Catherine Spice

Catherine Spice

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His presence alone commanded authority, despite his soft and innocent looking features. She felt the atmosphere of the room instantly change whenever she was around him. Catherine had never known what fear and respect were till she met him and yet she was still lethaly attracted to him.

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. ALL Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental and unintended. This book is intended for mature audiences only. It contains scenes of strong language, violence, death or dying, kidnapping and abduction, blood, abuse and sexual content. This material may be harmful or traumatizing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. A shrieking sound echoed down the hallway as she slowly dragged the blood-stained axe across the lavish marble tiles. It was one of her dirtiest kills. The mayor's headless corpse clumsily slumped in his chair. It had been a quick and painless death. She never liked to make her victims suffer. "He is in the office!" someone shouted from the reception. The sound of heavy footsteps followed soon after the alert. Catherine wasted
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" At the time he was still a teenager, he might have changed a bit but, he had jet black hair maybe, six-foot-tall at the time. He was charming too." She blushed and rocked herself in her chair. Catherine felt sick at the sight. " He was beautiful his eyes were so clear and so rare, he was just beautiful, beautiful and deadly." " Beautiful? Is that all you remember? Did he have any marks on his face or hands any distinct features?" asked Cathy. The woman violently shook her head and mouthed the word 'Beautiful' before daydreaming again. Catherine rose from her seat. What a waste of time. She swiftly grabbed the woman by her hair turned her around, choked her till her ears turned pink and her body began to slump to the ground. " Thank you for nothing ", she uttered. Collected her money and walked out the bar. The man who had accompanied her there was long gone. She sighed heavily and made her way back to the hotel avoiding the roads she used to get to the market."Did you catch your f
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As she barely managed to swallow the rest of her breakfast she made sure to memorize the faces of the staff around her as well as take note of the camera blind spots and possible exits around her in a somewhat calm manner. Feelings of frustration and anxiety danced in her chest. No matter how many mental stimulations she made. There was no way should make it out of that mansion alive. "Shit!" exclaimed Cathy. The sound of her spoon banging against the table drew all eyes in the room to her. 'fuck'. She held her breath as the Viper slowly lifted his head. His mouth was stuffed to the max and had muffin crumbs around his mouth. Like a toddler eating candy for the first time. Yet, his eyes. His eyes were cold yet, somewhat emotionless. They were a dark shade of grey now. Cathy felt a sharp sting when their eyes met. He giggled and carefully wiped his mouth. " Nes, language", he smiled stiffly, " People get punished for it you know". He slowly made his way to her seat, squeezing her che
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"Quello velenoso è arrivato," said a short man in an ever so tight tuxedo and a bright white grin. "Il tuo italiano è ancora una merda" replied the man beside him "don't let the real viper hear you say that, we both know his venom is more lethal than yours".The small group burst into laughter. Catherine watched the party from the top of the staircase as the guests mingled with each other she took note of the security and other staff. She only recognised a few people in the room most of which were either chief detectives or ministers of defence and justice from various countries. 'What is he planning on doing? Why gather all his minions in this place?' she thought. She had spent five hours in a car to get to the venue. Her driver was heavily armed and probably more trained than she was. She memorized the route from the viper's residence to the party venue. The only trouble was, they never used the public roads. Her driver had used secluded roads that cut through forests. Her only landm
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"where are we going?" Cathy asked the driver from the backseat. He ignored her so she turned to face the Viper seated right next to her. She raised an eyebrow. " Here, you will need this," He handed her two smartphones and a stack of business cards. The cards read De Luca estates and the contact details read 'Rosa Ricci'. " it already has all the contact details of the secretaries and receptionists of most of the people I work with. The other one is your personal cell, for your entertainment," he said. Catherine accepted the devices and opened her personal cell first. It was sleek and her favourite shade of red. The only pre-installed app was the messaging app, the only number in her contacts was saved as V. She dialled it and his phone began to vibrate. "call only in emergencies" he said. Cathy scoffed." I suppose this Rosa Ricci is me?" she asked. He ignored her. 'If you are going to keep me around you might as well get used to hearing me talk' she thought. "and to your right is one
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Damian, the name floated around in Cathy's mind the whole night. "Pfft, what a name for a mafia don, Damian, who named him?" she thought. Cathy groaned slightly irritated by the sound of the grandfather clock that echoed throughout the mansion. " I swear when I find that clock.." she grumbled. "you will leave it right where you found it". The sound of his voice nearly sent Catherine flying out of her bed. He extended his hand palm facing upward. " My report. I suppose you filed my taxes as I asked you to?" he said. She sighed and pushed herself out of bed. She fought the urge to throw the file in his face as she walked back to him. "thanks", he smiled call Dimitri and tell him to expect me by two-thirty today. Oh, and you will not be accompanying me today. I want you to stay here and draw up a new household budget for each department. I need to cut costs where I can ." Cathy glared at him. The past week had been beyond frustrating for her. She handled his finances and had access to
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"I am afraid you'll have to arrange for another visit, Nesta isn't feeling well I am-" "All the more reason she should be with me if she continues to be ill around you, it's a sign she is not ready for this place yet," argued Mrs Casterbridge. She took a bold step toward Alessandro. She was close enough to feel his breath against her face when she continued. "My driver will remain here till she wakes up and will accompany her back to my place in one of your cars". 'Yes, you do that. Anywhere is better than here.' Thought Nesta still trying her best to remain still on the plush king-sized bed. She had regained consciousness a while ago but now was not the right time to get up. If she were to get up now, she would be forced to choose between them. "Xael, pack her bags and load them in the car. Be sure to pack all her essentials after all who knows how long she will be gone?" Xael hesitantly bowed and nervously walked away. He wanted to take his master's side bu
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Days went by much slower than she expected, but the nights felt were painstakingly slow. The nightmares began when the Mrs of the mansion started serving her tea before bedtime. During her stay, she had been shown photographs and videos of her alleged past as Nesta. It was evident that Mrs Casterbridge was desperate for her to regain her memory. Cathy tried whenever she could to avoid consuming the tea, often she would spill it in a nearby flower pot but the nightmares still wouldn't end. " no", she panted heavily, "It won't end like this way" she mumbled. Her vision was hazy, she desperately stumbled through the meadow chasing a silhouette. "Nesta stop !" a voice called pulling her out of the meadow. She squirmed but couldn't break free. Faster and faster the voices and the wind pulled her out of the foggy meadow and back into her room. She gasped. Now wide awake and covered in sweat, she tried many nights to rationalize the source of her nightmares and only one word lingered in her
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" Did you arrange what I asked for?" asked Nesta, making sure to keep her eyes on Aurielle who was wandering around taking photographs of everything she saw with her polaroid. "Yes," Lynn responded, "but we don't have much time". "just take me to him" she turned. Nesta was grateful for having acquainted herself with Lynn. She was able to arrange a hotel room for the day at such short notice but, given she had taken Aurielle without her father's consent it was only a matter of time before he found them. Despite this Nesta was more concerned about what she would discover. "Welcome, I am Daniel and I hope I will be of great assistance to you today I understand you are in a hurry please, take a seat and try your best to relax". Hypnosis, wasn't something she believed in but, she was dying to know the meaning behind her dreams. Were they an omen of what is to come or worse, were they memories of who she used to be? "take care of the kid, I'll find you when I am done" she instructed. "Alrig
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Since her appointment with Daniel, Nesta's sleep problem only worsened. Taking care not to wake the tween next to her. She silently slipped out of bed and made her way to her office. The door had been left ajar. Peeping inside she saw Damian slowly walking around the room. A cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. His jet-black hair seemed to glisten in the moonlight. It was her first time seeing him dressed in casual clothing. It seemed to hug him in all the right places.His gold-rimmed glasses highlighted his sharp jawline and dim office lights struck his exposed veins in the right ways. It was then that Nesta realised how attractive he was and how sexually frustrated she was."could ask you the same thing" he replied in a low tone, not taking his eyes off the book. She hated how his deep voice sent sparks racing up down her spine, shaking her to her core. "hmm" she hummed. Completely mesmerized by the man before her, she was attracted to him, she wouldn't bother lying to
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