Alpha’s pet

Alpha’s pet

By:  GABBY VINCENT   Ongoing
Language: English
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I found myself in a difficult situation when the supreme alpha found me and claimed me as his mate, why did my mate have to be the one creature I hated?. I might be the most precious thing to the supreme Alpha but I would as well be his worst nightmare, my years of misery and pains would all be avenged. | if you like the novel please follow on IG for teasers @gabby.vincent.12

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5 Chapters
1.Her birth
Winfred stared at her newborn baby with weak eyes, her arms,legs and the other parts of her body ached from trying to deliver the child, her eyes slowly closed. Helios gave his newborn daughter to his sister Yennefer, who had been with Winfred from the day she found out she was pregnant.Yennefer held the baby in her arms with care, she tried not to squeeze too much or crack the child’s fragile bones. Helios checked Winifreds pause. It was hard to here her blood pumping in her veins and as well her heart. “What’s wrong ?!.” He asked the doctor who rushed in to examine her.He was fast to ask Helios and Yennefer, who was cradling the new dorn in her hands, to leave the room.Winfred was placed on live support.Helios paced outside the door of the room where Winfred laid. His heart was pounding against his chest recklessly.Yennefer was too busy caring for the baby in her hands to worry about her brother, she stared down at the child who was smiling sweetly at her, half her body was c
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2.Five year old
Five years old.“She’s growing too fast!.” Helios said to his sister.They both turned to each other, Yennefer turned back to Alora and shook her head with a huge smile on her face.“No she isn’t!!.” She replied and her smile widened. “She’s perfect!!, plus with your genes what do you expect!!.”Helios was worried, he took a deep breathe.“Are you sure?!.”Helios asked and Yennefer nodded at him. “Come on, she looks like a teenager!!.” “She’s a Lycan with growth sprouts!!, what do you expect from her?!.” Yennefer asked.Alora was on the field running around with a personal maid who kept the young princes at arms lent, not letting her come too close or run too far.At age two Alora had been able to transform into her wolf with ease, her father was strong but it seemed his hybrid daughter would be stronger . Yennefer was training her up in a strict way. She made the little girl too tough for her age!. But then it’s Yennefer! She was also scared for the Princess' safety.“Bring her for
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3.How she found out
“And that was how she found out! You don’t expect me to lie to her!!.” Yennefer narrated the story to him.Helios sighed and walked around for a while. “What the hell do we have to do?!.” Helios asked.^^^Yennefer’s POVI knew Alora found her mother in such a state but I had no choice!, I am trying to bring her back to life, awakening her from her coma but what I couldn’t and wouldn’t do is keep the poor child away from her mother!.If I succeed in regaining her consciousness I don’t want her to lose her trust and hope in life when her very own child doesn’t know her.Helios was and still is trying to protect his child but I am trying to protect my niece as well.“Yennefer!!.” I looked at my brother who slightly shook me. I didn’t need to speak for him to know what I had in mind. “What next?!.” He asked.“First of all!, get packing and..”“But she doesn’t want to leave!.” Helios told me with a worried expression.“Leave that to me!!.” I replied.She’s my little Lycan!!, she may be g
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Alora’s POVI stayed up all night on the phone with my best friend Jones. We had the weirdest conversation of all time, Jones is a wolf wolf, he left the pack when he was fourteen, he became a rogue but he still was my best friend.After hours of talking he began to feel dizzy, I left my phone on with him still staring at my sleepy face.“Alora!!.” He called but I was too lazy to reply.My eyes were closing and I couldn’t help but sleep at once. Even after sleeping late my alarm still had the nerves to ring. I yawaned and rolled out of bed. My mum had noticed my subconscious habit of rolling off the bed whenever my alarm rang so she laid extra pillows on the ground for me!.I laid on the pillows and continued sleeping.“Alora!!, you’re gonna miss your big day!!.” My mum yelled.Yeah!, big day!!, once again my family and I. My mum and her aghhh!, husband!. Moved to a new city and I had to change schools!!, again!. I am getting annoyed!, my mum is literally obsessed with hiding me!, w
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5. Eighteen
“Alora?!.” Alora’s mother called out!. “Baby?!.” She called out and pushed Alora’s room door open.Both her and Helios Alora’s father was stunned by the sight. Alora laid on the pile of what used to be her room, it was a mess, with her under her blanket.Helios pulled the duvet off her.“Are you okay?!.” Helios asked Alora.Alora looked up at him with sharp gold eyes. Her father pulled into his arms and cradled her like a newborn.“Baby?!.” He called her. “What’s wrong?.”Alora buried her face in her fathers arms. “What’s wrong with her?!.” Winfred asked.^^^Alora’s POVI got a heartbreaking news from school, I couldn’t believe it! My best friend is dead!!. Shot by a hunter!. I couldn’t concentrate during my last four lessons.I was like a shell of myself, I wasn’t able to move, hear or speak.Teachers kept calling me out but I was too far away to hear them, I could still see their lips moving but I didn’t hear them, I assumed they were still blabbing about the topics of the day. I
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