52 Chapters
💙Please vote, comment and share💙 "Blake get your ass down here!" I call up the stairs hoping he heard me. He seriously needs to remember I'm staying here for a week. I don't want to walk downstairs to see half naked girls passed out on the couch. "Blake Anthony Harrison!" "Calm down !" He yells back, "My house, I'd like to sleep!" "I would like to walk downstairs without seeing naked girls in the living room!" I call back and hear his door slam shut. "Dammit Bianca!" I hear his stomps echo as he heads downstairs. "Just go back home, mom and dad won't even notice you're there." "I'm not taking that risk," I say as he steps off the last step, "I can't handle them, especially when you aren't there." "Janet is," he persuades as he walks to the kitchen. I feel my phone vibrate in my jean pocket and I pull it out. Across the screen is Babe❤️, I hold up a finger to Blake to tell him to stop talking for a minute. My finger slides across the
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It's been three hours since I made it to my parents house. My mom and I ate all the cookies n' cream ice cream that we had. We watched Disney movies, they can make anyone happy. Of course we watched my favorite, Mulan, then we watched Dumbo. My dad came back to the living room after two hours. He looked tired but relieved. I asked him what he was doing for the past two hours and he just said business stuff. Business, the awful word I try to avoid. Even though I can't really, I'm 'boss' of my mom's fashion headquarters here in New York. Her main building is in L.A., but she's hardly ever there. She spends a lot of her time in Paris with some of the best designers in the world. I don't design much,  I can and do when I feel like it, I'm mostly in charge of the business trades through New York and making sure we are making a good profit."Is Bia here?" I hear a yell from the front door, obviously Blake."Shut up Blake!" I yell back and lay back down on the couch, my
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"The Baileys will be here any minute Bianca! Hurry your ass up!" Blake yells from the other side of my door. I have on a red knee length dress. It covers the tops of my shoulders and fits my chest perfectly. At my waist it flows out slightly giving me the ability to actually move my legs. I curled my blonde hair into loose ringlets and put of blood red lipstick. My eyeshadow is a light brown on the inside corner and fades into black. My black eyeliner makes an almost perfect wing and my mascara makes my eyelashes larger than ever. Even though we are staying home for the dinner I still wear heels, they are black open-toed platform heels with a strap around my ankle. This is going to be my hair and makeup for tonight with Kay, along with the shoes. "I'm coming, just stop yelling," I somewhat yell as I leave my bathroom. My phone is laying on my bed so I quickly pick it up before I open my bedroom door. Blake is standing outside in the hallway waiting for me. I'm guessing my mo
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"Bianca, you have to come out now," mom says while she knocked on my door. It's now Sunday and I've been in my room since last night. Thank god for my snack stash I have. "I'm sick," I say in a raspy voice then fake a cough. "Bianca Anne," mom sighs and I sit up in my bed, "you need to go to work and get the designs going." I groan and throw my pillow at the door, "I'll be ready soon." I hear her walk off and I stand up. My neck hurts from the awkward sleeping position I was in and I move it from shoulder to shoulder loosening it up. I head to the bathroom and turn the water on until it is the perfect temperature. I stand under the water for a minute, letting it cascade down my back, warming up my body. I lather shampoo in my hair and make sure the excess is out before I rinse out the shampoo. The conditioner I put it and leave it. Grabbing my strawberry scented soap, I put some on the loofa before scrubbing my body. Once I'm done putting the soap on I rinse
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"So we have to actually agree on a house?" Leon asks and I roll my eyes. "Why else would we look at three houses?" I ask rhetorically. "Well I get one house, you get the other and the last is for people to think we actually live together. Throw stupid parties and crap there," he says and I just look at him as we look at the three houses. We have already been on the tour for all of them and they are amazing. They all have the same amount of rooms, too many, and are all close to the city. Apparently his offices are just a few blocks away from mine, small world. "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that," I tell him as I look at the middle picture. "This one is my favorite." He points to the third one, "I prefer this one." "The only difference is the pool has a slide," I say and look over at him. "Exactly," he says, "Who wouldn't want a slide with their pool?" "We can buy one," I tell him, "I prefer this house." "What abou
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Kay looked over at me and looked shocked for a second before she winked. I smirked back before I start to sway my hips against his. He pulls me closer to him and keeps a firm grip on my waist, but not too tight. His mouth is right by my ear and he whispers, "Kyle, my name.""Bianca," I reply and push back into him. He takes a sharp breath before he starts to move along with me."Damn babe you can dance," he whispers in my ear and I smirk."I can do a lot of things," I whisper back and he turns me to face him."Is that so?" He asks with a slight grin."Maybe," I say teasingly and run my hand down his covered chest."How about we get a drink?" He asks looking into my eyes, "on me.""Sure," I reply and he takes us to a high table. "I'll wait here."He nods before he walks off to the bar. I look around and see Kay is now making out with the black haired guy. Past them in the special VIP section, there is just a few couches and wait
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My mom decided to be the worst person in the world today. It's been a couple days since the club. The only time I was with Leon was yesterday because we were going furniture shopping. Well if you call looking through my dad's stock shopping. The bonus is we get it for free, I know we are rich but I don't like to spend my parent's money. I get my paycheck and buy what I need for it. Except my parent's won't even let me pay a little rent. Anyway we didn't talk at all. My mom pointed to something and if we both nodded then we got it. We only got enough for the kitchen, dining room, living room, our room, and a office for him. The other rooms we will worry about later. Back to why my mom is the worst? We have an engagement party in two hours. Guess when I found out about it? Five minutes ago! Like what?! I didn't even get to go out and buy a new dress. The parents, both mine and Leon's, said the reason we were told now instead of a few days ago is because they didn't want us to
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"Attention!" Leon calls out throughout the large banquet room. We are standing in front of the large crowd, our arms around each other. "Many of you are probably wondering what this party was for exactly, probably even more curious now because I'm speaking. But tonight's party is very special, to me and Bianca here. We'd both like to announce our engagement. We are to be wed at the end of  March." After he finished there was a loud applause through the room. Leon and I both smiled as we started to walk through the crowd. Well tried to walk through the crowd. We get stopped by almost everyone, them congratulating the both of us. "Man you didn't tell me you were engaged!" A guy, around Leon's age stops the both of us. Leon unwraps his arm from around me and does a little bro hug with the guy. He pulls away and puts his arm back around my waist. "Oh I'm Grayson Black." He isn't a bad looking guy either. His light brown hair is spiked up in the front with gel, a stubble tha
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First night in the new home was, okay. He brought his bed from his loft and placed it in the room across from 'ours'. That's where I slept last night while he slept on his own bed. It's Christmas day. We are going to my parents house this morning and having a brunch there with my family. After that we are going to his parent's house for a Christmas dinner. I got the presents for my family yesterday and he got the presents for his. We just wrote both of our names on them, isn't that what couples do? "Are you ready?" He asks standing in the doorway of our bathroom. I look at him through the mirror and raise an eyebrow. I only have one eye done make up wise. My hair is done but my dress is hanging up on a hook. "Does it look like it?" I snap back, he should know I'm pissed at him. When I said it was an okay first night, I lied. It was awful. Leon is a fucking dick and I really don't want to marry him. Last night was Christmas Eve and he said that he goes out par
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Brunch was fun. I got to talk to my cousin, Victor, who is my age. He is Uncle Peter's kid. My mom also has a brother and a sister but they stay live in Colorado, that's where she's from. My dad and Uncle were talking a lot of business, which I hate, with Leon. Uncle Peter actually didn't want to run my dad's business because he wanted to start up his own law firm. It's one of the top in the country. My mom talked to Aunt Teresa and grandma. Grandpa was talking with Blake, about him stepping up to run the business soon. My youngest cousin, Lily was listening to her mom talk. Lily is only eight but she tries to act like an adult. She was a whoopsie baby, but we don't love her any less. I was only sixteen at the time, same as Victor. Aunt Teresa was thirty-nine when Lily was born, making Uncle Peter forty-four. "Presents!" Lily squeals as we all finish our meals. I smile as I chase her into our living room. The large Christmas tree is sitting in the corner lit up with white li
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