33 chapters
Lily"Stop complaining about the stares, Miracle. Blame your looks." Jibee glared at meRead more
First talk
Lily "Jenny Fryxell." Shouted o
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Lily"You heard about the news?" Jibee asked me while she's lying down on my bedRead more
Save the Queen
JennyThe school ends and I'm thanking God for it. Rose asked me to wait for her outside the Glee club's room for her audition. I can't believe that she actually wants to join that lame club.Read more
LilyJibee drives my car while Kevin takes the other car they used. Jenny and I sat in the backseat, I know that Jenny's emotion is not stable yet that is why I accompanied her here in the backseat. I glanced at Jenny's phone in her hand. I wonder why her parents didn't call her yet. Heck, it's almost midnight.

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LilyJibee and Kevin went downstairs to have their breakfast while Jenny and I ate. Due to my injured arm, she helped to eat.Read more
JennyMy frown never left my face while listening to this Michael. He likes Miracle and he followed her here just to be with her.Read more
Jenny "This gossiper is really everywhere." Rose said while showing a picture of me Raymond and Lily and MichaelRead more
Sleeping Angel
Jenny"You study these branches of science then I'll give a..." I didn't finish my sentence when I saw Lily sleeping, head leaning on the study tableRead more
Lily"What brings you here, Lily?"Read more Protection Status