38 chapters
Episode one
As he walked down the school hall, amidst glances from jealous boyfriends and girls dying to have him glance their way. Kabir drew attention wherever he went. He was just 20 and about to finish his clinical year in school.  Clara watched him as he walked towards her, he was almost 6ft tall and his silky blond hair caressed his chiseled face. She felt proud to call
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Episode two
Ethan was seriously in love with Maya and was not happy she kept putting him off. "She just wanted to be friends." He fumed inwardly.  "I make good grades, am tall, handsome, and dress well." He thought as he admired himself in the large mirror screwed into his room wall. He was becoming obsessed with her, he wanted her for himself.  <
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Episode three
Ethan left home two months after his mother's death. Living with his stepfather had been a nightmare filled with emotional and physical abuse.  His stepfather had shown no remorse as he vented his anger on him. His father had died when he was just a little boy, he couldn't even remember his face. All he knew about him was the stories his mother told him, and the pi
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Episode four
Char was the only child of her parents, She lost them both before her eight birthday. Her mother died when she was three years old. She had more memory of her father who died when she was eight going to nine. Read more
Episode five
Watch your steps, keep your wits about you. Salman yelled at his son.  Despite knowing his son was a licensed obstetrician and gynecologist he still talked to him like a child. Read more
Episode six
Veronica stood at the window watching the husband of her youth walk away. She gripped her window blind to stop her tears from flowing.  He entered his car without looking up as he used to years back.  Read more
Episode seven
************************************5 months ago************************************&nb
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Episode eight
************************************Kabir's Graduation Party.************************************The s
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Episode Nine
Maya had completely forgotten she had planned another date with Ethan. She had been so engrossed with work and school. She was in her final year and didn't want to lose focus and end up losing her scholarship. Read more
Episode Ten
Ethan called Maya early the next day. Due to his bad habit of smashing his phone whenever he was angry, he always bought an extra phone. "Hello, Maya," Ethan said immediately his call went through. Read more Protection Status