21 chapters
Chapter 1
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Grammatical and Typographical errors ahead. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME. The bookcover is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner. “WOHOO! GOO! Lui! You can do it!” I shouted while jumping on my place. Nicco gives me a water bottle and I immediately took and drink it. I’m so thirsty shouting here but I don’t care as long as it is for my baby Lui. Well, I’m not his girlfriend or something but I wish I will soon.  <
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Chapter 2
Two days passed after our quiz with that professor and today she’ll announce it to us. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. I hope she wouldn’t notice. “Hey, calm down Pressy. It’s alright, you don’t need to worry about anything.” He said to me, trying to calm me down. The professor suddenly walks inside our room making our classmates go back to their proper seat.  “Okay, class I’ll just give you your paper with a score on it from our last quiz. Just come to me when I say your name. Got it?” She said. Our classmates just nod at her Some people complain and some are excited. I looked at Nicco who is now smiling at me. I looked back at our professor again, waiting for her next move
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Chapter 3
We’ve decided to reschedule our  plan for that day and move it to Saturday. I don’t want to be unfair to him. That’s my gift to him for helping me out that day. I really felt guilty on what he did, but it’s over now so, I think that I will just review next time so that it won’t happen again. I’m not with Nicco right now because he will advance his studies. I’m pretty sure that he’s in the library on his usual spot. I can’t come with him before because I have something to do but I’m done with it so, I’m planning to surprise him.  As I entered the library, I scanned the whole place and I see him getting a book from a shelf. I slowly walked towards him so that he wouldn’t notice me. Before I could reach him, I saw a girl who is now beside him, smiling widely from ear to ear.Read more
Chapter 4
Finally, It’s now Saturday and I just finished my get up for today. I will now text Nicco if he’s now finished. I’m so excited though I don’t know if he remembers that we have plan for today. Hoping that he remembered. After what happened that day when we had that talk, I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I think he placed a sudden gap between us. It felt like he became distant from me like he put some tall brick walls. I really don’t get him. I checked my phone if there’s a reply from him but minutes and hours passed, I’m not getting any reply. He usually reply to me fast as soon as he got my text. What now, Nicco? Did I really offend him on what did I said? I did not say anything wrong, right? 
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Chapter 5
“Where do you want to go?” He asked me. He's still driving like we’re in the middle of nowhere. Well, we got plans to do but not the place. “I should be the one who’s asking that.” I said. “Wherever place you want to go is fine with me.” He said then he smiled at me. While he’s driving, I started to think of some places until there’s something pop up on my mind. “Can we go to mom? I miss her so much.” I said. How is she? “Sure, no problem.” He agreed. “But first, let’s buy her favorite flowers.” I suggested to him. Read more
Chapter 6
Lui just gave me a look asking for my permission to joined us. I looked at Nicco, who's now on a poker face. When he notice that I’m looking at him, he looked at me then he nod. I also nod to Lui, giving him permission to accompany us. “Great! So, what do we have here?” Lui asked. I feel that he pushes me near towards him. So, our setup is like I’m in the middle, while Lui is on my right side and Nicco is on the left side. The instructor instruct us that if we make the pyramid bottle falls using the mini balls as our bullets, we can choose anything we want but if we can’t, they still have a consolation prize of a mini doll.  Gosh! I want that human size teddy bear. So cute! Unfortunately, the three of us loses that&r
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Chapter 7
I can’t control what I feel at this moment that’s why I jumped and hugged him. Everyone has their own childishness. I immediately point out the human size teddy bear that I eagerly want to get since a while ago.  The instructor gave it to me and I hugged it so tight. I feel like I’m on my kid days again. “Thank you so much, Nicco.” I said to him. “No worries.” He said then he patted my head. He really likes doing it. “Where do we go next?” I asked him. He checked the time on his watch. Seems like he’s waiting for something.  “Let’s go for a stroll since we’re thinking on what to do next.” He said.
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Chapter 8
After we rode so many rides we’ve decided to go home to take some rest. It was so tiring but worth it. Nicco helped me to put the human size teddy bear inside his car. We’ve forgot Lui is with us, when I tried to find him, Nicco just said that Lui can handle his self. Well, I agree with that that’s why I invited to Nicco to go home. I still thinking what Nicco said to me while we’re in the cab. He said he have me. Does it mean that I’m that really important to him?  I can feel my heart is pounding. I’ve already know that I’m important to him and same goes to him with me. But why is my body is reacting so strange that time when he says he have me? I looked at the human size teddy bear that is now beside together with me on my bed. I even give the teddy bear a smal
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Chapter 9
“What do you mean on taking it slow?” I asked him. “Oh, Isn’t it obvious? I’m courting you.” He said. I’m so surprised.  “Are you on drugs? Or maybe you’re drunk.” I said. I even laughed at him.  “Is this some sort of prank? Great job Lui, you’re suitable to be an actor.” I said and gave him a thumbs up. He make a poker face. “Your reaction is opposite on what I expected.” He said then he start to walk leaving me here. “Wait, are you freaking serious about that?” I asked him. Lui Delgado will court a girl like me? Am I dreaming? Or maybe hallucinating?Read more
Chapter 10
He was so shocked on what I said. Why? It’s true that I still need him, he still have an important place in me. I won’t just throw away those years that we’ve spent. He still holds a place in my heart.  I was about to continue what I was going to say but suddenly our professor entered the room. I seat properly and listen to the things that our professor's going to say. “Okay, Class as you know, our School will be having it’s foundation week. So, I expect all of you to participate to everything we’ve prepared for you. Every department has their own booth and such. So, be prepared also for that. That’s the only thing I can discuss with all of you right now. Wait for further announcement.” She said then after that she started the discussion. I just waited for all the subjects to be done and after that I'd talk with hi
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