5 chapters
Chapter 1
Willow was 23 almost 24 and in the last semester of university. Although she'd have preferred to be studying elsewhere and not in Knuckles University. The school itself wasn't bad, but Willow had other plans including getting a scholarship and moving to Seoul. She'd planned everything before hand and the family drama had ripped everything apart. Instead of writing the SAT, she ended up waiting a year to get into university.Still Willow had not given up on her plans....she only made some modifications. Instead of writing SAT, she'll apply for a full paid scholarship and hopefully a Tesla degree so she could work in Korea as an English teacher.As she sat in English, she couldn't help but daydreaming about her life in Korea. Her best friend Ferrell stared at her and rolled his eyes."don't tell me you're dreaming about those monolids again", he whispered.Willow rolled her eyes"will you stop being racist?. Not only of them are mono
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Chapter 2
Willow stared incredulously at Ferrell. It was a little difficult to believe what he was saying even though it could be the truth."you mean he actually faked that? "Ferrell nodded"he told her he failed a paper? ", Willow asked again."yep you heard right""why would he tell her he failed when he didn't? ", Willow was getting confused now."he thinks, they'd get closer that way", Ferrell added"so he's playing the sympathy card"That was exactly what he was doing. He wanted to gain the attention of the girl he has crush on by pretending to heartbroken because of a failured exam. That was a new low even Willow was concerned about.As if on cue, Willow's phone vibrated, she made the hush sign to Ferrell indicating that he keeps quiet."hello daddy, yeah everything is fine here. Oh the payment for the books? That would be 200$, yeah. Thank you "When Willow ended the call, Ferrell was g
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Chapter 3
As Willow was rushing off to class the following week, she was stopped by someone."hey good morning willow""good morning Rodney. You're the class rep. You're not supposed to be late"Rodney rolled his eyes."which rule says that? Because I'm sure I haven't seen it yet. Meet me at African taste during break" Willow nodded as Rodney veered towards the lecturers offices.Once again, Willow sat in her seat and found herself daydreaming about her life in Korea. She was at a fan sign event and chatting up some rookie idol's when someone nudged her in her side.She turned with a frown at Ferrell."pay attention before the lecturer calls you out" "can someone give the reason accounting for the difference in tempearture?", the lecturer asked as if on cue.No one answered. Not even a single hand went up."anyone? ", he asked again.Again no one volunteered. And so the lecturer dec
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Chapter 4
 Ferrell frowned as a sudden sound disturbed his sleep, he lazily got down from his bed and walked to the door. It better not be one of his roomies who had forgotten his keys or the human boutiques that walk around selling clothes hanging on their arms, because he was ready to spit fire. When he opened the door however, it wasn’t either. Instead it a girl, Celesta. A girl from church. Ferrell was more perplexed now, it wasn’t time for evening church, neither she the kind to drop by just to say hi to a person like him. In fact if Ferrell   could remember correctly, she hadn’t so much as said a hello
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Chapter 5
‘I can’t believe that we’re finally going home!”“You seem excited about it”, he whispered in his usual bored voiceWillow smiled, obviously very happy that the first semester breaks were approaching.“I’m sure you have a lot of plans made ahead of time and you will have fun Wil”, Ferrell addedThere was a nod and then a sad expression“You did say that you had stay in school right?” Willow asked. Ferrell replied with a simple nod and a shrug of his broad shoulders.The next day, willow departed from school promising to be back after the two week break and Ferrell felt that he would probably miss her to death. As he made his way to church that night, he didn’t expect that things would suddenly run out of control, but they did.Celesta followed him to his hostel once again, with an excuse of wanting to use the bathroom. The little monster had a plan up her sleeve.<
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