My sugar daddies

My sugar daddies

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"In this house, from now on, I’m your daddy.""Bend over."Raw heat exploded through me, like every single naughty fantasy I’d been bottling up was finally coming rushing out.SMACK.I yelped — the sound of a mix of shock and basically a moan as his strong, powerful hand spanked my little ass and spread the heat through my whole body.“You’ve been a bad girl, Kenzie,” Wilder growled in my ear, spanking me again as Lincoln just watched, his eyes blazing heat.SMACK.With a low growl, Wilder brought his hand down across my upturned ass again, hard. I cried out with a high mewling squeal and a moan, but my eyes stayed open and locked onto Lincoln. Because if it wasn’t dirty enough that here I was, eighteen years old and getting spanked by my gorgeous, dominant guardian, the fact that my second gorgeous dominant guardian was watching made it all the, well…

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Wilder~The growl caught low in my throat — a deep, primal, animalistic sound that rumbled through my broad, muscled chest.She was late. And we’d been over this. In this house, there were rules, and when rules were broken, there would be punishment.So far, I’d —we’d— been lax on that front, and that was what the root of this problem was. We’d allowed her insubordination and rebelliousness to grow, unchecked and unpunished.Not anymore.But then, this wasn’t just about “punishing” her, or keeping her in line, and I fucking knew it. Lincoln and I both knew it, even if at that point, we hadn’t spoken it out loud, even to each other. This was about lust. This was about wanting her willing obedience and her sweet submission. This was about wanting to claim and dominate every single square inch of her sweet young body. I’d been hiding it away since the day she’d fucking arrived, but no longer.I couldn’t take anymore. I doubted any other red-blooded man could’ve taken what I’d held strong
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Mackenzie~I knew I was in trouble the second I got home. Good.My pulse hummed in my ears, my skin prickling with the unknown of what might happen there that night. My core tightened as I jammed the key in the lock, ignoring Justin’s honk in the long driveway behind me and the squeal of his tires as he drove off frustrated, pouting like the little boy he was, and probably nursing a serious case of blue balls.Also good.I wasn’t going to put out for a whiny jerk like Justin Carson. I never was going to, even if I’d let him take me out that night. But going out with the rude, douchey quarterback from the local college that night hadn’t been because Iwanted to go out with him, it’d been because I’d pretty much exhausted every single other idea I’d had.…It was because I’d already done everything else to try and push the man — or, really, if I was even ready to admit to myself yet, the men— I’d been lusting over for over a month into doing something.Anything.I’d never been like that b
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Mackenzie~He’d been panting and sweating when I’d bumped into him that day — every muscle on his gorgeous body bulging at his workout clothes as he stepped out of the home gym. I could smell the manly, intoxicating scent of him, which did all sorts of insane things to my body and my hormones. But I’d pushed all that back, swallowing thickly as I’d given him the same attitude I’d been giving him and Lincoln since I’d arrived.“Going out?” he’d growled, his eyes sliding wickedly over my cut-off jean shorts, hiking boots, and tank top. Wilder’s estate occupied like thirty acres of woods, and I’d come to really like going out for hikes on some of the trails.I’d shrugged, hoping to God he couldn’t see the way he made my body shiver or made my cheeks flush.“Yup. See ya.”I’d turned on my heel, but suddenly, I’d felt his hand grip my arm tight and tug me back around. I gasped quietly, my heart jumping into my chest as I’d whirled to come face to face with the gorgeous, brooding man who’d
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Mackenzie~“Get in the house,” Wilder growled lowly.I felt my pulse beating hard beneath my chest at the powerful and commanding tone.“You can’t boss me around, you know,” I threw back.“You’re not my real—”“Get inside,” he hissed, and I shivered at the heat in his voice.“Fine!” I spat back, my whole body tingling with raw want. I pushed him aside and strode into the large entryway. “What are you gonna do,” I threw over my shoulder. “Punish me?”I sauntered in, storming right into the huge living room that I loved, lined with shelves and shelves of leather books. But the little grin on my face dropped when I realized Lincoln was sitting calmly on one of the large, opulent, leather sofas, and I blushed fiercely. The two of them had both been the focus of every single dirty fantasy and dream I’d had for the last month. But I’d seen Lincoln, even if it’d been blurred and steamy. And looking at him now, sitting back nursing a drink in dark jeans and a crisp white button-up, with his s
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Lincoln~I slammed the bourbon back, hoping the glass of fire would somehow quench the one inside of me.…No fucking luck.Next to me, Wilder did the same, growling as he set his glass back on his desk before rubbing his face with his hands. After we’d left Kenzie back downstairs, we’d both wordlessly come directly here, shut the door, and gone right for the bottle.I reached for it again as Wilder groaned into his hands, pouring myself another splash before sinking back in my chair.“That went too far.” Wilder’s hands slid down his face, giving me a look. “Oh, you fucking think so?”“Goddamnit,” I muttered, grimacing as I looked into my glass. “We’re stronger than this. Or, we fucking should be.”“Yeah?” Wilder glared at me. “And how’d that work out for you back there?” he spat sarcastically.Not well.Kenzie had showed up at his front door.Barely appropriate. Fuck, entirely un-appropriate. But tempting asfuck, like goddamn original sin in daisy dukes and a crop-top. We hadn’t said
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Mackenzie~I came three times that night. After what happened in the living room, and after feeling Wilder’s firm hands on my body and Lincoln’s heated gaze locked on mine, my entire core was on fire. I barely made it to my room before I slammed the door, locked it, and tore my clothes off. I didn’t even get my panties off before I fell into bed — ass up, face down into my pillows, and both hands buried between my legs.I came the first time in about thirty seconds. The second I took my time with, panting into my sheets as I imagined Wilder spanking me again, and this time pulling my panties to the side and running his fingers up and down my slippery, sticky pussy.I imagined Lincoln doing more than watching. I pictured him stroking himself the way I’d seen in the shower that day. I imagined him moving closer, his hand wrapped around his big, thick cock, touching me while Wilder did the same. The third time I came, my mind went to a place I’d barely ever gone before. That time, I fant
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WilderMy whole body twitched— restless, on edge, and hungry— through the whole fucking meeting. I was sharp, and short with the lawyers, even my own, as I finished signing over some of the auxiliary account and existing contracts to the new owners of Hammer and Spark.You’d have thought I’d be sad to be selling the company Lincoln and I had bled for, but we were both glad to be out. Were both glad to be out of the job of soldiering, and all that came with it. And besides that, the guys taking over were good men — also Marines, and also with the training and discipline to make good leadership moves. Our employees would be in good hands.But fuck if I could even think about that, even as my hand moved the pen across dotted lines. Because all I was thinking about washer.Kenzie.About her skin, and how fucking tight and warm and supple that little ass was. About how her skin had turned pink under my hand, and how she’d gasped so sweetly you’d have thought I was stroking her pussy not sp
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MackenzieThe sun blazed down onto my bare skin, but it was nothing like the heat pulsing between my legs. Filthy, naughty day dreams swirled through my head, mostly involving some porn-movie version of Lincoln coming out to the pool and just taking me any way he wanted to. Or then, my fantasies would switch to one where Wilder didn’t stop at just spanking me. Instead, in my head, he pinned me against the couch, pulled my panties to the side, and fucked me hard. My skin buzzed with electric heat, and I could feel my nipples straining against the thin fabric of the bikini top. Between my legs, I could feel the slippery heat soaking into my bikini bottoms, wetting them and making them cling to my pussy.I squeezed my thighs together, panting quietly at the sensations as I gripped the arm rests of the pool chair. The dirty sensations teased through me, made all the hotter by being right outside in the open, where anyone could see me. Something tingled down my back at the thought and I s
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He leaned down, his lips brushing my ear.“Maybe you just need daddy to teach you a fucking lesson.”I cried out as his hand came down with a sharp spank across my little ass. I moaned, feeling the heat and the sting teasing through my body as he pulled back and did it again, and then a third time.“Count for me,” Lincoln growled. “Starting with this one.”His hand came down on my ass again, and I cried out.“One!”“Uh-uh,” he murmured into my ear, his hand soothing over the skin. “One,what?”I hesitated for a second, but then I knew what he meant. I knew what he meant and my whole body trembled with lust.“One,daddy.”Lincoln’s cock throbbed against me, and he growled.“Good girl.”His hand spanked my ass again, and I whimpered in pleasure“Two, daddy!”SPANK.“Three, daddy!”I cried out, my whole body on fire and the heat between my legs so hot and so wet I was sure I was leaving a wet spot on his shorts. I thought he was about to bring his hand back down, but suddenly, his fingers
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I wasn’t sure why I’d run from the room so fast. I guess because I didn’t want Wilder to “catch” me like that, with Lincoln’s cum still hot on my skin and trickling between my legs. What’d just happened with Lincoln had been everything I wanted. But then, I also had these confusing feeling for Wilder — feelings that were just as intense and heated as the ones I had for Lincoln.I bit my lip, sitting there in my room feeling my heart still racing and trying to make sense of the whirlwind of feelings I had for two men…Lincoln~I had to tell him. It wasn’t even a fucking question. Wilder was my best friend, and we were closer than brothers. Lying to him, or not telling him about what’d happened with Kenzie was just off the fucking table.I felt like an asshole though. Not for what’d happened with her —that had been incredible. What had happened when Mackenzie and I had crashed together had been something that’d been brewing for months — an unstoppable force of nature that I knew then ne
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