The Alpha's Regret

The Alpha's Regret

By:  Reece Barden  Updated just now
Language: English
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Nathan is a playboy bachelor, living his life to the fullest. Being the brother of the Alpha has its perks, and Nathan makes the most of all of them. He's not looking for his mate. From what he's seen, they're nothing but trouble and heartache. Or that's what he thinks until his fated mate walks into the packhouse and turns his life upside down. Now he wants love, family and a happily ever after. The only problem is going to be convincing her he can change.

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30 Chapters
Chapter 1
NathanThis was a terrible idea. The worst.Whatever is driving my wolf crazy hasn’t been helped at all by the vigorous workout I enjoyed last night with the delightful Faye. A peppy little blonde with an eagerness to please and no expectations. She’s a fun bedtime companion when I want to blow off some steam. Normally.Last night, though, my wolf didn’t want to be anywhere near her. Every time she touched me, he recoiled, refusing to take part because she wasn’t my mate. For years, we’ve had a mutual agreement that finding our mate wasn’t the be all and end all, and that we’d live our life to the fullest.It appears he’s had a change of heart.Try as I might, I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for doing the deed itself, and so I resorted to doing what any self-respecting alpha wolf would do. I lied and said I wanted to make last night all about her.Except now, that has backfired spectacularly because this little she-wolf that I lavished with attention now seems to think something has
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Chapter 2
Nathan “What do you mean, she said nothing about me?” Frustration gnaws at my insides as Leila rummages through the open fridge, pulling out leftovers and stacking them up on the counter. My fingers itch to shut the door and shake her until she tells me every word that my mate said from the moment they went into Leila’s old apartment to the second she left. Breathing deeply, I try to stay calm. Leila is with her fated mate, but their relationship didn’t start with a picture-perfect first meeting either, so I have to believe she isn’t tormenting me on purpose. She’s not that mean. Most of the time. But she is annoying me by making me wait. “Also, you don’t live here anymore. Technically, this is stealing.” I shouldn’t comment, and I regret it the instant the petty words pass my lips. Her bump is getting more noticeable, as is her irritability. She is potentially carrying a bear cub, after all. Its natural grumpiness is probably rubbing off on her from the inside out. Leila leans b
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Chapter 3
NathanCan I help you?I blink down at her, stunned into silence. That wasn’t what I expected. Maybe for her to slam the door in my face. For her to give me a filthy look and a hard time.Not this.“I… I’m Leila’s brother, Nathan. Can I come in?”Through the tiny gap in the door, I can only see half of her face and a curtain of shiny black hair. I need to see her properly. Up close, the urge to reach out and touch her, to cup her face is overwhelming. The door between is making me angry. I want to be closer to her.After dragging her dark pink bottom lip through her teeth as she ponders whether to let me, her mate, into her new apartment in my pack house, she gives me a minuscule nod and steps back. Pressing her back to the wall, she gestures for me to move past her, down the narrow hallway, and into the living room.It takes every bit of willpower I possess to keep moving. Forcing my feet to keep walking before I do something reckless, I take in the few personal items that she’s unpa
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Chapter 4
Maya“Dean, stop. I’m not coming home.” Raising my eyes to heaven, I’m glad my brother isn’t here right now, or I’d strangle him.“I don’t know how I let you and Hayley talk me into this. There’s too much going on over there. I don’t want you getting caught in the middle of it all.”I can hear his footfalls as he paces the floors of our old packhouse. In my mind, I picture him with his hand on the back of his neck, wearing a track on the hardwood as he gets more and more worked up.“Dean. The alpha’s sister can’t be the first person to leave the pack and then come running home a day later. I’m safe. The boys have arrived and are going to be sleeping in the packhouse, too. Nothing is going to happen.”The first exchange between the packs was only supposed to be one person, but as soon as we decided I was going, Dean suddenly expanded the numbers. Conveniently, some of our elite warriors volunteered to come. My brother has almost certainly bribed or threatened them into it.“Maya, I…”
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Chapter 5
MayaI swear I can feel his gaze on me the second Leah draws my attention to it. Just as if he’d touched me, my body heats and my core tightens. It shouldn’t make me so happy to know I have his attention. I’m a grown woman. Just because he’s interested in me doesn’t mean I have to give him the time of day. Except even as Leah watches me with curiosity, I can’t keep those delicious brown eyes and that crooked smile from invading my thoughts.“Oh my, he’s not the only one that has it bad.”“He’s cute, but I saw him with someone this morning. I’m not interested in being another notch on anyone’s bedpost.”That’s not exactly true. I’m very interested, but my pride won’t let me go down that path if it’s only going to lead to a fall. Leah hesitates for a moment. Her eyes drift over my shoulder to where I assume Nathan is standing, watching. Reaching past me to pick at the snacks laid out, she casually manoeuvres us so she has her back to Nathan. I spot his tall frame instantly as he speaks
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Chapter 6
NathanI feel like punching the air in celebration when Maya doesn’t move away. Pressing my lips to hers softly, I fight the need to drag her body against mine. Even though I long to touch and worship every inch of her incredible body, I resist. I’m rock hard, have been all day, but that’s my problem, not hers. A case of blue balls is probably getting off lightly, considering what she witnessed.Maya softens and leans into the kiss, her breasts pressing into my chest as she winds her arms around my waist and up my back. My cock nudges against her hip and her gasp lets me know the second she realises exactly what it is.“Nathan,” she murmurs dreamily, eyes still closed as I pull away, tucking a strand of silky dark hair back behind her ear. I can’t help bringing the end up to my nose to take in her addictive scent. She smiles at me as her eyelids flutter open, looking dazed and lightheaded. I keep my arms wrapped around her protectively as I rest my chin on
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Chapter 7
Maya Nathan’s nose wrinkles adorably as he stares down at me, a confused frown on his handsome features. I shake my head, still laughing quietly, unable to form a proper sentence. Holy shit. I may not be very experienced but even I know that is not normal. Every cell in my body is on fire. I’ve never felt anything like the orgasm that he just dragged from me. And I fought it, hard. I’ve never been able to relax enough to come with a partner before, but Nathan is clearly no ordinary man. How he learned those skills has my wolf’s hackles rising so we won’t dwell on it, but other than that, she is thrilled with my choice of man. “A lesser man might be worried that you’re laughing, but I think I can wipe that smile off your face.” Even with his messy boyish curls and twinkling brown eyes, Nathan looks like the devil himself as he stands there before me. He waits, allowing my eyes to roam over his incredible body, all tanned muscles, and a dark line of hair disappearing into his open j
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Chapter 8
MayaMy chest aches as I think about the hurt I have inflicted on Nathan. Potentially. If what he says is true. My brother warned me, endlessly, before I left to keep my wits about me. Dean worried that after being kept sheltered in my pack, ambitious males looking for an alpha female might see me as an easy target.I don’t share his paranoid nature but I won’t allow myself to be marked in the heat of the moment either. I can’t take as fact the words of a man I only just met, no matter how gorgeous he is. It doesn’t make this any less of a disaster.Thumping on the door rouses me from my thoughts, right before the door bursts open. Rex rushes through the door and straight into the bedroom where I’m still sitting on the edge of the bed. Scenting the air, he freezes and glances at the spot on the wall where Nathan struck his head. He can smell the blood.“Where is he?” Rex’s voice is calm but lethal. He radiates anger and I would be stupid to hide anything from him. He can sense his bro
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Chapter 9
NathanI hear him coming long before he nips my heel mid-stride and sends me tumbling across the forest floor in a tangle of limbs and twigs and leaves.“I said stop,” Rex growls as he shifts back and offers me a hand up off the ground. Shifting back to my human form, I bat his hand away and slump down, choosing to remain where I am in the dirt.“For fuck's sake.” Rex raises his eyes to heaven before leaning back against a nearby tree and folding his arms over his chest. “So, you met your mate?”I grunt and nod sulkily and pick a leaf out of my hair absentmindedly. I wince as my fingers brush across the quickly healing cut on my head. There’s a lump there too. That will take longer to disappear. Maya. My sweet, wonderful Maya. Although she wasn’t so sweet when she was drop-kicking me across my bedroom and into the wall. It was all going so well. Until it wasn’t.“Did she reject you?” He knows damn well that she didn’t. If she had, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to him, I’d be writ
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Chapter 10
Nathan When we return to the packhouse, Rex leaves me with a reassuring nod and an encouraging pat on the shoulder. As he goes off in search of his own mate, I’m left alone with my thoughts. There are still plenty of wolves hanging around, enjoying the food and drink laid on for the welcoming party. But I’m not in the mood to join in. Instead, I trudge up the stairs, staring with longing at Maya’s door when I get to the top and willing her to come out so we can talk, but there’s no movement. She’s in there. Her alluring scent is so strong, and my wolf is alert, sensing his mate is nearby. Which means she probably knows I’m here too, but doesn’t want to speak to me. As much as it kills me, I won't pressure her. We'll both still be here in the morning. With a reluctant sigh, I turn away and go to my own apartment. Pushing open the door, my brain floods me with slightly happier mental images of carrying my mate in my arms through here just hours ago. Without meaning to, I find myself
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