My Cold Billionaire Husband

My Cold Billionaire Husband

By:  Bunnykoo  Updated just now
Language: English
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arranged marriage to the richest man in the country, I'm his wife Inaya Habib is just another property of his that he absolutely refuses to sell or forfeit. What seemed like a bond of love ended up being a result of hatred. A mere devil's pawn, she thought to herself. Filled with nothing but hatred, remorse, and regret. Even after 3 years of separation, getting a divorce from him is still an impossible task to accomplish! Inaya by all means refused to contact him.. and he didn't bother to contact her as well. but why is it that when I finally decided to find another man to love and live happily with, my cold husband turned into someone I never met before?

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93 Chapters
chapter 1
hello, my lovely readers, bunnykoo is here! i love to come up with different and unique concepts to write. I challenge myself with different genres. Hope you love and appreciate my work. ♥︎____INAYA -My grandmother was a kind lady, so kind that one day when she was walking down the street and found a homeless boy, she lovingly looked at the poor little creature then the first idea that came to her head was: I'm going to raise him! He's my son from this day onwards!Not only she opposed her in-law's objections, she even threatened to get a divorce and take away the real grandchild of the family, namely my father, with her after the divorce if the little homeless boy was not accepted and treated as a family member as well.At the time, She had no idea she made the biggest and most profitable investment in our country: that little boy who almost died in the streets, Belguassem Filladi, grew up and established the largest Corporation in the whole country!He became the richest man in Al
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chapter 2
INAYA -"I haven't heard from you in a long time Inaya," the caller said immediately.His voice sends shivers all over my body...That deep hoarseness... That coldness.It all belonged to one certain person. He was Hamza!My ex-husband!I haven't seen nor heard from him for about 3 years, still even after such a long time I still recognized his voice.My heart started beating fast immediately... Not out of love but out of pure hatred!Hamza not hearing a sound from me continued immediately,"you seem very idle recently, even having admirers calling you and asking ambiguously to be with you"I didn't utter a single word, because I swore not to speak with him again in the past. And because I was scared too of course!If I know one thing about that husband of mine then it is that he was ruthless and merciless.I was already thanking god day and night for getting me rid of him I have by far overestimated my luck. That scum was still embroidered in my life. He even knew where I worked and
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chapter 3
"I apologize to you miss, but all dr, Yacine's patients had been forwarded to other dentists in the clinic since he had quit his work here a week ago"What!?There's no way he would just leave his job without a reason, I felt so enraged immediately, That ex-husband of mine sure was the culprit behind this deed."excuse me, Are you a miss Inaya?" The receptionist suddenly asked me.I looked at her a bit surprised then I confirmed:"yes, it's me"" dr, Yacine had left a message for you," she said with a playful smile.She opened the drawer next to her quickly and then she handed me an envelope while saying " we've been wondering the whole week about the identity of this girl who dr, Yacine- even in his hurry- hasn't forgotten to leave a message for her, he was never the kind to chase after girls, you must be very special to him."Looking at the envelope in my shaky hand I already felt so guilty, indeed I was very special... I was the girl who ruined his life!I opened the envelope hesit
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chapter 4
Not long after he picked up my call, Hamza's deep familiar voice finally echoed in my ear.He said one single word."INAYA"I felt my heart choking with emotions instantly, I couldn't say a word."the meeting is adjourned," he said with a distant voice from the other side afterward, he was addressing his surroundings and not me apparently, Soon after he said this, I could hear the sounds of chairs moving and people chatting.He answered my call in the middle of a meeting!Ladies and gentlemen... A miracle happened!I remember him always putting me on a hold because of his work, even when he had only small matters to do, they were still absolutely more important than I was.The issue isn't only here, But who's freaking insane to hold a meeting at lunchtime?Not only this .. How did he listen to what I said on the radio and issue all those orders if he was in the middle of a meeting?This man is seriously inhuman."Are you not going to apologize?" He finally spoke.I took a deep breath,
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chapter 5
INAYA -Hamza was sitting on the sofa When I walked in front of him with my wet hair, it seemed like some sort of twisted "wet" karma, since the last time I saw him 3 years ago he walked out of my house with his hair dripping wet And now I was the one to walk inside the room with a wet hair.He hadn't changed, he looked even more handsome than before, at the time when we separated he looked somehow sickly and had dark circles around his eyes, the workload must have been exhausting back then that it affected his health, but even in that state, He still looked very handsome.So you can imagine how more handsome the man sitting on my sofa was! However, I was always immune to his charm anyways, because the handsome Hamza Filladi was just the same devilish Hamza Filladi who killed my child and tormented my life.I didn't say anything to him nor recognized his existence, I kept drying my hair with the towel while walking into the room in front of him.He kept staring at me, I could notice
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chapter 6
INAYA - I didn't expect Hamza to say those words... Especially not in front of Lydia, because if I remember correctly he always considered her feelings and treated her so well since she is the daughter of a big man so it's not beneficial for him at all to offend her or her father.I didn't know what I should say next, if I agree with Hamza then it will be considered as my agreement to go back with him and I absolutely don't want that in any way.But, if I disagree with what he said, then Lydia will win.So yes, I was in true torment because of his words.honestly, I'm not your strategic woman who can be devious and turn every situation to her favor, I am not that, I often lost face just because I'm bluntly frank and direct, So this is the reason I had no idea how to win in this situation, my head is simply not programmed to solve such puzzles.I must have spent a long time thinking because Hamza finally ran out of patience so he called my name,"Inaya"His tone was so soft As if he w
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chapter 7
INAYA -I went to the filladi company building the following day, my previous jobs helped me get more familiar with D city streets, although I did not visit the Filladi co. building ever since I moved to my new house and even in the past when I visited I never used public transportation, I still instinctively and successfully chose the shortest and cheapest line of buses to reach that place, I had to take a row of 3 buses.Filladi Co. building was initially set in a rather isolated part of D city, in the far east extreme to be precise where the land was cheaper, bualguassem filladi had the intention of later expanding the building and establishing attached sections in the empty space over the years, Now what was once a rocky hill surrounded with wheat fields.. turned into a conglomerate center with multiple office buildings and expensive apartment compounds, the mere existence of Filladi co made that place become the largest economic center in the whole country and brought many other
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chapter 8
INAYA -When I walked inside Hamza's office, There was a group of men walking out of there at the same time, they were of different ages and shapes, however, they all had 2 things in common,1. they were wearing suits. 2. they all looked at me very displeased.It seemed like I interrupted an important meeting and made them all curse me in their thoughts for wasting their time ad effort.At that moment I thought, why did this man interrupt another meeting for me? In the past, Didn't Hamza, after God, only worship his work?Then why is he different now when it's too late?Anyways, I was not there to analyze the changes in his personality, that man offended me and I was there to confront him about it!"did the interview go well?" He asked like a snake right after I walked inside the empty office and stopped in front of his desk.He dared ask me without a shame! Indeed those who had shame died,I laughed mockingly after his question, then I stopped laughing and looked at him with no exp
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chapter 9
INAYA -"I'm just a man who is trying to keep his family"Once Hamza finished saying that... the word "family" kept echoing in my head.Hamza never called or regarded his relatives as a family, by that of course I mean even his father, mother, And younger sister not to mention further links. In the past when I observed his daily interactions with them it was akin to watching an acting performance. He really was just an actor following a monotonous script with no need to display any emotions at all, he only obeyed the formalities and minded nothing else.Except for the few times when he had fights with his mother and sister, he didn't have that much of interactions with them. Usually, the subject of their quarrels was Hamza's wife, namely me. Sometimes they complained about my lack of warmth and respect in their regard, sometimes they just invented an imaginary situation and created unnecessary chaos from thin air just to discomfort me.When the couple of mother and daughter moaned lik
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chapter 10
INAYA -Once Hamza dashed inside and noticed me, it didn't take him not even a split second before he snatched me from my coworker's arms, carried me between his arms like a wheat powder bag, and started to issue one order after another to his surrounding."Drag her IV carefully," "Clear the way" "Call an ambulance"Feeling his strength, and being surrounded by his familiar yet strange warmth my heart had already started to calm.It is indeed unexplainable and out of the ordinary how certain people in our lives still bring us to comfort no matter how we try to deny their importance and push them away from us.It is exactly this way between me and my ex-husband, and it always has been like this.A few months after our marriage I somehow came to realize that whenever I was facing problems I would unconsciously go cuddle to that man's side like a hurt kitten although I never complained to him about any of my difficult times, I'd squeeze myself under his arm and he would just encircle me
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