His Alpha's Guardian

His Alpha's Guardian

By:  Nani Akamai  Updated just now
Language: English
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Justin and Kataleya have seemingly settled into their new roles in their pack. Everything is going well, until it isn't. Life, or in this case the Moon Goddess, always has a habit of throwing curveballs at Kataleya, but can she handle this new curveball of fate? What happens when nearly everything she has known gets ripped away from her? She feels broken with no one to pick her the pieces. Will Justin be able to save his mate? What do you do when everything you thought you knew becomes a lie? Truths are revealed and lies will be told. Join Kataleya and Justin on their next adventure, where they have to solely rely on their mate bond because they don't know who else they can trust. ***This is the sequel to His Alpha Queen. While it is not necessary to read the first book, it would be beneficial in order to understand the characters, previous events, and their world.***

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60 Chapters
Have you ever felt that something was missing from your life? Like your soul wasn't complete? I have and I can assure you that it is not a pleasant feeling. Every morning for the past several months, I have felt that my life was missing something, but I could not figure out what it was that I was missing…Soon, I would learn what I was missing, but I was not sure that I was ready for that truth. Everything that I once knew was flipped upside down in a matter of seconds. How do I handle so many changes? Yep, you got it. I don’t. I hide. I bottle up the feelings. The emotions. Everything feels as if it is suffocating me, until eventually I snap...I used to think that I had already experienced the worst day of my life, but I take that back. There were many worse days to come…and this was only the beginning.**********************Today started as any other day would, but I felt as if something was going to happen today. Something different. Something that would change my life. For better o
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Chapter 1
**Kataleya’s POV--4 months prior** I rolled over in my bed, trying to hit the alarm clock on my nightstand and repeatedly missing it. Justin groaned as I rolled away from him, groggily touching the cold, hard floor with my feet. I shuffled to the bathroom and started a shower. I stood there under the water, trying to find the energy to move and to fully wake up. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping that it would help. I finished showering, just as Justin rolled out of bed to take his shower. I quickly dress in my workout clothes, while I wait for Justin to finish his shower. It has been five years since I have taken my oath as Alpha. Five years since I have fully accepted my mate. Five years since my nightmarish hell has ended. Gosh, so much has changed in that time. The first thing that changed after the summit was demolishing the pack’s Elder council and I had added my own advisory council. The council consisted of my most trusted advisors. My father was the head of the council, then
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Chapter 2
**Justin’s POV**I asked Kataleya if she could go out with me tonight and just forget the pack…I mean it is not like James and Oliver were not going to be her. Plus, our advisory council is here too, so if something were to happen, they would be fine. I wanted to take her for a picnic and a midnight stroll through the park where she had first confessed any type of feelings or emotions towards me. I felt that this was fitting for not only us having been Alpha’s for five years officially, but, also, for the topic that I wanted to bring up with her.I just wasn’t sure how she was going to react to this. Kataleya has always been more reserved than I am, so this was definitely not something that I am sure she might react happily too…but, like my mom always said, you don’t know unless you try, so I am going to try and hope like hell it goes well.We had finally finished with all our meetings that we had had for the past several hours and Goddess I was ready for them to be over. I enjoy bein
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Chapter 3
**Kataleya’s POV**I knew this question was coming. It was just a matter of time before Justin finally asked me what the holdup was with starting a family together. In the beginning, we did not use any form of contraceptives and it was kind of a miracle that I did not end up pregnant. Shortly after the Alpha ceremony, we had decided that it would be best that I would go on some form of birth control, just in case, since neither of us were truly ready to start a family.Even though he said all the right things, I was still worried about the thoughts of us having a family together. The idea of me being a mother was terrifying, but I knew Justin would as least be with me every step of the way, which made me relax slightly.I think the worry was always going to be there about whether I would make a good mother. How do I balance being Alpha and raising my children? I remembered there were days and sometimes weeks where my dad was gone at conferences or summits and we did not see him. There
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Chapter 4
**Kataleya’s POV—2 weeks later** I was sleeping peacefully until I realized I suddenly had too much bed. I rolled over in the bed, searching for Justin, and realizing that the bed was next to me. I groaned when the light in the room was turned on, rolled over, and placed the pillow over my head. I felt the bed dip next to my head when Justin whispered next to me, “Baby, Michael is going to be calling any minute. You don’t want to miss it, right?” The moment he said Michael was calling, I was automatically alert. I threw the pillow off my head and reached for my phone, checking the time. Fuck. Did I miss training? Justin must have seen the panic on my face when he said, “Love, you have been extra tired lately. I decided that it was best to let you sleep in today. Oliver and I led training for you today. The warriors were more concerned about whether their Alpha was sick, rather than you not being there. I swear, babe, sometimes you work yourself too hard. Now come on, get your sex
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Chapter 5
**Justin’s POV**I rushed into the bathroom after Kataleya and I barely made it in time to grab her hair and hold it up. She emptied the contents of her stomach before she sat back on her heels and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. I walked into the main office and grabbed a bottle of water from her refrigerator and took it back to her.I looked at the Omega, who was still in the room. “Candice, Alpha Kataleya is fine. She just has not been feeling well today. I am probably going to have her stay home and I will be at the pack house working on paperwork this morning. Please make sure any food that is sent to me is sent to my office there. Thank you. Oh, and let the head cook know not to worry about bringing my mate food unless one of us links someone for the food. I don’t want to upset her stomach any more than it already is.”She nodded her head rapidly, “I hope you feel better soon, Alpha Kataleya,” she called out, before scurrying out of our house.I shook my head as I wal
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Chapter 6
**Kataleya’s POV**I felt hands touching my forehead and I jolted awake, swinging my hands out and flipping the person over me, me hovering over the top of them, one hand on her throat.I blinked a few times to clear the sleep from my eyes and realized that it was just Dr. Leigh. I clambered off of her as quickly as I could and apologized profusely.“I am sorry, Dr. Leigh. I did not realize that you were there. You scared me awake. I thought you were an attacker…and well, I attacked.”She chuckled as she climbed off my bed. “It is no big deal, Kataleya. I should not have scared you. I should have made my presence known. Alpha Justin asked me to come and check on you. He was worried that you were coming down with a cold. I told him that I would pop in after I had fixed Oliver. He had gotten pretty banged up during training today. Poor boy spared with Justin and was knocked on his ass. He told me that he thought it was a good idea to taunt your mate, so your mate taught him a lesson.”I
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Chapter 7
**Kataleya's POV--the next day**I finally decided how I was going to tell Justin I was pregnant. Dr. Leigh had told Justin that I needed to take it easy for a couple of days, to hopefully fight the "cold" I had, and he was all too happy to tell me that I needed to remain at the house, resting.Dr. Leigh came back this morning after Justin had left for the pack house with a portable ultrasound machine. She had printed out two of the little pictures for me. I was apparently four weeks along. Werewolf pregnancies are only twenty weeks, so I was already a quarter of the way along, which explains the sudden symptoms.Once Dr. Leigh had left, I had linked to one of the ladies that owned an embroidery business in town and had asked her to make me a onesie. I had given her one of the ultrasound pictures and asked her if she could put it on a onesie and I asked her to put the saying “The best Alpha is yet to come” on the front of it, right below the ultrasound image. I also asked her to pick
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Chapter 8
**Kataleya’s POV**Wolves were fighting everywhere. I had tried to keep my eyes on Justin, but I had lost him in the chaos of the wolves tearing each other apart.I felt a presence from behind and noticed Oliver’s dark grey wolves rushing to get to my side.I barely made it out of the way as one of the wolves tried to attack my left flank. The moment I dodged, I aimed for his throat, going for the easy kill. My goal was to kill. Today was not the day to “play” with my prey. I felt searing pain rushing up my side. Fuck, I could tell Justin was injured, but I was not able to see him.I saw Aziel and Gael approaching from the other side. ‘Gael, go find Alpha Justin and help him. Keep an eye on him and alert me if I am needed.’ I commanded through the link.He whimpered as he fought my command. ‘Alpha,’ he begged through the link, ‘Alpha Justin commanded me to stay near you. I am not going to let you out of my sight. You are my priority. He told me to tell you that he would be fine and you
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Chapter 9
**Justin’s POV**There were wolves everywhere and it seemed no matter where I turned there were multiple wolves attacking me. I could feel my blood pouring on the ground. I tried shoving my walls in place, so that Kataleya did not need to worry about me, but that just seemed to piss her off. She had demanded through our link that I not shut her out. It gave her the ability to know that I was okay and still there with her, but the problem was that I was not fine. I could feel my blood seeping from my body. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker as the rogues continued to attack me. I just hoped that she would survive if something were to happen to me.‘Aziel, make sure she stays safe, no matter what happens.’ I forced the full weight of my Alpha command on him. ‘If something happens to me, you are to be her personal bodyguard. Make sure nothing happens to my queen or our unborn child. Make sure she knows that it will be okay and it will be okay to move on, that I would never hold that
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