Tasting My Bestfriend

Tasting My Bestfriend

By:  LORA ASHLEY  Updated just now
Language: English
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“This,” he whispers, his lips brushing against my skin with each word. “This is what I’m thinking. This is what's going through my head." “Liam,” I moan, my desire raging out of control. My fingers dig into his back, pulling him closer. Everything in me wants him. Wants this. All the time. With that desire, everything becomes clear. It all begins to make sense. We have crossed the line. We may never be just friends again. ******** Vivian has been in love with her bestfriend Liam since fifth grade and has been keeping her feelings for him a secret because she knows better than to ruin his relationship with the hottest cheerleader in school. Trying out a couple of relationships just to erase her feelings for Liam has also done nothing to help her wipe off her feelings for him. One day at a friend's night party, both bestfriends are dared to kiss each other. Although they are hesitant at first, they eventually give in to the dare. The kiss is electric, pure, and it awakens feelings in both of them that they have been trying to suppress. After the dare is done, the following days, weeks and months become more tempteous for them as they discover their awakened feelings snapping out of control. Will they succumb to the voice of pretence? Will they call it quits as friends? Or will they gather up the courage to embark on a journey that will either drift them apart or pull them even closer? Book Cover Picture Credit: Maggie West

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She moaned in ecstasy as he glided in and out of her, their sweaty bodies sliding together in intense pleasure. Her fingers tugged at his hair as she……. "Vivian!" I jolt as soon as I hear my mum calling my name downstairs. "Put down that phone and come downstairs for lunch. Alvin and Liam are here." Hell. If only she knew that I wasn't immersed in my phone but in my romantic book instead. I close the romance novel I was reading. I tuck it into a stash of my other romantic collections in my drawer and click the drawer shut. I grab a blue basketball jersey from my closet, a personal gift that was given to me by my boyfriend John. I put it on and quickly head downstairs. When I arrive, I see Alvin and Liam already settled in the sitting room, watching a basketball game. I carry my lunch of creamy pasta and chicken sauce from the dinning table before moving to join them on the sitting room floor. "Hey guys." I say as I settle my ass on the floor beside them. Alvin turns to me, a smile
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I place the bottles of water and the apple on the table in the sitting room."What's wrong?" I ask."Oh, it's nothing Vee. Liam and I were just talking about the basketball game we have this evening at school. You know you are coming."I know he's lying."Stop lying Al. You guys don't whisper about basketball." I hand him a bottle of water from the table and watch his eyes avert from me. "Well, I'll be coming. John is playing too." "Are you riding with Liam and I to the game?" Alvin asks."Yeah. John wanted to pick me up but I told him that I'll be coming with you guys. His sister is sick and he has to see her at the hospital before coming to the game. I didn't want to stress him out.""Oh." Alvin replies."And besides," I continue. "I wanted to ride with you guys to the game since we agreed that we will be going together, but now that Liam has decided to be annoying, I'm starting to feel that I made a mistake of not allowing John pick me up instead." Liam turns. "So now I'm annoying
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We get to school just a few minutes before the game starts. Liam's car pulls into the parking lot and we alight. As we walk towards the school's basketball court, Natalie tries to hold Liam's hand, but Liam slips his hand away, sliding it into his Jean's pocket instead.Well, Natalie being the persistent bad bitch that she is, decides to cling to his arm instead, giving him the lovey-dovey look. Liam doesn't react to the look, but also does not remove her clawed hands from his arm. We finally get to the basketball court, where we see a lot of students already seated and waiting for the game to begin.Other students from Eastville High, the rival school we are to play against, were already settled at the other part of the court, waiting for the game to begin. Natalie gives Liam a quick kiss on the lips before hurrying off to the dressing room to change into her cheerleader outfit. "We are going to change Vee. See you after the game. Cheer us up." Al says before hurrying off with Liam t
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More motivational screams rattle the basketball court as students of our school cheered on Liam and his team while the students of Eastville High cheered on their school's team to win. In the few seconds of the last minute remaining, with my hands on my thumping chest, I watch Alvin tactically grab the dabbling ball from his opponent. I see Liam already heading for the basketball net, and in the final shot that will determine the winner of the game, I watch Alvin throw the ball to Liam. Liam catches the ball mid-air and quickly sinks it into the basketball net. A loud blaring sound signal echoes throughout the court, signifying the end of the game.We broke the draw!We won! Roars of triumph quickly fill the court as our students hail the winning team. Our school got forty-four points while the rival team from Eastville High got forty-three points. Lakewood High, our school, was declared the winner, earning more screams from our students.Liam's teammates quickly jack up Liam and Alv
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Breathe Vivian.We have come so far now. All that's left now is just one freaking third semester this senior year.Maybe after that, things won't be so complicated.Do not risk it.But why did he choose that nasty mean bitch to be his——Babe?" I jolt and turn, seeing John, his eyes searching my face. "Babe, are you alright?" I quickly turn to look around me. It takes me a while to fully realize that I've arrived home but still in John's car. I shut my eyes and breath out before opening them to look at John. "Babe, I've been trying to get your attention for a while now. You've been clutching your chest non-stop. Is everything ok?" I look down at my chest and realize that he's right. "I……I'm……" I stutter, adjusting the crew neck of my jersey. "I'm just a little bit tired." I fake a yawn. "And hungry too.""You are home now. You will be coming to Michael's party tomorrow right?" "Yeah. I'll try.""Just give me a call when you are ready. I'll come pick you up.""I will." I reply, unlatc
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"Vee, can you deliver these to the customers at Table Five? I really need to use the restroom right now." Kevin say, pointing at the tray containing the order."Ok.""The Latte is for the guy on red while the Cappuccino is for the guy on black."I nod, grabbing the tray containing the cups of coffee for the customers at Table Five. Kevin quickly pulls his apron off before dashing out to go use the restroom.I walk over to the customers at Table Five, taking care not to spill the coffees on the tray. I greet them and serve them their respective coffees. The guy on black tips me off and winks at me, a common annoying gesture I mostly get whenever young College boys come to have their coffees at Banny's."Thanks. Enjoy your coffee." The words leave my lips at exactly the moment I turn my back to walk back to the bar. College boys will always be college boys. I tuck my hair strands behind my ears as I take a look around the café. Sundays at Banny's Café are always quiet and devoid of many
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We arrive at Michael's house, meeting the party in full swing with loud electronic music blasting through the entire house. Michael's rich parents travel a lot, leaving him with ample opportunities to throw loud parties like this.Al slowly parks the car, being careful to not knock over a couple of seemingly drunk teens stumbling to get their wobbly feet to the other side of the road. I open the car door and alight, slightly cringing when my eyes spot a petite blonde girl throwing up in the little bush nearby, her friend patting her back.We make our way into the house, being careful of the glistening cups of booze dangling in the hands of the swaying clustered bodies dancing to the party's music. We get to the bar side, where we meet Michael making out with Tasha, the attention-seeker, cheerleader bitch he is currently having a fling with.Tasha is a silent baddie that appears to be nice to people who don't properly know her. She is averagely tall, and usually leaves her long straigh
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Did my ears hear correctly?Because I think they did."You must be joking." I splutter, laughing. Michael's smirky face says otherwise.He is serious.Just then, a blonde boy appears at the bar. "Michael. Alvin. The guys are ready to play upstairs." The boy utters before heading upstairs. Alvin drapes his arms on my shoulder. "Vee, you are playing with us. It will be so much fun." The encouragement in Alvin's voice tempts me to join the game, but a bugging feeling tells me that the game might not end well."No." I protest, shaking my head. "I do not want to be part of any unnecessary drama." I conclude, closing the water bottle."Don't be such a spoiler Vivian." Natalie's annoying voice jabs me, stirring the fire in me begging to shove her challenge to her face."Alright." I say, fliping my hair behind my shoulder. "It is game time.""Yeah!!" Alvin yells. He pulls me to my feet and bows like a prince, earning a laugh from me. I see the scorn in Natalie's eyes but who cares. Together wi
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My heart bangs against my chest. A twisting feeling settles in my stomach. My eyes drift to the tray containing the shots of lime water mixed with Vodka. I look away from the tray and find myself staring at Liam.He is staring at the tray. I could clearly see in his eyes that he is weighing his options. Alvin is such an idiot and I swear I am going to kill him after this. How could he even do this to me? He definitely knows that Liam is allergic to lime, and that Liam would have no other choice than to comply to the dare.When Liam clears his throat and looks up at me, I swallow hard. His emerald green eyes pierce through mine as we sit in the silence. I can feel Natalie's eyes burning my skin.God. I knew this game was a bad idea."Come on dude! It's just a stupid kiss. Just get on with it man." Brian scoffs out the words like they mean nothing. I want Liam's kiss to mean something to me. I know that I want to kiss Liam so bad, but not like this. I want him to do it willingly. I wan
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The night air cools my face as I relax my back on the marble wall of the verandah outside the compound. I breath in the cool air, finding comfort in the way it calms my nerves.Just then, my phone vibrates in my pocket. I pull it out and see a text message from John. A pang of guilt hits me like a hard rock as I read the contents of the message."I know Michael's party is lit as usual. Remember to take care of yourself. I love you babe.""Love you too." I type back and hit the send button. At once, my mind taunts me for being such a great liar. My knees weaken and I find myself sliding my ass to the floor, lacking the strength to walk to the empty chair across the verandah. I tuck the phone back into my pocket and clench my fists.John.He doesn't deserve any of this. He is my boyfriend. I know that my kiss with Liam was just a dare, but the undeniable feeling that it was also a form of betrayal keeps tugging at the pit of my stomach. John has been nothing but nice and caring to me. He
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