The Preacher's Son

The Preacher's Son

By:  Richee Jay  Ongoing
Language: English
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I sat on the front row,listening to Dad preach against sin with all act of seriousness. I could feel the word 'sin' disgusted my father, and listening to his words gave me goosebumps. Being a preacher's only child came with responsibilities and expectations. I lived by dad's rules. I rarely lied, I never stole, I read my bible every single day, just as a pastor's son should. But still, I have one problem. It started the moment my parents separated me from the opposite gender, sending me off to a boarding school, which consisted of only my gender.

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12 Chapters
THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode OneI sat on the front row,listening to Dad preach against sin with all act of seriousness.I could feel the word 'sin' disgusted my father, and listening to his words gave me goosebumps. Being a preacher's only child came with responsibilities and expectations. I lived by dad's rules.I rarely lied, I never stole, I read my bible every single day, just as a pastor's son should. But still, I have one problem.It started the moment my parents separated me from the opposite gender, sending me off to a boarding school, which consisted of only my gender.I had this feeling it would be a disaster.Bring the only child of my parents, no one had ever seen my nakedness.It felt weird being in a room filled with guys swinging their like it was nothing.It felt worst when I found out I'd be bathing in a hall filled with tons of guys. The first few days of bathing together was one horrible experience.I found
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝ Richee Jay ✍🏽✍🏽 Episode TwoVictoria has been a nightmare for so long.Clearly, she has been into me for a very long time. Longer than i could remember.Unfortunately, I felt nothing for her. I guess she thought because I was a preacher's son, I didn't deal with relationships and stuff.If only she knew!She's a girl any normal guy would be attracted to in a blink of an eye, but not me.Her constant trying to please me, disgust me everyday."What is it!" I snapped at her. I did that everyday she tries talking to me. She didn't flinch this time. Guess she got used to it."You were sleeping during the sermon." She whispered."And how's that any of your business?" I asked rudely."You know it is my business." She said, winking. Disgusting me even more."You disgust me!" I had want to say that to her face."Get lost." I said instead."You wish!" She said, concentrating on the sermon, finally.I thanked my stars and did same.By now, D
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode ThreeMaurice walked out of the tailor's office already in his uniform.I was drooling over his cuteness, as his blazer hugged his body perfectly. I didn't notice he was calling my name."Hey, Victor!" He called, snapping his fingers on my face."Huh!" I answered, getting a grip of myself.Maurice smiled slightly.Did he notice I was staring too much?"Let's go!" I said, picking up my bossy attitude."Where to?" Maurice asked, trailing behind me and trying to catch up with my pace."How about you STFU and follow me." I said rudely.I never meant to be bossy or rude, but I was uncomfortable about the fact that I was drooling over him.The next stop was my crib. Basically, our crib, since I'll be sharing the room with him.I pulled out a spare key and handed it over to him.His stuff had been kept outside already by the security personnel."You can put your things inside and since school hours is almost over fo
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode FourSchool was stressful, and being the head prefect made it worst.I was glad my responsibilities for the day was over, so I retired to my crib.I heard the sound of a running shower and remembered I wasn't alone anymore.I sat on the bed to pull off my shoe when the bathroom door was opened and Maurice came out in just his boxer briefs."Hey, Victor! You're back." Maurice said, drying him body with a towel.He stopped when he got no answer from me, and again, I was drooling."You know a compliment would be better than eye-raping me." Maurice teased."Huh! I wasn't eye-raping you." I defended myself."Cut the pretense already. I know about your sexuality." Maurice said, putting on a sweatpant."I don't know what you're talking about." I tried defending myself one more time, but failed, as I began to stutter."You're gay. And you know it." Maurice said to my face."No!" I said firmly."You are!" Maurice insi
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode FiveAfter the weird episode with Maurice, I kept my distance away from him, avoiding him totally.He knew of my sexuality even when I didnt admit it to him, and that alone got me worried."Look, I'm sorry if I freaked you out or probably, made you scared. That wasn't my intention." Maurice said, barging into our room after school hours."What are you talking about?" I asked, feigning ignorance."Stop pretending, you're pissing me off." Maurice said, obviously getting mad."Well, I don't know what you're talking about." I said, getting back to my book, pissing him off more, intentionally."Whatever! The principal sent for the both of us right now." Maurice said, walking out."Wait!" I called out."Did you say anything to him?" I asked, afraid that he has said something about my sexuality to the principal."Well, I don't know what you're talking about." Maurice smiled, using my words against me.Without wait
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay ✍🏽✍🏽 Episode Six"Victor!" Mum called just when I had put on a T-shirt and a sweatpant and Morgan was still fiddling with his jean since I had woken him up already.I quickly rushed out just when she twisted the door handle."Good evening, Mum. Welcome." I greeted."Good evening, Dad." I greeted again when I sighted Dad behind her."Good evening, Ma. Good evening, Pastor." I heard Morgan greet.I turned slowly and I was relieved he was fully dressed now."Ehmmmm...... What's that your name again?" Mum asked, recognizing him but not his name."Morgan!" I answered quickly."Yes, Morgan. How are you?" Mum asked."I'm fine, ma." Morgan replied."I see you guys are busy. We'll leave you guys now." Dad said, pointing at the piano Morgan had placed on the bed."Thank you, sir." Dad left with Mum, nodding."That was close!" I sighed in relief when I heard my parents slam the door of their room."I think I should get going now.
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode Seven"I'm sorry." Maurice apologized when he realized the consequences of his actions.I couldn't say anything, but I left him, heading to the principal's office.Being caught kissing a boy was a huge crime and getting to the principal's office late wasn't advisable, so I quicken my footsteps."Victor!" Maurice called, running after me.He held my hand when he caught up with me."What is wrong with you? Haven't you done enough?" I yelled at him and he flinched.I left him, running to the principal's office.When I got there, I met the housemaster and the principal and they looked at me with a frown. I knew the housemaster has spilled the beans already."Where's he?" The principal asked.I knew the 'he' in question was Maurice."He's on his way." I replied, and just then, Maurice walked in."I'll get straight to the point. Were you found kissing each other at the garden that is clearly prohibited?" The principal
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay ✍🏽✍🏽 Episode EightMy relationship with Morgan was going on smoothly.We saw each other frequently and he no longer had to hide whenever my parents were home.They saw him as my best friend.My parents were out and I wasn't expecting anyone. Not even Morgan, but there was a knock on the door.I knew it wasn't my parents, because it would be absolutely weird if they knocked on their door when the door wasn't locked.I opened the door and found Victoria outside, with a bag."What are you doing here?" I asked, rudely and surprised."No greetings or exchange of pleasantries? You're so rude and mannerless." She pushed me out of the way, walking into the house fully."That doesn't answer my question. State your mission and leave." Her presence was irritating already."Well, I was asked to bring some fruits for your mother." She said, raising the bag to my face."You know your way to the kitchen. Drop it and leave the same way
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode NineAfter the incident with Victoria, she avoided me like a plague.I guess she was scared I'd report her to my father.I had to explain to Morgan why I invited him over.But things got a little bit messy when Dad preached against homosexuality and it consequences.I was scared Morgan would call off the relationship after the sermon, so I avoided him after the last prayer session and the benediction.Predicting that I was avoiding him, he caught up with me before I could run off after service."Leaving without a word?" Morgan asked, and I stopped at the entrance of the church premises, turning with a plastered smile."No! I had to go get something from the car." I lied.I hated lies and I disliked myself anytime I told one."So, you're gonna call the relationship off because of your Dad's sermon?" Morgan asked."Hell no! I should ask you that though." I replied, hoping he wouldn't dump me."Nope. You're stu
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THE PREACHER'S SON ✝Richee Jay✍🏽✍🏽 Episode Ten"Where were you? We've been looking all over the premises for you." Mum asked when I got to her."I went to use the restroom." I replied, trying to sound normal, without stuttering."Ohhh! You can rest your head for now. We're using a longer route home. Daddy needs to get something." Mum said and I couldn't help but be grateful the conversation was over.I placed my head on the windscreen, and drifted off. * * *"Congratulations!" Maurice said, walking over to me after the graduation ceremony.We didn't speak to each other after he was moved out of my room and during the exams, I barely caught a glance of him."Thank you, and congratulations, too." I replied, returning the gesture."I see you got the head prefect award after all." He said, pointing at the award I held on to.I was shock when I was called up by the principal and p
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