The Idol’s Wife

The Idol’s Wife

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“ You are getting married after all “. Those were never the words Jenny expected to hear from her parents after telling them she was pregnant with the child of the popular Korean idol, Moon Ga On. How did a getaway and a harmful one night stand turn her world upside down ? Jenny Lee was a successful model who was at the peak of her career. You could find her face planted on every billboard magazine. Contrary to her popular status she was a loner and preferred to be alone when she was not working. Moon Ga On is a member of the popular Idol Group Twilight. He is hardworking, responsible and easy going. When these two meet for the first time, sparks definitely doesn’t fly but there was a flicker of attraction which leads them to spending the night together. A night meant to mean nothing. Two months later, Ga On receives news from the girl whose face he could barely remember that she was carrying his baby and her old fashioned parents wanted marriage or nothing. How would they manage to keep their marriage hidden from the public while also trying to make sense of the situation they have been placed in and making preparations on themselves and their lifestyle to welcome a child that wasn’t planned for?

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32 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was finally the last shoot of the week and Jenny was so exhausted up to the point that she felt like her legs were going to give out if she didn't locate a bed to sleep within the next hour or even minutes. She was the brand ambassador for the high end fashion brand, PISU. They had a new shoe collection launching in three weeks time and she had been shooting promotion videos and photos throughout the week for the line so she was exhausted beyond measures because of the lack of sleep due to the busy schedule.While her team packed their belongings so they could be on their way home, Jenny located the nearest couch and dropped her body onto it like a log of wood without bothering to let the makeup team take off her makeup. She didn't think she could keep her eyes open any longer.Just as she starts to drift slowly into a long slumber, she felt someone lift her head up and places it on what she assumed was a pillow judging by how soft it was. She made to move to open her eyes because
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Chapter 2
Jenny felt so much better than she did in a very long time. Well not very long but in two weeks. She didn't have anything planned today so she was able to sleep to her satisfaction. She felt better than she had felt in the previous weeks. It was almost 5pm so she was heading out to her mom's company’s building for the dinner they talk about last night on the phone before she slept off. Giving herself one final look over in the mirror to make sure she was satisfied with her outfit , she grabbed her keys and her bag before stepping out the door.While she rode the elevator down to the ground floor, she decided to give Noir a call to let him know of her plans in case something pops up while she was with her mother. Her job was a very unpredictable one. At the first ring, Noir answered immediately as though he was waiting for her calls" hey Jen, what's up?" "Hey Noir, nothing much here. Just wanted to let you know I'll be with mom for the evening so if you aren't able to reach me, jus
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Chapter 3
By the time Jenny got home, she was over the moon. This had to be the best news she had been given the entire year. Okay maybe she was exaggerating a little bit but it definitely was on the top 10 best news she had gotten that year. She couldn't believe she was finally going to be attending a music concert and a kpop one at that. She had been a kpop fan for about two years but she had never gotten the time to attend one. Though she couldn't brag about knowing any personal information about the members, she liked to call herself a fan because she knew all of their songs and the members faces as well as their names, and to her that was enough.The moment she stepped into her apartment, she let herself drop onto the couch and contacted Noir immediately to start making plans for the trip. Her mother had promised not to let her dad know until she was already there so he wouldn't try to guilt trip her. Noir had let her know she had just two projects planned. One was going to take about a w
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Chapter 4
Jenny was seated at the John F Kennedy international airport transit lounge. Her flight had been delayed because of some maintenance issues so they would be moved to a new plane. The new takeoff time was in two hours so she decided to wait in the transit lounge instead of taking a walk.The last two weeks had been hectic with trying to complete gigs she couldn't push forward till after the vacation or put off completely. She was exhausted but it was not a new feeling to her at all. Exhaustion and Jenny were best of friends especially since she started her modeling career. But this time she wasn't the least irritated by how tired she felt knowing she was getting rewarded in the best way possible.She completed the final gig two days ago but spent the previous day before the trip making sure she had essentials she would be needing. She was taking only a small luggage because she had planned to go shopping for clothes and other things when she arrived. She wasn't a fan of packing a lot
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Chapter 5
True to Junhee’s words, it wasnt even up to an hour after she had left the house when the doorbell rang signaling that she had a visitor. She low key suspected it would be Junhee's daugher, Mira. It was obvious because she wasn't expecting any visitors since she didn't keep in contact with anyone here who would want to see her. She was still in her bedroom scrolling through her social media accounts and posting videos and photos she had taken during the flight. As a fashion personality, it was important she gave her followers constant updates. Well not necessarily very important but to her PR team, it was. If it were up to her personally, she wouldn't do it but her PR team would come for her if she didn't upload regularly. She would have just let them handle the account on her behalf but she wasn't comfortable with that either. This way she had control over what went on her page and her team trusted her enough not to post anything that could cause them a lot of trouble. She hurried do
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Chapter 6
Ga On and his members were rounding up the final practice before going to Jeju Island. They were supposed to arrive in Jeju Island in three days’ time. So the boys would use today to do one final practice, use the next day to pack and the third day to travel. Well the members were practicing while Ga On was sitting against the wall with a dark cloud hovering over his head and he had no one to blame but himself. After spraining his ankle, the doctor had given him some medications and told him to stay off his feet for some days and he would be fine but Ga On was so freaking stubborn and he hated being idle so while his members went for practice daily, Ga On kept on practicing by himself at home with the aim of not lagging behind. He told himself he wanted to practice so he wouldn’t be slacking behind by the time he was allowed to join the others. It was supposed to be fine because it was something he had done a lot and his members were always so impressed when he was able to perform jus
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Chapter 7
Today was the concert and Mira was acting like a kid who had been given too much candy. Well technically, she had a little too much sweets and street food yesterday but that was not the point. The girls had returned late from their exploring and would have called it an early night until Jenny opened her mouth to confess that she didn’t know any fan chants for any of the twilight songs since she had never been to their concerts or any kpop concerts before and therefore didn’t bother to try learning them. Jenny couldn’t decide if she was possessed by a demon at that time or was drunk. That didn’t matter now anyways. After that shocking statement which was deemed an abomination to Mira, they stayed up all night trying to learn all the Fan chants Mira could teach Jenny. With how tired Jenny was at the moment, she wasn’t even sure she could remember any fan chants but she would obviously not tell Mira that unless she wanted to be skinned alive. Jenny tried to burrow more into the blankets
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Chapter 8
The sounds of the birds chirping was what woke Jenny up. The moment she opened her eyes, her heart gave a little jump as she found herself staring at the back of someone’s head that was definitely not Mira. Her head was pounding so she was finding it difficult to open her eyes properly as the sun was bright and it was flooding the room without any remorse. She squinted her eyes a little bit and took her time to scan the room while trying to rack her pounding brain about why she was currently in an unknown room.As she sat up, the blanket that was previously covering her body slid down to pool around her waist as the feel of the blanket directly against her skin made her look down in confusion and she almost screamed in panic as she realized that she was naked. The sudden realization also made her aware of the slight raw pain she felt in her private area as she shuffled quietly around the bed. Just how long had they gone at it?In panic, she reached out to move the person lying down b
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Chapter 9
Jenny and Mira were currently having brunch but Jenny’s mind was filled with last night’s event. She was still embarrassed and disappointed with herself but she was also grateful that it happened with a celebrity so it meant he wouldn't look for her or even say anything about it since he also had his own image to protect. Jenny really hoped she didn't see him again or else she would die of embarrassmentMira had been staring at her friend for a while and that said friend had her touch her food. Instead she was just moving the food around the plate while thinking hard about something that she suspected had to do with her disappearance but wouldn't say anything to her “Hey.. why aren't you eating? You don't like the food?” Mira asked but jenny just gave her a she of her head before putting her fork down “No, it's not the food. I was just lost in thoughts”“Is everything okay? You have been awfully quiet since you came back to the room this morning”“I guess I am a bit tired. It's not
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Chapter 10
Jenny did not stay in Busan for the extra two days because there obviously wasn't any need to stay there. The extra days she was to spend in Busan was solely because of Mira who went back to Busan after their little scuffle. So now, Jenny was back in her Busan apartment. She had been back for about three days but was staying indoors because she may or may not be avoiding Junhee. She suspected that Mira would have told her mother about what happened and she felt guilty.After Mira had walked out, Jenny would not redeem herself and say she felt guilty immediately since she didn’t. Her irrational anger had stayed with her for the rest of the day and she did not give a fuck that Mira was gone till she woke up the next morning. It was then that she could think rationally about what she had done. She couldn't believe she did what she did and how she reacted to an issue that should never have been an issue in the first place. She felt embarrassed of herself and her actions but it was too lat
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