3 Chapters
P. R. E. S. E. N. T. Every person falls in love with someone so deeply at some part of their lives, that they can live the rest of their life meaningfully with that person.Love isn't like any other relationship as we know. If you get to ask some young lovers, they just say its more of a feeling of attachment of two understanding hearts than a kind of relationship. Many believe that love is the most gifted asset of anyone's life. And many believe that love does not have anything to do with the distance between two persons as long as the two hearts know how close they are.But that's the fantasy about love!I'm just a boy. Caring nobody in this World.I'm just a boy. Walking coldly with the world's flow.I'm just a boy. Searching for the empty gap of something inside me.Read more
The Beginning
First Person's Point of ViewI'm walking alone in the Mall. I'm wearing Jacket, shades, and hood even though I'm already inside this Mall. What's new? These are the things I must do. I must wear this. For my own good. I don't want everyone to shout for my name again.I'm just walking around. Just window shopping. Goof right? Well, I don't care. I really don't have anything to buy. I just wanted t go outside and date myself." Babe! Let's watch a movie! "I heard from the girl circling her arms like a snake in the arms of a boy." Tss... The boy is not handsome anyway, My face is much precious than his. "I whispered to myself." Okay! Let's watch a movie, in one condition. Kiss me! "The boy said. Tssss." Kiss? Kiss? YOU'LL BROKE UP SOON! "I shouted then the couple turned around to look who say that.
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Reed Abcde Deveraux and the Astronomer's Sons
Aetuxyz Point of ViewI glared at him madly but he's looking around like he saw a ghost then he immediately turned around at me. HAAHHH! He thought he can run away from this mess he makes? NOOOO!! He can't run away from me! I pull his shirt that causes his hood to remove to his head.I instantly covered my mouth with my both hands." WAAAAAHHHHH ! "The girl shouted and that shout gained a lot of attention in this Mall." IT'S REEEEEEDD! REEEEDDD! "The mob runs into him." REED!/ BABY/ BABE/ LOVE!/ REEDD!/ LOVE ME!!/ CHOOSE ME!!/ I'M AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!! / I LOVE TO BE WITH YOU!!/ I LOVE YOU REEDD! / PLEASE ME MINE!!/ I'M AVAILABLE!! /I'LL WAIT FOR YOU IN OUR BEDD!! "Girls shouted frankly.I'm still covering my mouth using my hands while I'm stepping back one by one. I saw his hot body
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