15 chapters
TERROR IN RESONANCE SEQUEL (A PALE YELLOW ) COLLABORATION OF:BABZ07AZIOLE/ADIOLE07Lisa and Twelve were brought together by fate. They both live in different worlds. Lisa is quiet and almost always sad, while Twelve is Lisa's opposite.Their first encounter immediately struck Lisa especially the smiles of Twelve that were like the heat of the sun which gives her peace. It was a short time when they were together, but that didn't stop the two from liking each other. But destiny is always a bad thing. Even destiny goes against them.For the first time they experienced the bitterness of love.The bitter fate of the Twelve was finally reversed. While Lisa was left in agony when she was left by Nine . . .Ten years later, Lisa slowly got up. But as before, she never forgot her first love.But in the second ti
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A WARM sunshine was brought to Lisa during that summer. She is currently standing at the pool side.Her eyes fluttered in strange excitement. She could feel the warm glow of sunlight on her skin but her heart was wrapped in coldness.Her classmates keep on teasing her. Of the billions of teenagers, Lisa is one of the victims of bullying by other youths who enjoy being exposed to damaging someone's morality.Lisa felt her classmate pushed her. It was nice that she’s good to balance so that she haven’t fall off.They want her to jump into the swimming pool, then walk around the campus while her uniform is all wet.She wants to fight, but for what?She was especially angry with them. She was even more heartbroken when she heard the same laughter from behind her.She pity herself even more. She clenched her fists.She thought about how long she would be like this.<
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CHAPTER ONE [Y e s t e r d a y]
A year later, Tokyo is slowly recovering. The same is true with Nine and Twelve.Lisa saw with her eyes everything's progress and how the justice for children who have become victims of the Athena plan was achieved.The whole world knew who Phinx really is. Lisa was bombarded with many questions but none was answered by her. She thought he would never start again because of her trauma. She also had months of paralysis and did not talk to anyone. In other words, she was temporarily mute.But here she is in front of everyone. She is trying to make things better. Forced though it even it is extremely difficult. She also gradually returns to normal. But just like before, it seemed there was still something missing. Or must she say was lost.She also continued her studies. Now, it's summer class again. When she has time, she insists on going to their graves. He offers them fresh flowers and prays.She al
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CHAPTER TWO [T h e B e g i n n i n g]
Nine years later . . .Lisa Mishima is still as quiet as ever. She has a soft face that resembles an angel. She has eyes which speaks of thousand words, a perfectly sculpted nose, a rosy cheeks and lips, a skin as white as snow, and a slender body, and her height plays out at 5'5".She's working in a mall's bookstore as a saleslady. Although quiet, Lisa had to deal with the work she was assigned. She wants to cure her mother who is currently in the hospital for people with depression. She is happy because of the changes in her mother's status. She became calm and was already able to smile. Not like how she used to be.With each passing day, she persevered for her Mom. Although there are still memories haunting her . . . she is already happy.It was nine years ago but she still couldn't forget the pain it caused her.In the middle of the night, she suddenly wakes up in sleep as she continues
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CHAPTER THREE [S l e e p i n g H e a r t]
Shibazaki stared out of the window while waiting for their meeting to start.They are waiting for the new Inspector. He finds it mysterious because of the sudden resignation of their current inspector in their sector.None of them was chosen to take over his position. In review, they have also been serving as officers in their department.It was widely reported that the Inspector was still young, but he was also rumored to be clever and strategic.He couldn’t help but doubt him because he was only twenty-seven years old. He would never hesitate to meet this person though.But it’s just frustrating because on its first day, he showed his unprofessionalism to everyone.It’s been thirty minutes, but he still didn’t come.Many of his teammates are complaining to their senior, but he’ll say . . . “just wait”.“Who is this and even our superior understa
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CHAPTER FOUR [F a d e d]
IT TOOK more than ten months before the young man finally woke up from coma. At first, he’s not speaking and seems like observing the premises.Even Shibazaki keeps himself guarded and controls what he would say to twelve. When Twelve recovered, he slowly take a glance at him, but still remained speechless."How are you feeling? Is there something that hurts you? Do you want food or drink?" Shibazaki asked Twelve.He just stared at him. His lips moved a little but no words came out of it."Just tell me what you need so that. . ." "Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?" He asked her perpetually. He didn’t let Shibazaki even finish his sentence.Shibazaki was so shocked and unable to speak that it was only fitting that he hit the intercom to call the Doctor.They found that Twelve had amnesia
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HE STARTED walking though he didn't know where he was going. They said he was in a carnival.He seemed to be looking for those moments but he couldn't figure out what or who . . .Until his feet stopped on the Ferris wheel. There, he saw a woman but he could not see her face. He didn't know if it was dark or if it was just all misty."You're here. . ." Sachi said suddenly as he approached."I've been waiting for you. . ." She held his hand. He felt at peace as their skin touched.They immediately get inside the ferris wheel. There, Sachi looked at the girl’s face.As time goes by, the face of the woman slowly gets cleare. Until he finally figured it out . . . she’s no other than Lisa.She smiled at him and said, "Why are you doing this?" There is a mixture of sadness and sadness in her voice.Sa
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]LISA OPENED her eyes. She have just woke up. She set her eyes on the alarm clock placed in the side table of her bed."8:30 a.m ..." Lisa declared softly from her mind.It was too late for her to wake up. She is in a day off anyway and she has no engagement for the day.She begun stretching her body. She could feel the pain in her head even the swelling of her eyes.She could not blame himself for she hoped that her wish would be fulfilled. But it was destiny that paved the way for Twelve and Twelve to be away with each other.She would cry almost every night, knowing he would never come back and talk to her.With that in mind, her tears started fall. Until it seems like no more tears could come out of her.She immediately got up and prepared a coffee. She didn't even bother to cook her breakfast becaus
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 TWELVE REMAINED sitting on the bed looking intently at the sleeping lady. He smiled briefly as he continued to watch.It can be seen in the eyes of the young man how much he loves the girl. Then suddenly, he rubbed Lisa's cheek.A promise of love was whispered in his mind. He would always keep her by his side. He will do everything he can to protect the girl.He first kissed Lisa briefly on her cheek before finally getting off the bed.He went to the bathroom to get dressed. When he’s finished, he went straight to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Lisa. After cooking, he left a note for the girl in case she looks for him when she wakes up.He went out after that and proceed to the parking area where he left his motorcycle. He immediately took his key on his pocket then started the engine. Before leaving, he had his last glance of the place.
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 LISA’S TRAVEL lasted for several hours. The girl looked out the window of the vehicle. He then asked the driver if they are close to their destination.  Lisa felt exhausted in that instant so she leaned back from the chair. The more Lisa thinks about Twelve, the more sure she is that he’s looking for her. She was so grateful that Twelve didn't even think about getting her number. He’ll surely to find her right away if that’s the case.  "We are here," the driver told her.  Lisa's eyes widened. She didn’t noticed she fell asleep because of thinking of Twelve. After getting off the car, he showed him the way in.  As she enters the large mansion, she noticed that someone was waiting for her arrival. An old lady who she thinks is a butler in Mr. Yamade’s mansion .  "Your name is Lisa right?" the old man said to
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