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PART 1BEFORE THE RUN "I WILL GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WISH FOR AND MORE. Those you do not wish for, those you do not think you could ever have, I'll give you. I'll give you the whole world and all in it. I'll give you peace and joy if only you have faith and believe in me." A voice in my assures me.I could not see it, I didn't know who it belonged to but I assumed it was God speaking to me. Or maybe it was my subconscious trying to make me feel less worried about the feeling of impending doom clawing at my chest.If it was God and not just my mind as my priest would tell me during confession, then where is he? why does he remain invisible, why doesn't he show himself so I could see him and acknowledge him. So I could be sure that he was the one speaking to me and not me loosing my mind.Why
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His eyes were beginning to clear, the alcohol was wearing off fast. He was no longer struggling to maintain balance on his feet and this scared me more.The truth was alcohol never really did much to him. I realized this while we were still dating. It took a lot for him to get drunk and very little for him to get out of his drunken state.Even though I was scared now I still honored my resolve as tears continued to flow down my cheeks."I am not letting you go. You must answer me today. Tell me what I've done oh, tell me!" I yelled tightening my grip on his shirt."You don't want to let me go ba! Let me warn you now Miracle, If I should touch you, you will not live to tell the story. Leave me alone now you slut!"He pushed me away with so much force I nearly hit my head on the wall. But that was not what hurt me the most, it was his words that cut me deep.I stood still so
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I woke up on the couch and was surprise to see that I wasn't carried to the room by my husband.I didn't think Cletus could actually have the heart to leave me to sleep in the parlour with all the mosquitoes he knew were in it, but I was proven wrong again. It's like I never knew him. He was not the man I married.Luckily for me I didn't wake up too late to prepare breakfast.I looked up at the wall clock to see that it was just five o'clock in the morning meaning that there was enough time for me to make rice and stew for breakfast so that my husband could eat before going to work and possibly take some with him.There was also enough time to get my daughter ready for school.First of all, I had to start with a prayer for the day. Now every morning when I wake up I made sure to thank God for another day and every night before my daughter sleeps I pray with her.Funny enou
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By the look on her face I could tell She wasn't asking me a question, she was informing me of a fact. I didn't see concern but worry, worry for me.  She looked just like me, a little version of me.  I used to be slim before but after I gave birth to her I put on some weight but I wasn't fat, just plump and round. My breast were fuller now and my waist rounder.  I had stretch marks on my legs hands and stomach and Cletus didn't like it at all.  Because of him I have tried my best to remove them using homemade methods but nothing I did worked. Cletus never gave me money even to go to market, he does that himself. So I was too broke to buy any cream to help wipe them out. 
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I took the flat plate in front of him and hurriedly dished out his food taking from the big plate in the middle of the glass dining table.  I placed it in front of him before taking my sit. The stew was on the rice and I made sure to give him the biggest meat in the food. The dining table became so quiet and so tensed that one could drown in it.  Ezinne seemed to have immediately lost her appetite. She was no longer eating as fast as she was before, she looked like she was about to cry and it saddened me.  I held her hands reassuringly while I watched as Cletus put a spoon of rice in his mouth with anger written all over his face. "What is this?" He scowled. He pushed the food away from him like it was poison. "Daddy it is rice and stew___" Ezinne replied smiling.  "Did I ask you a question you disrespectful brat. I don't blame you. I Blam
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"Who said the beautiful ones are not yet Born eh? Not when I am seeing one in front of me right now." Gozie teased, taking both my hands. "Turn around for me baby girl, show me what your mother gave you. Their father!" She shouted excitedly. She held my hands while I reluctantly turned around just to make her smile. "Girl I'm turned on let's go fuck. Look at that big ass, that boobs. Who are you? Where did you come from you sexy goddess! I need you for the night baby." I laughed hard, throwing my head backwards. " Ewwww! Free me jor, girl I'm in no mood for your jokes, I'm a married woman now remember." I said flaunting my ring finger on her face. She sighed and sat down, her mood suddenly became sour. "Please do not remind me of that tragedy." She hissed.
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She suddenly looked thinner than she was, and her brown skin looked pale. I ran my hands through my hair hating that I was the cause of her being so upset. She took a huge gulp from her glass and hissed. "You need to think rationally Miracle, think with your head not your heart" "We battle not against flesh and blood But against principalities and power against the___" "Fuck all that trash. If there is any principality then He is the principality and power. Have you not given enough for him eh? have you not? You left your family for him, friends, job. You have given your life even your body for him yet he doesn't appreciate it. Who is the principality now? who is the devil.? Answer me Miracle, who is?" She hissed. 
I was walking home now.  I loved walking a lot for so many reasons including that, First it helped me clear my mind and secondly it was good exercise.  My mind was always preoccupied while I walked. Sometimes it could be so bad that I would take no notice of anything happening around me. This was one of those times. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice that a car was following me. I was about to cross when the car stopped at the side walk, just in front of me.  A man clad in a blue suit came out.  The car was a black Lamborghini and with the way the man was dressed I could tell that either he was filthy rich or his boss was filthy rich as most drivers in Nigeria sometimes posed as their boss's so as to attract ladies who easily get carrie
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"Mum are you ok now?" my daughter asked, her sleepy eyes were almost shutting down. She was a smart girl and I loved it but in times like this her being smart made things more difficult for me. "Yes princess, mummy is more than OK, Daddy apologized to mummy for his rude behavior on Tuesday and mummy has forgiven him. Mummy and Daddy are so happy together now." I lied.  I wasn't a very good actress but I was a good liar. Marrying Cletus thought me that you need to learn how to think of a lie in less than a second as your life may or may not depend on it. I tickled her but she didn't laugh. She sat up on the bed and pecked me then she proceeded to give me a Bear hug . "Mummy is an Angel." She said stressing the word Angel, laying emphasis on it. I
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"You are my wife and it's your duty to please me any day and anytime I want it. I own you." He screamed at my face, letting my hands go. I rubbed on them grateful that at least he had let go of me.I moved away from him as fast as I could before I replied."It is your duty to respect my feelings too, don't come asking for sex if you treat me like trash!" I yelled back when I was at a safe distance away from him on the other side of the bed.I spoke up because I felt safe standing on the other side of the bed. But safety was only an illusion.Before I could blink he climbed the bed and jumped over to where I was. My heart skipped a thousand beats as I fell down in shock, my buttocks hitting the ground.He pulled me up with my hair and looked at me menacingly like he was the predator and I the prey and in some way it was like that. "You could open your legs for my boss but not for me your husband. you money w
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