Her Deal With The Billionaire

Her Deal With The Billionaire

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"I just want to sleep with him" Anastasia Beverly never knew that the deal she was going into was going to end up being a forced marriage by the ruthless and monstrous son of the Winston family. "That wasn't our deal!" Vincenzo Winston looked at her with a smirk," I make the deal, I make the rules. You won't escape from me again!" Anastasia, who didn't understand what he meant, vowed to escape the forced marriage. And with the help of Vincenzo's ex-girlfriend, she made an escape! Unfortunately, it wasn't as she envisioned! What would happen when secrets start to come out? What would Anastasia do when she found out that the ruthless billionaire she signed a deal with was her long lost brother who promised to marry her? Was he still the same person or was she having hallucinations? Find out how the contract lovers tried to make their long lost promise come true amidst various trials!

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17 Chapters
Little Rabbit!
"Little rabbit, bring your breakfast to me. You are too small to eat all that food. If you dare complain to the matron, I will drag you to the scary ghost who lives next door!" "Little rabbit, make sure you wash those plates as soon as the matron leaves. If you mentioned that I sent you, I will lock you up in that dark room filled with rats!" " Anastasia! You had the guts to break the plates? I was shouted at by the matron so I will make sure I deal with you" "If I hear you sniffling, the punishment would be double!" Little Anastasia hid herself in the farthest end of the dark corridor that leads to the storeroom. She was frightened of the dark but she feared their punishment more. She would rather stay where the rats will run through her legs or the insects climb over her than for her to face their beatings again. Shivering in the dark corridor, Anastasia held her mouth tightly so no sounds would come out. She was shivering not only in fear but also from hunger. The bigger chil
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How Dare You Kiss Me!
FIFTEEN YEARS LATERWith eyes spitting anger and fury, Anastasia Beverly glared at the young man who just just kissed her, accidentally. Although she knew it wasn't his fault, he still kissed her! "You! How dare you kiss me! You took my first kiss!" She vented at him, her blue crystal like eyes glittering with anger. “You should have given it to your boyfriend before bumping into a stranger. Next time watch where you are going” the man replied, raising his head to look at the fuming Anastasia. His eyes seem to look all over her face and body. Was he a pervert?"Shouldn't you be apologizing, instead of acting as an asshole? Pervert" Anastasia scolded, wanting to tear that look from the man's face. The man turned to look at her and they both stared at each other for a while and without another word, he walked out on her. “He is so arrogant Jeez.” Anastasia said to herself angrily. She bite hard on her lips to hold her anger back. She wished she could hit the young man, however, th
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Grandma, Please Stop!
As soon as Vincenzo got out of the mall, his phone started ringing. He looked at it and it seems he was going to have a strong headache. He turned to his driver and instructed him to drive to the old Winston's Villa.Thirty minutes later, a frustrated looking Vincenzo was looking at his grandmother. “Grandma please stop.” Vincenzo said to his grandmother in a low tone because he cannot be too loud on her. She looked at him as he stood up from where she was sitting.“My dear Vincenzo can’t you see I’m old already? I’ll die soon.” She said to him in a tone that proves that she was about to cry. He walked closer to her and held her on her shoulder, “Grandma, you are not going to die soon, the last time I checked you are totally fine medically so don’t worry you are not going to die.” Vincenzo said to his grandmother. He wondered why she always threaten him with death. Grandma Winston was disappointed in herself that her plan did not work. She wants to see her grandchild before she die
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You Are Not Allowed To Die On Me!
"Daddy! You are not allowed to die on me!," Anastasia screamed as she performed first aid on him.Her mother stood petrified as her daughter tried to revive her husband who just had an attack. It wasn't that she doesn't want to help or the fact that she can't scream. The issue was she was too afraid to feel anything."No. You-can't leave me, James," was all she could whisper to herself. Soon, there was a long drawing of breath as her father slowly opened his eyes. Anastasia, who hadn't noticed her father had opened his eyes, kept bawling her eyes out until his hand touched her golden silky hair."Anny, I am-fine. I just had-an attack. I will-be fine," Her father said, trying to wipe her tears away."Daddy, don't you dare leave me and mom! I won't forgive you!," Anastasia said, embracing her father with her tears flowing freely. "I won't, sweetie. I am sorry for frightening you and your mother. Celine, come here," James beckoned to his wife.Anastasia's Mother, Celine who had frozen
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Why Can't I Sleep?
“Oh my god, why can’t I sleep?” Vincenzo said to himself and sat up on his bed, it’s always like that every year when it's Anastasia's birthday.He always felt guilty for not coming back with her candy floss.“She must really hate me.” Vincenzo said to himself as he stood up from the bed.He never stopped blaming himself for their parted ways, if he had not gone with the Butler who came to pick him up, they would be probably married now.On that fateful day, Butler James had taken him back to his family after the conflict had been settled. He requested the Butler to send her a birthday cake too but she refused.Vincenzo had become depressed and when his grandfather noticed, he decided to adopt the little girl. Unfortunately, they got there a little bit too late as her real family had adopted her.The matron refused to reveal the Identity of the people that adopted her, not even his grandfather could persuade her to reveal it. Since then, he had been searching for her all to no avail.
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Wished Never To Cross Paths Again!
Vincenzo turned to look at the person talking. He looked very upset because she called him an ordinary technician. What the fuck does she mean by that? His anger erupted when he found out that it was that same girl from the mall. He glared at her fiercely. Then with a snort he answered her,"I will advise you not to call people names when you don't know who they are." When Anastasia heard this she couldn't hold in the laughter. She laughed really hard. She thought Vincenzo was very good at pretending. Back in the mall he pretended to be someone powerful and now he was even bringing out a powerful aura. What a joke! Seeing how she was laughing, Vincenzo furrowed his brow at her. Was this girl tempting him? "What's so funny?" Vincenzo asked her, dropping his tools. His broad masculine chest facing Anastasia. Anastasia did not fail to notice the tempting masculinity before her but because she wanted to humiliate him, she just scoffed before looking at his eyes. "Don't you thi
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She Needed To Act Fast!
Anastasia finally got home. She got out of the car and headed Inside the house. When she got in she was wondering why the house looked empty like there was no one home."Mom, Dad." She called them but no one answered her. "Happy birthday!" They all shouted and burst the balloons. Anastasia was surprised as they planned. She saw her mom holding a cake. She wasn't expecting any surprises knowing what's going on with their family business.“I love it.” Anastasia said to her parents excitedly. She was very happy to see that her parents were making great efforts to make her happy.“Thank you mummy, thanks daddy.” Anastasia went to hug her mum and her dad. Her parents couldn't stop smiling. Ever since she accepted them after real parents she has been very supportive and responsible. She has always given her parents reasons to be happy with her. “You deserve it sweetheart.” Anastasia's mom said to her with a smile on her face.“A surprise is not complete without a gift.” Anastasia was su
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Finding A Solution
Anastasia decided not to disturb her dad with too many questions. As long as he was alive, she believed everything would be fine. But she just have to find a solution to this issue on ground. “What matters is that I'm fine now,” Mr. Beverly said, smiling faintly. How could he tell his daughter that he was a failure? How could he let his wife and child worry over him because of his inability? Seeing that her dad was trying to stay strong, Anastasia held her his hand and turned to look at her mother. They were are priceless jewel that she would do anything for. “Yes, that's what matters," Mrs. Beverly said, looking loving at her husband. Anastasia, who noticed her mother's gaze on her dad, sighed loudly." Oh please! Don't you guys ever get tired of gazing at each other? I am nineteen, jeez!" " Then go get yours to gaze on and leave me and your dad to gaze at each other," Mrs. Beverly teased. " I will pass, mom. Not interested in these lovely dovey stuff!"Anastasia said, cringi
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Getting a job...
“Yes dad I'm very sure.” Anastasia said excitedly to her dad.Her dad took a deep breath before smiling faintly at her," Alright, sweetheart. Promise me you won't stress yourself out there" “Make sure you don't spend too much time out there too.” Anastasia's mom chipped in. “Okay mom, dad.” Anastasia said, smiling broadly.She gave them a kiss before walking out of the room. The moment she got out of the room she took a deep breath. Checking her watch, she knew if she wasn't fast, she would end up late for the interview. Anastasia walked briskly out of the villa. She needed to board a cab that would take her out of the estate to the bus stop. She was going to take the bus. It was better she get used to this lifestyle as she won't be going to work with her car. She wanted to take the car but she thought it'd be better if she used the bus. The security men were wondering why she was not with a car because they knew how rich her dad was. Not wanting to look nosy, they just whispered
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Wedding Invitation
WINSTON'S VILLAGrandma Winston and Grandpa Winston sat down in the dining room waiting for their grandson to join them for breakfast. "He is not in his room," The maid reported after knocking for almost an hour on his door. Grandma Winston frowned and wondered why he would have gone out so early. Was he angry about last night? Both of them were suddenly quiet. They were wondering why he was still doing this after eighteen years. "Is he never going to stop?" Grandpa Winston asked no one in particular.Grandma Winston was also about to ask the same question. They thought as time went by he must have forgotten about her but now it looks like he will never forget her."I am also wondering the same thing"Both of them were worried about it but there was nothing they could do to stop it at this point.Grandpa Winston was sad because he was later unable to adopt the little girl. Maybe if he had adopted her earlier, her real family would not get her before them. Nevertheless, It was a go
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