Chasing the White Wolf

Chasing the White Wolf

By:  Tessa Lilly  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's been four years since Emma and Logan marked each other. Life is going great for both of them, but Logan can't get over what Samuel said. He is afraid that someone is after his mate. What will happen when rogues start to attack Alpha Drake's pack? Are those rogues after Emma? What will happen when an unexpected guest shows up at Alpha Logan's pack and tells an interesting story about the White Wolf? Will Emma and Logan manage to overcome the obstacles that are in front of them? Will they stay together or will destiny break them apart? Find out the answers in the sequel to True Luna.

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60 Chapters
Emma POVBend over your desk and wait for me. I got a mind-link from my husband. I’m coming over in a second.My insides tingled, and a small smile spread across my face.Don’t take your clothes off. He growled. I want the honors.I didn’t know what I did to deserve this, but I wouldn’t fight it too much. Sex with my mate was the one thing that always managed to relax me.I had a tough day. The new kindergarten we were building wasn’t done. The shipment of the materials was late, and we didn’t know why. The opening kept getting delayed, and it frustrated me so much. Our old kindergarten wasn’t in good shape. The pups deserved better. The parents deserved better.I squeezed the back of my neck, trying to relax myself a little before Logan came over. It was useless, though. I just couldn’t force my tense muscles to relax.I stood up and did what my mate told me to do. I didn’t take my clothes off, but I did raise my skirt a little higher. I wanted him inside me faster.A few moments lat
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It's not safe
Logan POVI was holding my mate in my arms and trying to come back to my senses.Each time we had sex, it was fucking perfect. It didn’t matter if it was a quickie in one of our offices or a long, hot session at home. It was perfect. She was perfect.I couldn’t believe that I almost lost her. I wanted to go back and beat the shit out of 25-year-old Logan. He was stupid and weak. He almost cost me my entire life. He almost cost me the love of my life.‘I’ll join you.’ Leon growled. ‘I wouldn’t mind sticking my claws up his ass.’‘I know you wouldn’t.’ I said and chuckled at my wolf.“I felt that you were stressed, baby.” I said softly as I ran my hand up and down her back. “What’s wrong?”I felt Emma’s tension, and I knew what she needed immediately. My touch always relaxed her. Her touch always relaxed me. Every time I was stressed about something, I came home to my mate and all my troubles just disappeared.I really didn’t know how the fuck I managed to function before. How the fuck
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The call
Andrew POVLogan and I entered his office, and I sat down with a huff.“How is Daisy?” Logan asked me as he sat down at his desk.Daisy was my mate and Drake’s younger sister. I met her three years ago when she and Drake visited our pack. I couldn’t fucking believe that I finally found her. I adored her from the first moment I saw her, and I adored her even more now that she was carrying my pup. I was a little bit worried at the beginning. I was afraid that Daisy would hurt Emma. After what Sienna had done, I didn’t really trust anyone.But I was so fucking wrong because Daisy adored Emma. Drake told his sister so much about Emma that it felt like Daisy already knew her. They became friends fast, and they were inseparable. I was so fucking happy. I didn’t know what I would have done if Daisy had been a threat to my sister.“She is very pregnant.” I said with a small smile on my face. “I really can’t wait until my pup is born. Her hormones are all over the place.”“It’s nice to see wh
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Emma POV“Daisy?” I called her as soon as I entered my house.Well, it was now my brother and Daisy’s house, but they always told me that this was and always would be my home. They didn’t even touch my room. They wanted me to have it. I was very grateful to them. This house and Andrew were the only connections that I had with my parents. I was so lucky that I got to keep both.“Kitchen.” I heard her voice.I walked toward the kitchen and smiled as soon as I saw her. She looked like a small penguin when she walked.“Stop smiling.” Daisy said, frowning at me. “Wait until you get pregnant. Walking is hard.”I grinned as I approached her and placed my hands on her belly.“How is my little buddy?” I asked softly.He kicked my hand, and I smiled.“Very kicky.” Daisy sighed. “I can’t wait until he is out of me so he can kick your brother for a change.”I snorted and rubbed her belly gently.“What’s wrong with you, sweetie?” Daisy asked as she ran her fingers through my hair. “I can see that
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Catching up
Emma POV“So, what’s sex with Logan like?” Amy asked me as we were sunbathing on the lakeshore.I got up on one elbow and lifted my sunglasses to look at her questionably.“Seriously?” I asked, surprised.Amy looked at me like I was the crazy one.“What?” she said. “I can’t talk about sex with Drake because Daisy is going to throw up. Daisy can’t talk about sex with Andrew because you are going to throw up. You are all we have.”“She’s got a point.” Daisy chuckled.“You two are crazy.” I mumbled as I laid back down.I wasn’t going to talk to them about Logan and his skills.“Oh, come on, Emma.” Amy sighed.“I’m not telling you anything.” I said, smirking because I had just gotten an idea. “You might get jealous.”Amy and Daisy gasped, making me laugh.“Okay, now I need to know.” Amy said, grabbing my arm.“Not a chance.” I said, laughing.“So, are you and my stupid brother finally admitting that you are in love?” Daisy asked Amy, changing the subject.“Thank you, Daisy.” I said, chuck
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The visit
Logan POV“Why are you so happy?” Andrew asked as he was looking through the papers on his desk.Well, I was happy because I fucked my mate a couple of times last night. It was amazing as always. She was so fucking perfect, and I just couldn’t get enough of her. My dick throbbed again just remembering how fucking amazing her pussy, and that little mouth felt. I couldn’t tell that to her brother, though.“You don’t want to know.” I smirked, making Andrew look up at me.He rolled his eyes and sighed.“I will never get used to this.” Andrew mumbled, looking back down at the papers.“She is 22, Andrew.” I said. “She is an adult.”“Well, in my eyes, she is still that little girl who made me clean her nose because the boogies were tickling her.” Andrew said, making me chuckle.“She made you clean her nose?” I asked, trying to stop myself from laughing.“Yes.” Andrew nodded. “She would make me look inside to see where boogies were.”I couldn’t hold back my laugh anymore.“Oh, I am so going
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His second choice
Emma POV I was sitting in my office, stressing about the late shipment, when a knock on the door made me put the papers down. “Come in.” I said, running my fingers through my hair. The door opened, and Jake walked inside. “Hey, Jake.” I said, giving him a small smile. “What can I do for you?” “I’m not here on official business, beautiful.” he said as he sat down on the couch with a huff. “Is something wrong?” I asked as I stood up and approached him. He looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows. “Why haven’t I found my mate yet, beautiful?” he mumbled as he took my hand in his. I sat down next to him and took a deep breath. This was a question that had bugged him for a while now. He was scared that she died. He was sure that he would never find her. On the other hand, he didn’t want to take a chosen mate. He didn’t want to look at other girls. I admired it, but I was also worried about him. I didn’t want him to spend his life alone. He was a great guy, and he deserved the
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Logan POV“What’s wrong?” I asked as I barged into my mate’s office.She was sitting on the couch, and I could see the sadness in her eyes.I was so distracted that I almost missed the scent of the person I hated.Jacob.Leon got nervous immediately.I saw fucking red. If he hurt her…“What did Jacob do to you?” I asked as I approached her.“He didn’t do anything.” Emma sighed. “He was sad, so he made me a little sad as well.”I sat down next to her and pulled her onto my lap. She straddled me and placed her hands on my shoulders.“What did he say, baby?” I asked her softly. He did do something. He made my mate sad. I wanted to punch the living shit out of him because of that.“It’s not important.” Emma said, giving me a small smile. “I just wanted to see you.”I clenched my fists and tried to keep my anger under control. It was important. He fucking made her sad.Emma leaned in and kissed me before I could protest and argue with her.I kissed her back, enjoying the taste of her.Emm
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Help me
Emma POVThe door to my office burst open.I almost had a heart attack.I was so focused on work that I didn’t even hear anyone approaching my office.“Goddess, Amy.” I said, placing my hand over my heart. “You are going to give me a heart attack.”Emma, baby, what’s wrong?! I heard Logan’s panicked voice in my head. I am okay. I mind-linked him back. Amy burst into my office. I was focused on work, and I didn’t hear her coming. Goddess, baby. Logan mumbled. I got so freaked out.I am sorry. I said. I am okay. Don’t worry.I will always worry, baby. Logan said softly. That’s my job.I love you. I told him.I love you too. He responded softly.I cut our mind-link and focused on Amy.She raised an eyebrow at me and sat down on the couch.“You didn’t hear me coming?” she asked. “Aren’t you a werewolf?”“I was focused on work.” I sighed. “How can I help you?”“You are working too much, Emmy.” Amy sighed, frowning at me. “That girls’ day wasn’t enough. You need to take a little break.”“
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The rogue
Logan POVWhere are you? I got a mind-link from Andrew.Home. I answered immediately. Why?We caught one of the rogues at Drake’s border. Andrew said. He is in the cell.I’ll be right there. I said as I stood up and walked toward my bedroom.I reached my bedroom, and a small smile spread across my face. My mate was in there, rummaging through her closet and throwing some of her dresses on our bed. She was wearing sweats and a hoodie, but she looked fucking fabulous. She could wear a trash bag for all I cared. I would always want her.I leaned on the doorframe and crossed my arms over my chest.“Maybe you could help me instead of just standing there and staring at me.” Emma said, glancing at me over her shoulder.“I like the view.” I said, smirking. “Also, I don’t know shit about dresses. How am I supposed to help?”Emma chuckled and turned around. She threw another dress on our bed and approached me.I pulled her into my arms and kissed her softly.“Andrew mind-linked me.” I told her
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