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Maria Esteban Ramos, one word... Latina. Maria was the woman with a plan, the one that acts all tough while managing to pull her shit together.Fierce and only defined by her own terms, Maria embraces an attitude that doesn't fail to show who's boss.And while she's still figuring out her way in the city after all these years, all she ever really wanted was a better life-for both her abuela and her children.Given her occupation, she still manages to live her life with respect and an innocent, sometimes obsessive crave for McDonald's.Endowed with her naturally long hair and a fashion sense to die for, Maria heads the team of the vamps,-a five Miami-based strip group that hosts most of the wildest parties in an elite bar.But little did she know that as much as
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 Note: during the investigation and the night of the murder are all flashforwards while the story takes the normal penultimate format that'll eventually lead to the crime.And it has the povs of the four girls because i felt the need to each get an insight into their lives, from their perspective.Meanwhile, there is an occasional narrator that is ultimately revealed at the end... After all, this is all a story- **** 01Flowers everywhere
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MARIA Someone once said that great friendships often begins with the littlest things. We can fantasize about all the magical ways you can meet someone. The instant connections and the common interests, -but sometimes all it just really takes is just being at the right place at the right time.And when that friendship is forged, those connections might blossom into something different -something worthy. Perhaps a radically beautiful bond. Alas, all of this can only be hoped as you nurture that bond, making sure not to choke it, not to overwork as it grows.There are bound to be thorns as though a flower, but it just might never really stop
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WUOne day. Twenty four hours, a thousand four hundred and forty minutes.Eighty six thousand and four hundred seconds. It's amazing all that could happen in just one day. Your heart could give up on you any day.And your life could stop that day.You could both smile and laugh in one day, fail and triumph in the same.Life can show you all its pitfalls and you could find yourself spiraling down a dark path in another. You could say your vows in one day and a day can destroy that once promising joy.In a day, you could loose both parents to a tragic accident.A day can change your whole perspective about life. 

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 AALIYAHIf there's anything I learnt from continually watching series like pretty little liars, how to get away with murder and scandal is that secrets are bound to be revealed.No matter how you try to hide it, or how long it'll eventually take.But I learnt the hard way that secrets can bring you down and what might have seemed to be your safe spot can turn to be your worst nightmare.Aaliyah was a girl with too many secrets, often more than she could chew. NOWAs though I might strike you as nothing but a religiously stricken human being, behind closed doors, I was more than just a mess.I rinsed my face before looking into the mirror.Tendering the bags around my eyes, I picked up the towe
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JACQUELINE THE NIGHT OF THE MURDERA frantic knock on the door drifted us from our mourning state. We all sat around the house, most of us afraid to go back on the streets. -afraid that we might be next. They were coming for us, it was only a matter of time. So when that knock banged again, I grabbed a knife before heading to the door. Clutching the knife behind my back, I slowly unlocked the door before opening it. Instinctively I screamed, hefting the knife into the air. "No, Jacq" The feminine voice yelled. "Amelia?" I called doubtfully, instantly r
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KALEO Beep. Beep.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Finally noticing my closing eyes, she gently packed up the book she was reading. "The end" Her frail whisper fell upon my very much awake ears. She balled up the covers in her fists as she stood, pulling them over my shoulders.  "Goodnight, Kaleo" She whispered into my ears before her soft lips pressed against my forehead.  Managing not to make a sound, she turned off the lights before creeping through the door.I did open my eyes slightly to realize she didn't close the door fully. She never did.  "Is she asleep?" The deep voice croaked as his shadow swiped by underneath the door. His once calm voice had raised.&n
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KALEO Having known as the home to the blues and rock 'n' roll, Memphis also could've been the home to colors. Most of it hadn't changed in the past years, most especially the shops that lined at the corner of the streets. The Memphis sign beamed in its colors as I drove along the tarred roads, feeding my eyes around the famous city. After sixteen hours, I had come to realize my aching feet and no matter how many food stops I had made, I still craved for real food. My left hand around the steering wheel, I held unto my phone with my right hand -open to the page of my mother's line.  I had scrolled past her inactive Facebook page before I tried to dial her number. "Hey mom, I'm on my way home" I said to myself as I threw the phone in exhaustion. As I was beheld with another option, my eyes widened as I grabbed the phone.&nbs
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MARIA DURING THE INVESTIGATION"Why aren't you telling us everything?" She asked, the corner of her eyes glared at me. "You do realize this is a murder charge?" She asked, her eyes widened as she stacked her documents in her hands. "And you did say you wanted to see your kids again. You really want to go down for something that you didn't do" She said. "Then let me go. You and I know I'm not guilty, then why am I here?" I said, meekly. "You can't keep me from getting a lawyer" I asked, summoning the last piece of strength that resided in my weak systems. "I can do whatever the hell that I want" She roared, an angry hit to the table as she stood. "What is it you're not telling me?" She
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