The Strong Siren Type: Celeste

The Strong Siren Type: Celeste

By:  Sherrie Carbajal  Ongoing
Language: English
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Celeste Torelli is an ER surgeon, a damn good one, and everyone knows it. She works her ass off to help anyone who lands on her table. What most people don’t know is that she is a siren. More accurately, a hybrid. Her mother, a siren. Her father, a wizard. She saves lives every day, but that is nothing compared to what she is about to go through. In trying to make her father happy, she inadvertently gets thrown into the mix of an organization hell bent on wiping paranormals off the face of the earth. With her family’s life at stake, stress starts to take hold. As if her life isn’t complicated enough, love seems to creep into the equation too. Can she deal with all of this? Is she strong enough to be what everyone needs her to be? No one wants to be on the receiving end when she finds out.THE STRONG SIREN TYPE - CELESTE is created by SHERRIE CARBAJAL, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

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51 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Here we go...
PrologueThere is a point in every person's life that they can consider a defining moment. Now, a lot of people have that moment later in their life, and it comes in the form of a little ray of sunshine. It's like some golden epiphany. Unfortunately, that was not my experience. Not by a long shot. My name is Celeste Torelli, and my defining moment came when I was fifteen years old. It was not a ray of sunshine. It was not a golden epiphany. It was a tragedy and was, by far, even to this day, the lowest point in my life. It changed everything for me. I didn't know it then, but it would also change things for everyone I had in my life.CelesteAs I stared down at the bloodied mess of a man on my table, I closed my eyes to steady my breathing. I may be used to it now, but it will never be pleasant to look at, by any means. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. I opened my eyes again and set about pulling multiple bullets from his battered body. I swear, it actually looks like
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CHAPTER 2: The retreat...
CelesteMuch to my dismay, the hospital director and surgical staff were more than happy to cover my shifts. In their defense, they have been trying to get me to take a vacation for two and a half years. I suppose this was their chance. I'll admit, their concern was heartwarming, but completely unnecessary. I'm much stronger than most people. I can really endure a lot, because, well, I'm a paranormal.Let me clarify some things. As you already know, this retreat I am supposed to go on is put on by the Paranormal Council. They govern and rule on all persons and matters of a paranormal nature. It is a council of twelve, and my father sits on that council. My mom, my dad, and myself are all paranormals. My dad is a wizard. My mom was a siren. I am a hybrid of the two. I have powers from both species. My mom taught me a lot before she passed, but my dad carried on what training he could after. The scary part of all this is the added responsibility of a council member's heir to follow in th
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CHAPTER 3: Stressed out...
RiccoWhen I get back downstairs, I head to the kitchen. Time to see if the advance detail I sent did their job. I open the fridge, and thankfully, it is well stocked. Good. Less for me to worry about. I survey the contents and decide what to make. Hmmm. Let's see. Got it! BLT, quick and easy. Oddly enough, it was Celeste's favorite after - school snack in high school. Perfect. I get the bacon started first, then prep the veggies while I wait. Of course, the smell of bacon brings visitors."What smells so good, Mr. Torelli?" Devan shouts as he strides up to the counter."Hi, Devan. I'm just making Celeste a BLT. Why?" I say, giving him a look of mock ignorance. I laugh though when an almost sad look reaches his face. "Do you want one too?" Instant smile."If it's not too much trouble, sir.""Of course not. What about you, Ty?" I ask the slightly elder detail member standing behind Devan, trying very hard to hold in his laughter."Well, the only reason I take on these extra details is s
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CHAPTER 4: Welcome wagon...
AjaxShit! Here we are, two weeks of irritating idiots getting on my nerves. Why must Dad insist on me attending these things? My time would be much better spent at the office. My patients will be a mess by the time I get back. That's the thing about being a psychologist. People count on you being part of their routine. When you're trying to work through something traumatic, having some sense of normalcy is key to starting recovery. I hope this doesn't undo all the hard work they put in. At least I'll have some peace and quiet to catch up on my charting. That's the only silver lining here. Or so I thought.We pull up in front of the house, and Dad and I get out of the car. As soon as we do, I hear a squeal of delight, followed by fast footsteps running in our direction. I turn just in time to see someone jump into my dad's arms."Uncle Anthony! Oh my god, it's been so long. Too long!"What in the world? Dad squeezed her in return and lifted her up in a big bear hug."Oh, sweetheart! I'
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CHAPTER 5: Let the battle begin...
RandolAfter breakfast, the morning we are heading to town with Celeste, I head back to my room to get ready to go. From the moment I saw her on that porch yesterday, my wolf has been turning cartwheelsin my head. His whining was so loud, I thought I might go deaf. In between whines, I could hear him proclaim, "Our mate!" and anytime she spoke to someone else he screamed, "Mine!" I could barely keep him in check. I had to mentally talk him down."Kai! You have to calm down. You are going to scare her off before we even have a chance." He whined as he slunk to the back of my mind again. I get his excitement though. She is not only gorgeous, but also kind, friendly, smart, and I'm sure the list goes on butI'm still getting to know her, so I'll add on later.I finish getting ready and head down to the kitchen for some coffee while I wait. It's only 9:30 a.m., so there is still some time before we leave. While I'm sitting at the counter, the other five guyswho wanted to go trickle into
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CHAPTER 6: What just happened...
CelesteIt's time to leave, but what is going on today? Everyone is acting so weird. I don't know. Maybe it's jet lag. Maybe I'm just imagining it. I've known these guys since we were little, but I haven't seen most of them in a decade or so. We came to retreats with our parents growing up, so maybe it's just that they are different from how they acted back then so it makes their current behavior seem odd. Whoknows? Moving on. We need to get going. I'll feel a lot better once the infirmary is fully stocked. It makes me oddly tense to be even slightly unprepared.We are on our way to the door when Daddy comes into view. "Morning, Daddy. We were just about a leave." He wraps me in a hug at his side, and looks at the guys that are walking behind me."Good morning, gentlemen. Nice to see you all again." They all echo his greeting. "Just a reminder, this is my baby girl. I love herdearly. If anything were to happen to her, I would not hesitate to rip all your heads off.""Oh my god, Daddy
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CHAPTER 7: Things are getting serious...
RiccoCeleste and her newly acquired fan club left the house close to ten this morning. Once I was able to tamp down all of my murderous thoughts, which I admit took a while, I enter the conference room. Already sitting around the conference table are the other eleven council members. We start the meeting by discussing the state of everyone's clans, packs, prides, and families. A few minor issues but nothing that required council intervention. Unfortunately, that means it's time for more serious discussions."As everyone knows, our main reason for this retreat is that we must inform our heirs that they only have a year before they ascend as members. Now, if anyone has a hotheaded child like mine, you'll understand why I wanted to tell all the heirs here. Together. With lots of witnesses." Snickers arise through the room. Little did they know I am serious. "I have planned another meeting for tomorrowmorning to let them know. We will be training and advising them for an entire year afte
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CHAPTER 8: Work it out...
RandolAfter leaving the little "encounter" with Mr. Torelli, I head to my room. Once I close the door, I walk to my bed and fall face - first into it. Dear God. What in the hell just happened?! Every hot - blooded male knows how nerve - racking it is to meet the parents. If you add in the father being the most powerful known wizard in almost half a millennium? Terrifying. There is no other way to describe the feeling of sitting in that room with him. Some big bad wolf I am. I shook like a newborn pup.I raise my head and glare out the window. He did make valid points, though. Celeste is a very special girl. She's been through a lot in her life too. We were all aware of what had happened to her mother in the car accident. It's always hard to lose a parent, but to have one die in your arms, and at such a young age, would be gut - wrenching. It would take a strong person to bounce back from that. She did, though, and then used it as motivation to help others. She is exceptional. She dese
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CHAPTER 9: A breath of fresh air...
RandolWhen I said this, Celeste comes to a dead stop. Her eyes get as wide as saucers too. It takes everything I have not to fall down laughing."What the hell do you mean see you naked?" she basically screams this at me.Okay. Can't help it anymore. Have to laugh. When I can breathe again, I explain myself. "I want to shift and introduce you to Kai, my wolf. He's going to give you a ride around the forest, to get some fresh air. In order to do that, I have to take my clothes off or they'll shred in the process. This way I can go behind a tree to preserve my modesty.""Two things. Number one, you should lead with that explanation next time you try to coerce a girl to go into the woods with you. Number two, I doubt, very seriously, that you have any modesty, Randol."I clap my hand over my heart and gasp in mock hurt. "Ms. Torelli, you wound me." She chuckles that cute little chuckle that makes Kai wag his tail. Settle down, boy. "That little chuckle of yours is very cute. Ya know that
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CHAPTER 10: Time to let go...
CamonWell, that was an interesting conversation. Her dad is much scarier than I remember. God, I need a drink. I make my way downstairs to the parlor area. Before I reached the door, I hear voices. Oh, please don't be Mr. Torelli. I turn the corner to see Cerin and Chase sitting at the bar area. Ah! Safe! "Hey, guys. Looks like everyone needs a drink before dinner, huh?"Cerin rattles the ice in his glass around with a faraway look in his eyes. "I can't do it, guys. I'm out.""I'm confused. What are we talking about?" I say with one eyebrow cocked."I can't watch another woman that I love die as I live on in immortality. Vampire's curse, ya know. I can't turn her either. She's a surgeon. She loves it too. She would never be able to do that being a vampire. The temptation would be too much to handle. She deserves to be happy. She's an amazing woman.""That's what I was thinking about before I got here too, man. That's why I needed this." I hold my beer in the air for emphasis. "I was t
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