94 chapters
Chapter 1 It was Friday, the day most awaited by most collegian folks as they're finally about to take a break from a week jam-packed with stress and headaches of college, especially those who were graduating in a few months. The weather was purely gloomy. The whole sky was concealed with dark grey, thick clouds, and the wind strongly blew against the trees that rendered the semi-orange leaves loosen their grasp on the thin branches and prance like little ballerinas in the air, slowly falling down the dusty ground. It seemed that it was about to rain hard. Every person who was finishing their work on the campus was in haste, fearing that they would catch the rain, but the weather meant nothing to Allison. The rain meant nothing. Everything meant nothing. Everyone who knew her knows she hasn't been her usual self
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Chapter 2 "What's my appointment this next hour, Jarred?" Hades asked his secretary while watching the drizzle. He loved the rain since the day he was born, it made him at ease and gave him the want to forget the world and just sit back on his chair at home, witness the entertaining scene of the sky's tears descend on the Earth while sipping a cup of black coffee. A pluviophile he is, people would normally say. His meek secretary, Jarred, hastily took a look at his notes before answering with full veneration, "Well sir, you have your meeting with the investors this 2:45," to a novice in the world of business like Jarred, he treated, looked upon and saw Hades as a saint, a genius, a prodigy. He could not imagine that someone young at the age of 31 would have a massive business empire that travels around the world, and his boss managed to take control and made it bigger of it at the tender age of 20! Jarred could imagine his boss'
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Chapter 3 Allison's spine shivered the moment she heard her name roll off his tongue. She hated to admit it but it sounded so... sexy. A peculiar feeling from the pit of her stomach aroused. It felt strange. The man's warm, velvety voice felt like two large arms embracing her, making her feel safe and gave her the want to snuggle. "Come, Miss Allison," the man invited her, using the same voice that gives the chills to her spine, offering his hand. She shuddered once again, his voice repeated endlessly in her mind like a broken vinyl, "Where to?" she asked nervously. Why was this bear-like, handsome man inviting her? She wanted to go home now. She wanted to hug and cry on the life-sized teddy bear that Dane gave her on their third month and continue her plans for the night. "To a table, of course," he answered her question as he placed his large hand on her drenched sweater. She flinched because of the cold fabric
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Chapter 4 Days have passed since Hades' encounter with Allison. They've only met once, but she'd tattooed herself in his mind, in his heart. He couldn't forget her exotically innocent face that matched her flaring red locks and sweet voice that made him feel embraced tightly by an odd, warm feeling. As every moment passed by, his mind joined the tick of the clock by constantly thinking of nothing but only her. It made him insane, mad. He couldn't stop thinking about her every single day, and worse, she even showed up in his dreams! For the sake of his waning sanity, he couldn't afford another sleepless week, and his only solution was to see Allison again. He wanted to see her. He needed to see her. He was going crazy about her. He's getting insane. He hired a private inv
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Chapter 5 Allison huffed, then slowly slid her key card to open her condo's twin doors. The moment they slid open, the first thing she spotted was Brent, lounging his large body comfortably on their large couch while watching television. Allison felt her nerves calm down and her heart beating normally when the familiar warmth of her home engulfed her. She bent down to take her shoes off before strolling towards Brent to give him a kiss on the cheek. He slightly turned his face to see her and leaned, aching for another of her gentle kiss. "Drew, honey, you look like a mess," he commented, noticing her disheveled look through his peripheral vision before grabbing a handful of potato chips and munching them, his eyes completely focused back on the television. He never got h
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Chapter 6 “Fine.” "Good girl," Brent patted her back again and she pulled away from the hug. He slowly got on his feet, turned off the television, and offered her his average-sized hand, "C'mon, hon, you better dress up before they come." She nodded and went to her bedroom. When she closed the door, she went straight to the bathroom and took a bath. The cold waters of the shower made her shudder and remorse taking a bath the second time of the day. But despite that, she felt very refreshed when she left the bathroom. Wearing only her classy bathrobe, she sat on the chair of her dressing table and looked at her very own reflection. She gasped, Brent was right. She really was a mess. She opened the drawer, grabbed the ha
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Chapter 7 "Brent!" she squealed gleefully like a high school teenager as soon as she reached them. Allison lost her grip on Brent's arm as Rebecca spun around and wrapped her arms around his neck, swaying her body between his parted legs. She shook her head in disbelief. Here goes Rebecca and her hopeless ways of seduction again. "Becca..." he almost sighed in exasperation. She pulled him closer with all her strength that made him fall off his stool, "C'mon Brent! Dance with me!" she squealed once again and pulled him roughly into the sea of crowd, like a hook of a fishing rod that is grabbing a fish out of the sea. Brent, who took the role of the fish was forced to let Rebecca grab him. "Drew!" he screamed but the hopele
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Chapter 8 "Are you all right, Allison?" she heard the low, velvety voice owned by the man beside her. She felt like a little child that her father was forced to give back his money but she couldn't since she had already bought the money with candies that she ate along with her friends. "Y...yeah." Allison wiped her glistening tear that cascaded down her cheek. "I'm fine," she said firmly in a thick voice. 'I have to be strong'. "Want to talk about it?" he asked with a friendly smile. 'Why do you care anyway?'Read more
Chapter 9  "M...Mr. de Vries?" she tried to grab his attention and touched his shaking hand. He looked at her with bewildered eyes, she brushed her eyes down to his throat and saw his Adam's apple go down then back up again. "Yes?" he asked her sternly, surprising her. She jolted and looked at him back in the eyes. "Are you all right?" she asked with full concern. "Yeah. I am." Hades looked away. She looked down and saw that she was covering his large hand, she tried to pull her hand away but before she could do that, he wrapped his strong fingers around her small hand, caging it. She looked at him to protest but she realized that he was leaning toward her closely. She sat
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Chapter 10  "Oh, you're awake. I thought I was going to wake you up," Hades stated, placing the breakfast tray down on the bed before striding to her. She nodded at him through the mirror as she pulled the comforter closer to her naked body, his ominous presence was making her shrink in fear. He was a ferocious beast and she was a vulnerable little kitten, she would never stand a chance against him. He wrapped his buff arm around her tiny figure and kissed her right temple, though, he stayed his smooth lips upon her fair white skin. Allison's eyes widened upon his gesture. He was holding her, touching her, kissing her like she's his. Read more Protection Status