Healing the Ruthless Alpha

Healing the Ruthless Alpha

By:  MoonFlood  Completed
Language: English
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A ruthless alpha. A gifted omega. A burning passion. For taking her mother’s life during childbirth, Sihana is condemned to be hated all her life. Desperate to be loved, she works hard to please her pack and prove her worth but her pack only uses her as a servant. After years of working as a pseudo-slave to people who hate her, Sia decides to leave her pack. The bitter experience of being mated to her bully who promptly rejects her puts her off mating but the goddess gives her a second chance mate in the person of Alpha Cahir Armani. The Alpha of the strongest pack in the world, Cahir Armani has a reputation for being bloodthirsty, cold and cruel. Cahir is ruthless, a man who kills without remorse, laughs without humour and takes without asking. What no one knows is that underneath his bloody armour is a scarred man. Cahir has no place for a mate in his life but the goddess throws Sihana his way. Although he sees no use for a mate, he can’t resist the pull of the mate bond any more than he can resist Sia’s seductive curves. Sihana needs love. Cahir does not know how to love. Kissed by the goddess and gifted healing abilities, she becomes a treasure her ex-mate and his pack refuse to let go of but who can stop a man like Cahir from claiming his mate? Can Cahir learn to love and can Sia heal his wounds? Will a relationship between two broken people work or are they better off without each other?

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109 Chapters
I had one day until I turned twenty-one then I could leave the hellhole I called pack and live as a lone wolf. At eighteen, wolves are considered adults but lone wolves are a rarity as living without the ties of a pack can drive a wolf to insanity. Our laws prohibit wolves under the age of twenty-one from living solitary lives to keep the rogue population in check.“Tomorrow, Rena, you and I will leave this hell and find a real home.” I stroked the fur of the stray black wolf that became my friend a year ago.“What are you doing lazying about?” A sharp voice cut into the serene air behind the pack house. “Do we keep you here to waste our air?” I hurried to my feet as Felicity approached me. “You article of no commercial value!” My face snapped to the side and I stumbled as her palm connected with my left cheek in a resounding slap.“I am on my break.” Indignation rang in my tone as I cradled my cheek. “I deserve to rest after working nonstop for twelve hours –“ Another slap cut me off
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“What are you doing here?” I stood at the doorway with the door ajar and my heart in my throat.“Close the door,” his gruff voice commanded as he stood, his head almost touching my ceiling.For my eighteenth birthday, my father kicked me out of his mansion. It was something he wanted to do since the day I was born but could not until I was old enough. After that, I moved to a cubicle in the pack house, a small room with only a tiny window and no lighting at the back of the pack house. I have stayed here for the past three years but tomorrow, with my little savings, I would be out of this pack forever.No, today.The midnight clock in the leisure room already struck midnight thirty minutes ago.“What are you doing here?” I asked Kade again, making no move to close the door. I didn’t want to be trapped in such a small room with this maniac.He walked over to me and caught me around my waist as I contemplated running off. It would buy me a minute but I could never outrun Kade. He pulled
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My suffering started from my birth. My birth had been inauspicious. I'd been thirty-two weeks in the belly when my mother went into labour on a Friday, the thirteen day of the month. On the day I was born, a storm started from nowhere and ravaged the pack, uprooting trees and destroying houses and businesses. Of course, that day was marked as a cursed day, a day of ill omen for the pack.Throughout that day, my mother tried to push me out despite me not being due for at least another six weeks. The doctors had been preparing to cut her open after a long day of excruciating labour when I came out at almost midnight. My mother died after my first cry and it was settled from then on.I was the ill omen.It didn't help that the storm calmed at midnight.It may have been a coincidence but what did it matter? I was born on an ominous day and then I killed my mother. My father lost his mate because of me and even as a child, he never let me go for long without the reminder that he hated my e
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My head smacked to the side from the heavy blow my father dealt me. His eyes darkened with anger as he glared down at me.“Where did you think you were going?” He spat with his eyes red and his hands crossed. “Did you plan to disgrace me on such an important day?” He grabbed me by my collar and shook me until my teeth chattered.“I am old enough to leave today.” I gritted out, spitting out blood from the injury his blow caused. “Or did you forget your own child’s birthday!?” I sneered at him. My tone earned me another resounding smack that had me wobbling on my feet.“You are no child of mine,” he spat at me. “No child of mine would put me through all you have put me through!” He snarled.From his words, one would think he had been the one to suffer the abuse of an entire pack. A passerby hearing his words would think I used to beat him, waking him up with a belt on his back in the middle of the night. Someone who did not know our family would think I was the one who used to call him
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CAHIR“Are you done fucking?” I crossed my arms, leaning against the doorframe.“Holy hell –“ My Beta sprang away from the little blonde writhing underneath him. “Can’t you knock?” He pulled up his pants in a hurry and his latest fling held her dress against her front.“My bad. You sounded like you were done.” I walked into the office and took a seat. “We have business to discuss.”“This business could not wait for me to finish?” Aristo hissed, flinging the girl’s underwear at her.“No.” The girl still cowered to my right so I turned to face her. “How old are you?” She had a soft and round face, fair skin, and barely legal stamped all over her.“I am – twenty – twenty years old, Alpha.” Her hands holding her dress shivered as she answered me with her head downcast and blond hair falling to cover her face.“Hey, didn’t you tell me you were twenty-two?” Aristo asked in a high tone.Aristo would be the perfect Beta if he did not think through his cock half the time. He chased skirt at ev
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I was forced back into the duties I thought I’d escaped. Yes, forced. A warrior dragged me back to the kitchen and I got a good scolding from Maria. She did not know I ran away. All she cared about was the perfect execution of the hand-over ceremony. Nothing else mattered but her reputation as a diligent and dutiful event planner for the Silver Moon pack. The warrior hung around the kitchen. Every time I came out with a tray, he was there, keeping an eye on me and trailing behind me to make sure I didn’t escape.This was Kade’s way of ensuring I did what he asked, that I continued to stay back in this wretched pack, acting as his slave for the rest of my life. The thought of how long I would continue like this made my shoulders sag as I carried a stack of plates to the large hall that would soon be open to guests.Today, I was part of the cooking and catering service so I put on a white shirt and black skirt like all the other omegas working alongside me. It would be a long day. The o
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I felt the fear in the sudden stillness in the room, the breathlessness and the tension that made the hair on my arms rise. The fear was thick enough to slice causing my heart to leap to my throat, choking me. Despite the silencing fear, I could not hold back my groan at the sharp, burning pain that accompanied the pot of boiling water dumped on my head.“We are on another’s territory,” I heard a strained voice close to me. “Calm yourself.” Three pairs of feet stood close to me while I struggled to sit upright through the pain of a scalded face and shoulders.If there was such a thing as hell, I imagined it could not feel worse than this. The skin on the left side of my face and my forehead peeled from the hot water treatment. I swallowed a groan, terrified of the man standing a few feet away from me. Nothing would make me move an inch for fear of aggravating the man whose anger made the whole room freeze.“Step aside.” A cool voice. Calm and deadly. It carried the force of an Alpha,
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“What is your name?” A thick finger grazed my face as I sat up.I shivered but my reaction stemmed more from the feeling of his voice caressing me than the weather. He spoke in a quiet resonant voice that wrapped around me like a warm and heavy blanket. If his presence felt like home, his low, distinct voice felt like a hug.Still, I could not shake off the effect of his presence. He had a forbidden aura and sharp eyes that watched me like a hawk. I trembled inside me with fear yet he had done nothing to me. If I ever angered this man –His steely gaze narrowed on me as I took my time supplying my name. It was not that I did not want to tell him – it was just – His presence unnerved me. I felt a suffocating urge to hide or cower out of sight but I forced my voice to come out.“Sihana Asena.” My voice came out as a subdued whisper while I fought back a shiver.“Sihana Asena,” he tested the name on his tongue and a shiver raced down my spine. His deep baritone warmed something deep insi
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“What do you mean your mate?” Kade was the first to speak after the deafening silence that followed Cahir’s words. He took an involuntary step towards me and I stepped back.Nervousness made my heart pound a fast rhythm that made my heart ache in no time. Everyone was looking at me now and unused to attention, I wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole and hide.A frown contorted Kade’s features, the doctor and Aristo had matching looks of surprise while Warren – The former Alpha looked calculating. Cahir growled as Kade took another step towards me.“Alpha Kade, one more inch –“ He left the threat open, crossing his arms in a false laidback display. His corded muscles bulged through his shirt as he crossed his arms tight, glaring at Kade.I felt a storm brewing in the room and by the look of things, I was not the only one feeling the incoming eruption between the two incumbent Alphas in the room.“Why do we have to deal with all these people now,” Asena sighed, annoyed with the
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*KADE*Sihana had a nice body, no man would deny this. Her full chest and round hips complete with a cinched waist and straight legs enticed many men in the pack. Her full pouty lips and doe eyes were enough to weaken even the toughest man so I had my work cut out for me. Every time a man looked at her with lust in his eyes, I made sure he had too many problems to distract him from her after that.I earned myself a reputation in high school for being a tyrant and a bully as there were rooms full of men to be dealt with there. When the time to leave for college came, I made sure to apply to a college close to home. Who knew what would happen if I left for four years? I may come back to see some idiot took her away.Even while doing all these, while making sure she never had a boyfriend, or that a boy even dared come close to her, I knew I could not have her. As an Alpha, I needed a strong mate to lead beside me, a woman who could give me strong children to take over from me and lead th
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