Her Angels (Reverse Harem)

Her Angels (Reverse Harem)

By:  Electra Storm  Completed
Language: English
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A sexy story with an interesting and unique plot. Mythology with a twist and Reverse-Harem relationship. Join Mila on her new journey... after death. Angels are in deed real... and so are the Greek Gods of Greek Mythology. What happens to Mila when she is gifted by Aphrodite, Eros and Peitho themselves? With so much love, beauty, sex and seduction, your bound to many intimate, lustful, romantic, moments... and multiple lovers. *I don't want to give too much away, so read before judging.* Trigger Warning! This story is mature. With 6 different relationships... there will be many sexual adventures, to sweet vanilla sex to rough/ light BDSM play. Their will be Girlx Girl action and also BoyxBoyxGirl included in this. So if your naughty minds think you can handle this... give it a read, I'm sure your going to enjoy.

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79 Chapters
Mila Rae.Lucien stared at the name that had just burned itself into the flesh of his wrist.It was finally happening.He smiled knowing the moment he had been waiting for and preparing for all his life was finally here."Guys! It's time!" he announced proudly walking out of his bedroom and into the living room where his best of friends sat around."You're no longer a virgin?!" Crimson giggled at him."Not funny. As of this moment right now, I am officially a guardian angel!" he stated and his friends all congratulated and expressed their happiness, knowing how important this day was for him."You go and see the lucky one and we will celebrate as soon as you return!" His friend Beau stated with a grin."Thanks, man! I'll see you guys soon! Wish me luck!" He replied before heading out.He immediately let his wings unfurl from his back before soaring off and letting his instincts take over."Once you receive your name, let your inner instincts take over. It will lead you to who you seek
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Chapter 1
~Mila's P.O.V~ It was my 19th birthday and after spending my morning sleeping in, I was officially ready to start this day. I had just finished showering and getting dressed and was making my way towards my door when I suddenly overheard my parents fighting. "We're not killing our daughter! Have you gone mad?!" my father yelled completely horrified. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion, fear spiking through my veins. What the fuck did he just say? It's official. I really have gone mad. "We have to! Don't you understand?! We have to right our wrong or we are going to go somewhere far worse than we could ever imagine!" my mother yelled, completely freaking out. A shiver ran down my spine as I stepped closer, pressing my ear against the door. "You think KILLING our DAUGHTER is going to fix it?! SHE'S WHY WE'RE IN THIS AND THERE'S NO GOING BACK AND YOU WILL NOT TOUCH A HAIR ON HER FUCKING HEAD!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" My father's voice suddenly roared. I bite my lip, my body t
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Chapter 2
All around me was white. Pure white, like being in a white box without any walls."Hello?" I called out, my voice echoing around me."Mila Rae, step forward." A loud masculine voice was heard.Frowning, I did as it said."Smile sweet girl, you're much too beautiful to do such a frown." A sweet woman's voice suddenly murmured around me.I watched in awe as the white began to vanish and in front of me was a beautiful palace area and in front of my stood two beautiful women and a handsome young man."Am I in heaven?" I ask and both the women chuckle beautifully as the man smiles charmingly."Some could call it that, but no. Welcome to my temple. Now, wouldn't you like to know why you’re here?" The women in the middle replies and I nod my head."Can we start with who you are?" I ask and she smiles."You may have heard of me. My name is Aphrodite. Goddess of love, beauty, desire and this is my son, Eros. God of sex, lust and passionate desire who can bring irresistible feelings and impulse
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Chapter 3
When I awake this time, I no longer hear the ocean and as I push myself up, I notice I'm lying on a very large comfortable bed.Looking around, I see I'm in a beautiful light beige colored room with large windows.Slowly I get up and make my way over to the windows to see some trees and... mountains?Where the hell was I?I thought back and my heart instantly begins to race as it all came crashing back down on me once again.I was apparently some immortal reborn angel with gifts from the Greek Gods?This shit sounded so fucking crazy but the events that happened... there wasn't much else for an explanation, and it sounded right despite how insane it was.I make my way around the room, opening a door to see it leading to an en-suite bathroom.I make my way inside where I find a small pile of fresh female clothes, towels and all the basic toiletries. Stripping down, I examined the new beautiful unique designs that were now imbedded in my skin before making my way into the walk-in shower
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Chapter 4
"That's impossible!" Damian yells and I flinch back causing Lucien to glare at him while pulling me away from everyone."How about some food now?" he asks me and before I can respond, Beau steps towards us."Luce... we need to talk about this." he tells him."How about I take her to the kitchen and you guys can discuss this, Levi can fill me in after. Besides, I'm the best chef this house has to offer." Salem says making his way over to us, much to Levi's dismay."Would you mind?" Lucien asks and Salem chuckles."Of course not. It would be my pleasure." he says before holding a hand out to me."Come on, Angel. I'll whip up whatever your heart desires." he tells me, making me blush at the nickname.I look up at Lucien who nods his head before taking Salem's hand and letting him lead me out of the room.He takes me down a hallway before entering large glass doors and stepping into a beautiful kitchen."Holy fuck! This is beautiful!" I exclaim running my fingers softly along the counter.
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Chapter 5
"Hello, Love." Levi greets Salem as he makes his way into the kitchen."Levi! Perfect timing. I was just about to take Mila here to the lake. Would you like to join us?" Salem asks happily and Levi narrows his eyes at me."Already using your little gifts on my man are we, Mila? Such a little minx." he states in daunting yet flirtatious tone, catching me off guard."Whose to say I’m using my gifts? I’ve always had the ability to attract others my way… and too my will at times.” I retort with a confident smirk.“Oh, I have no doubts about that, little minx. Salem here isn’t so swayable as you may think though.” Levi tells me and I see Salem roll his eyes as he steps towards us."I’m standing right here, you know? Now are you coming along or not?" Salem says to Levi."Of course, love. Our little minx here might corrupt you if not." Levi says and Salem narrows his eyes at him."Love, please. Once you find out who's gifted her, you will understand." Levi defends and I frown."No matter who
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Chapter 6
"You're so mini, I love it." Crimson giggled as she held me tightly while she flew us to the shopping area a few hours away by car, though with flying apparently was only 20 minutes.Since I still had no idea how to use my wings, Crimson carried me while flying us the whole way and I couldn't help but enjoy every moment of it.Before I know it though, we're at the mall and within a few hours we were both walking out with hands full of many bags. We had only focused on clothes and basic necessities but there was no doubt we got carried away with the clothes."I rented a car while you were trying the lingerie on, we will drive it back since we got so much. Did you want to change before we leave then we can show off our new outfits when we get home?" she asks, and I giggle."Hell yes!" I say and she grins.We got the keys to the rented car before loading it up with our bags and only taking out the things we were going to change into before going back inside to change."Damn kitten, are y
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Chapter 7
I woke up to the sensation of someone's fingers trailing down my arm and slowly became aware of the warmth that lay next to me. I let out a sigh of content, snuggling more into the body, trying to absorb all the warmth that came from them."Come on, Baby girl. Let's get you some breakfast." I hear Lucien's familiar voice murmur softly."No." I grumble wrapping my arms around his large torso and squeezing him tightly.He lets out a soft chuckle."You're going to hurt your new best friend's feelings if you don't. Salem just spent the past 2 and a half hours making you a delicious breakfast." he tells me and I open my eyes."Is that what he called me? Best friend?" I ask trying to conceal the hopefulness in my voice and he chuckles."That's what you called him." he says and I l try not to frown."Last night is such a blur. I don't remember much at all." I mumble."Don't worry, I made sure you were safe the whole night. Even took care of you after you vomited all over my bathroom floor."
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Chapter 8
"Yes, Goddess of wisdom and war. Beau isn't much into the war part, but he is able to strategize quickly when needed but I still say that's still more the wisdom in him." she explains, and I nod my heading taking it all in."Are all of you descendants?" I ask and she smiles.She takes us over to the couch Salem was sitting on quietly, sitting down and pulling me on her lap."Yes, some of us closer than others. Just like some of us have more abilities than others. Beau for example is extraordinarily strong and incredibly wise, where Salem here has many traits due to being a descendant of Apollo. God of the sun, prophecy, healing, music, medicine and much more." she begins to explain."Apollo has many different aspects to him and some of his descendants have parts of all and some as few as one. Salem here is best with healing and medicine, but he also has natural skills with music, dance and archery. That being said though, he has nothing to do with prophecies or the sun or a few other
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Chapter 9
"Damn, Kitten. You look like a true Goddess in that." Crimson purred from inside the hot tub as she watched me step into the room.I smirk seductively at her before making my way over, swaying my hips but keeping my eyes looked with hers. I watch as she bites her lip and I make my way into the water, letting the warmth heat my chilled skin as I go straight to her and climb on her lap with both my knees on either side of her."Are you teasing, Kitten?" she murmurs seductively as she runs her soft hands up my thighs before squeezing my ass and pulling me closer."Maybe... or maybe..." I murmur softly as I begin to pepper gentle wet kisses along her neck."I'm just getting what I desire... you." I say softly just below her ear before nipping at her neck there.A soft moan hums from her and I smirk against her neck as I let my hands travel down and over her breast, giving them a squeeze."Here I thought I was the one who was going to seduce you..." she murmurs running one of her hands dow
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