I’m A Substitute Of The Girl He Loves

I’m A Substitute Of The Girl He Loves

By:  Paul Rosa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lisa and Lena are twins. Lena was originally about to marry Jack for the sake of the two families. But before the wedding, Lena disappeared without a trace. So Lisa had to replace her sister, and she married Jack. Initially, it was only for profit, but Lisa fell in love with Jack. But Jack only loved Lena. After Lena returns, Lisa wants a divorce, but Jack holds her back. Can the tears that have spilled out of the glass be saved? Where will this love triangle go?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Divorce Agreement!
The sunlight penetrated through the window. Lisa slowly opened her eyes, and her hand raised to touch a muscular chest. She frowned at the man sleeping beside her, suddenly feeling very heavy. After today, he will no longer have any relationship with her, and she won't need to suffer every day because she lives in the shadow of another girl. *** Jack looked at the divorce papers on the table, his face cold, with no idea what he was feeling. In his hand, he held a pen, and for more than ten minutes, he hadn't said a word. Lisa's sitting across from me, and she's not in a hurry. "You can sign slowly, and I'll pack my clothes in my suitcase. I'll take them all tomorrow morning."Jack put his pen down on the table and looked up at her. "I didn't sign."Lisa stopped and looked at Jack with a faint look. "Why don't you sign? Isn't the contract only for one year? Now that she's also back, you don't end this divorce deal. How can you..."Jack tore up the divorce papers on the table, a
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Chapter 2: Went Out All Night
Lisa went out all night, and Jack waited on the sofa in the living room when he returned. She held the divorce papers in her hand, and gm finished the contract in her hand, slowly moving toward Jack. Lisa sneezed a few steps in a row, and her nose turned red. She tried to contain the fatigue in her body, and she didn't want Jack to see this weakness of herself. Jack looked up at her and didn't want to move. He frowned at the sight of a pale face, growing increasingly uneasy. "Where have you been all night?"Lisa was silent and did not answer, putting the paper directly in her hand. "I leave this behind, and now I'm leaving." After saying that, Lisa turned her face and walked away. But as she walked to the second-floor stairs, she suddenly became dark in front of her eyes. She reached out her hand to hold the ramparts so that she wouldn't fall, and she didn't want this look to be seen by Jack. At this moment, there's a sound coming from behind. She almost held her breath and coul
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Chapter 3: Have A Fever
Jack remembered very well that Lisa had never dared to contradict him before. He told her to stay home in the morning, but now she's nowhere to go. Call security for the camera, then Jack turns around and heads down to the second floor. However, after only a few steps, he suddenly heard a noise from a small room for sleeping guests. This living room has been empty since he and Lisa moved here. Jack frowned and immediately moved to that side, still holding the other bag tightly in his hand. The room door was unlocked, and he could see inside as soon as he got closer. Jack's legs stopped, feeling like his head was about to break. He doesn't thought had left half a minute ago, Lisa is now lying on a big bed, covering half her face with a blanket. Jack moved to the thick blanket, but held it back because he remembered Lisa was sick. In his hand, he was carrying a bag of medicines of all kinds, colds, headaches, and depression. When he went to the drugstore, he bought it thinking abo
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Chapter 4: Force Kiss!
Lisa's painstaking suppression of tears finally stopped her. She clenched her lips, trying to resist Jack's kiss for the first. She was so surprised that she stiffened her whole body, biting him awkwardly.The smell of blood flowed into their throat, and Lisa fell into extreme confusion. Her eyes widened, beginning to wriggle under Jack's arm. However, her all body kept limping. The harder she tried, the more helpless she felt.This is his first kiss in a state of consciousness to take the initiative with her. Staying together for a year, going to bed many times, but when the two touched their lips were only when he was drunk most, and also on her initiative. Jack's rough hand holding Lisa's small chin won't let go. He can't even feel the corners of his lips stinging. Obviously, not from love. He felt extremely uncomfortable when he heard her say those words. "Um… it hurts…" Lisa put her hand in the middle, trying to separate herself: "Let me… let me go."Jack opened his eyes and sa
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Chapter 5: Lisa Or Lena?
Jack walked, unbuttoning his expensive shirt. He sat on a large sofa in the middle of the room, holding his hand up to hold his chest, perspiration pouring out endlessly on his face, his expression frowning. He looked in his suit pocket and found a small bottle of medicine, and he didn't need water to take two pills. More than five minutes later, his pale face turned pink, returning to a cold, almost daily appearance. At this moment, the phone rang in the closed room. Jack quietly opened his eyes, frowned tightly, took the phone out of his pocket, and was his assistant – Steven. "What's going on?" "Jack! What's wrong with your voice?""Let's get to the point.""Ah! Yes, the director of the other company...""Awkward is called Ethan." "Oh! I can't, and I can't! I'll say it quickly. The meeting this afternoon was originally postponed, but somehow the other party showed up on time." Jack frowned and asked:"What's next?"" He said he must talk to us today, and he's still in the off
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