front of the cream building with
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Chapter 2
It was just 7am and the sun had risen in Noto. Rays of sunlight had managed to escape into Lorenzo's fully furnished bedroom, softly pressing against the pores of his skin. His eyes flinched immediately. He raised his palm to intercept its light but his attempts proved futile, he was awake already. He stared at his window blinds, he had absolutely forgotten to draw the blinds the previous night- anyways, it was too late to draw them now, he thought.Lorenzo stood up from bed with a stretch. He had no memory whatsoever of what had happened the previous night except that he had drank so much wine. His head still hurt from the hangover, but he was used to it already. He took one more step forward and felt something warm under his feet. looking down, he realized he had trampled upon the shirt he wore the previous day. He racked his brain trying to figure out what it was doing on the floor in the first place. It must have been so hot last night. He thought as he picked it up and hanged it
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Chapter 3
Lorenzo entered the highly furnished apartment.The home contained marble floors throughout as well as beautiful hand painted murals. It still looked the same as it did 16 years ago, when he was first brought into the DeVille House. A middle aged fat woman moved towards him in excitement. "Lorenzo!" She cried out, giving him a hug and a kiss on his two cheeks afterwards."Signora!" Lorenzo retorted grinning from ear to ear. He was excited to see her. She was the Chef of the DeVille Family and had always given him Motherly care. When he was young, he always got special treatment from her that upset the others. He was glad he got to see her again."My Lorenzo, I missed you. It's been how many years now. What? 5? Or 6? Tell me" she said with a raspy voice dragging his two cheeks playfully. Lorenzo gave a hearty grin. "You're getting old Signora, have you been well?" He asked and she Chortled. "Oh my dear, since you've been gone. There's no one here to make me laugh. Now that you're he
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Chapter 4
"It's good to see your face Miss Bria. Good to see you finally decided to honor my invitation after many failed attempts to reach you!" Romeo said with a slightly raised voice. It was quite obvious hat he was agitated but trying to be as calm as possible. If he was failing or succeeding at it, the young woman in her early twenties didn't seem to notice or care. " Are you listening, Miss?" Romeo asked with a forced smile, bowing his head to match that of the slender lady he was talking to - Bria Leone. "My coffee has gone cold" Bria said, with almost no enthusiasm in the tone of her voice. She was still seated confidently, legs crossed and her hair covered with a white hat that matched the long designer suit she wore. "Oh.." Romeo raised his head, trying to hide his disappointment. ".. right.. sorry about that.." he forced a smile again and picked up the land phone on his table. He returned it after muttering a few words and then turned back to Bria Leone who showed no interest in t
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